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Nora knelt down next to Eviar, the piece of metal was still pointing out of his back. Slowly with the help of Jeffery she turned him around. His eyes were closed, and his face was deadly pale.

"Jeffery check his pols." She said, afraid to do it herself. Jeffery placed his fingers in Eviar's neck. Tears started to roll over his cheeks. Nora's vision started to blur, and her heart was wrapped in a tight grip.

"Nora I am so sorry. That piece of metal, probably has pierced his heart." Jeffery snicked. "I am going to get Abby." He said before he got up and walked away.

"What in the Dragon Lord's name has happened here?" The voice of Master Goodwing reached her but barely. "Nora, please tell me what happened." She opened her mouth to answer him, but the words didn't leave her mouth.

"Master, they attacked use." Casandera's whinny voice came from out of nowhere. "We needed to defend ourselves." Normally Nora would have reacted, normally she would have fired a fireball. But this time she didn't care, not when Eviar was laying death in her arms. He was dead, and that was her fault. She should have ignored him when he told her to help Jeffery, she should have being at his side fighting Casandera together. "Master, you need to kill her. She is a danger to everybody around her, if you do not believe me look at Eviar." 

"Shut up, Casandera." Jeffery was back. "Master, we were on our way back from the hospital, when Nora's protective charm warned use. She told my sister Abigale to stop the car and to hide inside the woods. Where I placed a shield around her. But Nora hadn't left the car before we were attacked. Casandera had decided to take the law into her own two hands, together with four others. Claus and Marius had run away, and those two ice statues over there are Amelia and Dorus. The car was hit by a few fireballs, which resulted in three explosions. The last one fired away shards of glass and metal. One of those pieces resulted in Eviar's..." The last piece of the recap fall away, and Nora knew why. He didn't want to say the words, he didn't want to say that Eviar was dead. And that was all Casandera's fault.

"He is laying. Master." Casandera whined. 

"Then why in the Dragon Lord's name do I believe him. Casandera from the moment Nora came into the picture you have pushed and pushed. And now somebody is dead because of you." Master Goodwing snapped at him. "My son is dead because of you." 

"He is an orphanage." Casandera said. 

"No he is my son, his mother didn't dump him on my doorstep. She knew that I was a Master Wizard, she knew that I would take him in, that I would teach him to be a man." Master Goodwing said. He grabbed Nora's hand which was on Eviar's chest. "He didn't know that I was his father." Nora looked at him and gave him a watery smile.

"Did you want to tell him?" She asked. He nodded slowly. 

"I do want to tell him, that and so much more. I wanted to tell him how proud I am, I am so proud about the man he has become." Master Goodwing said, tears were streaming down his cheeks. 

"I never told him that I loved him. Something what I was about to do before we got attacked." Nora said, she lowered her head. 

"He knew that you loved him, he didn't need for you to say it out loud." Jeffery said.

"Oh boohoo, well there is nothing you can do it about it now. It is not that you are allowed to use that unnatural magic of yours." Casandera said, and Nora's head perked up. She looked at Casandera with wide eyes. Why was she still here? Well that didn't matter, her words woke Nora up somehow. She had indeed the ability to bring Eviar back from the dead. She had touched him with her magic so many times to know that it was not his time, and he was not sick or dead that long.

"Master?" She said looking at Master Goodwing. He looked at her for a short moment. 

"If you do this." He said softly. "There is nothing I can do to protect you. You will be hunted down." Nora nodded, she knew the risks. It was not fair, it was not illegal to revive people. But still she knew the risks. "When you have revived my son, go to his mother coven. They will not turn you away, Andera promised me." Nora wanted to ask how he knew the High Witch of a secret Coven. But there was no time to do that. 

"How?" She started to ask. 

"Take my car. I will buy you time." He said and Nora nodded. She wanted to thank him for everything he had done for her. He had given her a chance at a normal life, a life without being hunted. 

"What are you two whispering?" Casandera snapped. Jeffery stood up and walked with Abby to the car. Nora knew that he was coming with them, she was not sure if she wanted him in harms way. But he was already there, he talked in hushed voice with Abby who hugged him. Nora focused her gaze on Eviar and closed her eyes. "What..." But Nora pushed Casandera's voice out of her ears. She focused on the cold magic that crept inside her veins, the slimy feeling that filled her heart. She was not going to lose him out of fear for her own life, not if she has the power to safe his. The slimy and cold magic left her hands and slips into Eviar's body. Her magic pushed out the shard that was still in his back and closed the wound, before it made its way back to Eviar's large heart. The magic wrapped itself around it and started to push it to a steady heartbeat. His soul was still attached to his body, it had no time to leave it. When she sensed that his heart could beat on its own and that his soul responded to her touch she drew her magic back. With a large gasp she opened her eyes, at the same time Eviar opened his. Both of them are gasping for air as if they have run a marathon.

"Master she had brought him back from the death, she is a full Necromancer now. So that means you can kill her." Casandera sounded like a child that just got a candy bar. But before she could say anything more she and Master Goodwing fall through a hole in the ground. The hole closed as soon as it had appeared. Nora knew that the clock was ticking. 

"Eviar, come on we need to go." She said, pulling him up and supporting him when they made their way through the car.

"Wait what happened?" He asked. His voice was thick from sleep.

"I will explain it when we are inside the car." Nora said. Jeffery was already sitting behind the wheel, the engine was purring like a kitten. Eviar climbed inside the car, with Nora's help and Jeffery drove away as soon as Nora had closed the door. 

"Where are we going?" Eviar asked. 

"We are going to Goticha. Master Goodwing has already reached out to the High Witch, so she knows that we are coming." Jeffery said, he didn't take his eyes off the road.

"Eviar all will be alright." Nora said. "I love you." Eviar looked at her and nodded.

"What did you just say?" He said, there was a sparkle in his eyes. Nora pushed him softly.

"I just said that I love you." She said, and he planted his lips on hers.


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