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Eviar leaned forward, he had heard the story about the first Necromancer many times. But he wanted to hear the legend out of her mouth. Nora looked towards Master Goodwing and he nodded.

"I can not see why not." Master Goodwing said. Nora took a deep breath and told the story. Her voice brought it almost to live, he could see the destroyed village. He could feel Haghor's pain when the roof collapsed on his family. Then she started to tell about the reviving of Haghor's son. The first one ever recorded, she told him about the love and grief that her ancestor felt. Then about how the magic just came to him, like if it was already part of him.

"So reviving magic comes from a special place inside our own hearts, the place were we store love. A reviving spell those not work when there is not a loved one nearby." Nora said. "And according to me, love is a part of nature. Maybe not one of the elements, but our own nature." She continued. "We have rules that are as old as our coven. Rules set in place so that it is safe, for use but also for the person that we are reviving. The person most be revived in 48 hours, otherwise the soul is too far gone. The person has to be healthy before he dies, so if his or hers life was taken by am illness or old age, then we are not going to touch them." Eviar needed to admit those rules sounded to be fair rules, and he could understand why they were there.

"You may believe that what you are doing is natural. But it is not, death is a part of nature, and we as wizards need to safeguard that." Casandera snapped at Nora. Nora nodded, lightly.

"You are right about that, death is indeed part of nature. And my coven respect that..." Nora started, but got interrupted by Casandera. 

"So why do you bring people back from the dead? Is that not going against the laws of nature?" Casandera said.

"Yes and no." Nora replied, Eviar couldn't believe that she was so calm after Casandera's attacks. But maybe she didn't see them as attacks, maybe she saw it as a good discussion. The leader of his former coven, The High Witch of the Lunar Coven in Goticha would have loved to see this. A shot of pain went through him when he thought about it. So he focussed on the topic at hand, learning more about the Necromancers. Nora had told Master Goodwing and him that she wouldn't tell the specifics about her coven, still she had no problem sharing her beliefs and the history. "We see it more as, giving a people a second chance. A second chance at life, to for fill the dreams that otherwise were lost." Nora said. Casandera wanted to go against it, but Master Goodwing raised his hand to shot her up.

"Thank you for sharing this piece of information with use. In many ways, it shines a new light on the beliefs of your Coven." Master Goodwing said. "But I still believe, like Casandera here, that what your Coven is doing is wrong." Eviar looked at his master, and his master looked back it him. "Still that those not explain why you are so skilled in fire magic?" Nora nodded.

"It is not forbidden to practice the other types of magic. But when we complete the last test, we are forced to never use it again." Nora said. "It is believed that it will weaken our reviving magic. Only that is never proven, and in mine humble opinion, I think it is Minotaur shit." 

"And why is that?" Eviar asked, he had promised himself to stay quiet. But the question was out there before he could stop himself. But Nora just gave him a smile.

"Because we can use those types of magic to defend ourselves." Nora replied.


Evair sighed, he sat by the large fireplace that was inside the library. On his lap lay a closed book, he had picked a book like he did every night. To calm his mind, before he went to sleep. But this time he couldn't bring himself to open the book. His mind brought him back to what Nora had told them about her Coven. It all sounded so logical in his mind. He had no doubt that she was loyal to her Coven, even when they had left her to die. But still she was defending their beliefs and history. He smiled when he saw the fire burning inside her.

"Is it a good book?" Master Goodwing said. Eviar almost jumped out of his seat. He hadn't heard the old man, he knew the Master Goodwing could sneak upon a person with ease. "Sorry, I couldn't resist. You were so lost in your own thoughts." Master Goodwing sat down in the chair next to his. Eviar looked at the flames, and he couldn't help it. His thought brought him straight back to Nora. How beautiful she looked when she opened the door, the short green dress with small cherries printed on it. He smiled, her hair was tight up in some kind of bun. It felt good to untie it, this waterfall of copper curl. "Eviar, did I lose you again?" The voice of his master brought him back again.

"Sorry master, I am..." Eviar started.

"Thinking about miss Rane. I have seen how you looked at her during diner." Master Goodwing said. "I do not blame you, she is a pretty girl." Eviar nodded, although using the word pretty was an understatement.

"She is also strong, and smart." Evair said, before he could stop himself. "She brings back memories I thought I lost." He continued. 

"Which kind of memories?" Master Goodwing asked. Eviar sighed, he hadn't talked about his old Coven, and he was not supposed to talk about it either. The Lunar Coven was one of the oldest Covens of the nine Kingdoms and served as a secret agency for the kingdom of Goticha. His mother was a member when she became pregnant with him. But she was slightly disappointed when he turned out to be a boy, instead of a girl. At the time of his birth, boys were not allowed to stay inside the Coven. His mother had told him this when he was old enough to understand what his gender meant to the coven. He was allowed to stay until he turned sixteen, but then he needed to leave his mother and his home behind. This all chanced when the old High Witch was killed and the new High Witch took control over the coven. She chanced it so that the man could stay and provide for the coven. But one day his mother brought him to Master Goodwing, that was one year after the chance. She told him that the new rules didn't make any sense. She had left him on the Master's doorstep. That was the last time he had seen his mother and his old Coven.

"Memories about mine mother, my old Coven." Eviar said. 

"Really?" Master Goodwing said. "I didn't know that you had a Coven before I found you on mine doorstep, nine years ago."

"I am not allowed to talk about them." Eviar said. "It was a woman only Coven and my mother brought me here so that I could study magic." At least he hoped that was one of the reasons why she did what she did. 

"You know that I have contacts in all the nine kingdoms, and I know every Coven. Even the secret once, the Lunar Coven is one of them. I know that one year before you came here, a new High Witch was selected. She has chanced a lot, even made an all man version of the coven." Master Goodwing said. Eviar already knew about the chances High Witch Andera Lunar had made. His mother only didn't believe in them. That was the reason why he was here and not with the Lunar Coven.

"I really do not want to talk about it." He said.

"All I am saying is that I think your mother had a solid reason for bringing you here, and it is not the one you just told me." Master Goodwing said. "But I do not mind. To say the truth out loud most be more painful than a lie." He stood up. "I am going to bed, I wish you a very good night. And I have a suspicion a certain person plays a big role in your dreams." Eviar cracked a smile, and nodded. That suspicion might be correct. 

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