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Andera lowered her phone with a large smile, Dragon King Epoa lay next to her in their large canopy bed.

"What is it, my love?" Epoa asked her, and Andera smiled at her. 

"That was Master Goodwing. You know one of the Master Wizards in Achua." Andera said and Epoa nodded. "Well he just told me that Eviar Summers is coming home." Epoa frowned.

"Summers, is he Martha's son?" Epoa asked and Andera nodded. "Why is he coming back now?" 

"He has a girlfriend, and she is a Necromancer." Andera said. "Master Goodwing told me that she had not completed the final test when Eviar captured her. But he got hurt during a battle and lost his life."

"She revived him, and now she is hunted down like a wild animal. Poor girl." Epoa said. "Well you need to go back to sleep and tell Martha that her son is coming home." 

"I know, I will." Andera said. "Not that sleep part, I will go now." Andera jumped out of her bed and dressed herself in her black robes. 

"Wait, why now?" Epoa asked. 
"Because they are already on their way, I need to prepare rooms and food." Andera said, and she left her beloved Epoa in their room. There was so much to do and there was no time to waste. 

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