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Morning light was peaking through the green currents, Nora pushed herself up and suppressed a yawn.

"I saw that." Jeffery said, as he walked into the room from the bathroom. His hair was wet and small droplets are sparkling in the soft morning light. 

"Morning." She said when she suppressed another yawn. He nodded and she started to look around. "Where is Eviar?" Jeffery's smile widened and motioned his head to the door. Not the bathroom door, but the room that lead to the hallway. 

"He is getting breakfast for use. He wanted to let you sleep for as long as possible." Jeffery said and he sighed. "You scared the unicorn crap out of me." His facial expression changed a little. "I wonder if they indeed shit in rainbow colors and if it sparkles?" He looked at her and a smile appeared on her face. She like some many people outside the kingdom of Speghiko have never seen a unicorn, they knew that the creatures excited, but never seen them. But strange tales about them appeared everywhere, including the story about their crap. The door opened and Eviar stepped in. He looked at her and then to Jeffery. 

"Did you take a shower in her bathroom?" He asked and Jeffery nodded. "I told you to keep an eye on her." 

"Dude, you have locked use in and nobody except Master Goodwing and you know the spell to unlock the door." Jeffery said. Eviar looked shocked at Nora.

"I already knew about the lock." She said, but that didn't change his expression. 

"But now that you are here, I will go to my own room and change in something clean." Jeffery said and walked out of the door. Eviar didn't focus on him, he just stepped further into the room and placed the tray he was holding on the bed. On the tray were three plates of pancakes and glasses with something that looked like orange juice. 

"Eviar are you alright?" She asked, Eviar hadn't said anything since he asked Jeffery about his shower. This was the second time that Eviar looked her in shock, but he nodded.

"Eat your breakfast, and then make yourself ready for the mall." He said, his words flat. She didn't know why, but she missed the warmth that was inside his voice. It always has being there when he talked to her. But instead of saying this to him, she grabbed her plate and started to eat the pancakes. They had being covered in a sea salted caramel syrup, the sweet and salt flavor was battling on her tongue. It didn't take long for her to have eaten all her pancakes. 

"I am going to grab a shower." She said, before she walked to the closet. Grabbing a green tank top, underwear and a long dark blue jeans. 

"You do not have to get dressed when you are in the shower." Eviar said. "I can leave." But she shook her head.

"No need, and I will be fine." She said and closed the door of the bathroom. And she was in and out of the shower in a matter of seconds. She walked out of the bathroom, while brushing her copper red curls. Jeffery sat in a chair, while he ate his pancakes.

"Are you wearing that to the mall?" He asked between bites and she nodded. 

"I do not own much clothing." She said, and thought that he already knew that. She had come here with nothing. Only an ill-suited black dress, and her ankle boots. She reached towards the neckless around her neck.

"It is not that, you look good. It is simple and..." Jeffery said.

"Jeffery, do not finish that sentence." Eviar growled at him, Jeffery looked at him. Shock and a question was writing all over his face. Eviar just brought the glass of juice to his lips and drank. "But he is right, you look great." He said. "It is simple, and yet sexy." His ears turned slowly red and Jeffery started to laugh.

"Ohh that is why I was not allowed to finish the sentence." Jeffery said, the chuckle still in his voice. Nora looked at the two and then shrugged. She didn't know how to react to this. She was not used to being called sexy. 

"Well I am ready to leave, are you?" She asked, and the man stood up as if they had practiced it. They walked out of her room, and she followed them. 


Eviar parked the green jeep inside an underground parking garage. Nora looked around with wide eyes, she had not missed a tree during their ride towards the mall. She was sitting next to Eviar and Jeffery sat in the back. He was reading a book. 

"Alright, here is the plan." Eviar started, and Jeffery started to groan. 

"Come on man, this is a shopping trip. No missing to hunt Necromancers." Jeffery said and if looks could kill, Nora needed to do her best to revive him. 

"I know that." Eviar snapped. "But there is no use to walk crisscross over the place. We know that she needs sneakers, and the store for shoes is all the way in the back. So I would say let's start there." Jeffery nodded. 

"That sounds like a plan." Jeffery said and Nora nodded. This was her first time inside a mall, and she wanted to see everything that was to see. She would not see it if she stayed in the car, so she stepped out and started to stretch. The man followed her example, and they made their way to the elevator.  Nora looked around her with wide eyes, the mall was an indoor mall, filled with people who were shopping, or they were at work in one of the shops. The whole place was covered by a glass roof, in the middle of the mall was a fountain that was surrounded with stone benches. Jeffery grabbed her by the arm and slowly pulled her to the first store. They didn't spend much time in the shoe store, she found a pair that she liked and in her size. 

"If you keep this up, we will be back at the mansion before lunch." Eviar said when they left the store. Nora smiled at him, and they entered the next store. That one sold all kinds of clothing, and this time it took a while. Eviar sat on a bench and Jeffery was helping her pick out clothing. Truth be told it was Jeffery who kept coming with new stuff, and Nora didn't have the heart to say no to him. Finally, she walked towards the counter and Eviar paid for the cloths. "I think I spoke too soon." He said with a low growl, the growl was not aimed at Nora, but at Jeffery who just shrugged. 

"She needed clothing, and now she has plenty." Jeffery said and that was an understatement. She wondered for a brief second if this all would fit inside the closet in her bedroom. "Alright now let's take care of the female part of this shopping trip. Underwear." Nora and Eviar groaned. 

"Jeffery why do you not give her the Acorns. Then she can shop for those on her own, that is something we do not have to see." Eviar said. Nora thanked him in silence, she really didn't want the men in the shop with her when she was shopping for underwear. Jeffery wanted to protest, but Eviar pinned him down with a stern look. "Give the woman a bit of privacy." And Jeffery gave her the Acorns. With those in hand she left them and entered the shop. 

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