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Nora's heart was beaten loudly in her chest. Her magic was dancing at her fingertips, she looked at Eviar. 

"How far are we from the mansion?" She asked, she had not paid much attention when she had run after those fools. 

"Not far enough." He answered. Nora raised her hand up and fires a ball of fire into the air. When the ball reached the top of the trees it exploded. Hopefully Master Goodwing understood what that meant. Eviar nodded at her. "Good thinking. Not all the students are ready to fight." He said. She gave him a small smile, and faced the Giants and Minotaurs once more. This morning Jeffery had told her that war had returned to the nine Kingdoms of Mirror World. Which meant that the era of the Dragon Lords has come to its end. But she never suspected that she would be fighting in these war. The wall of ice dropped to the ground, and they needed to jump out of the way. One of the giant's large axe sailed down, and smashed into the place Nora was standing, just a heartbeat ago.

"Unicorn crap, that was close." She whispered, while she fired a ball of fire to the giant's face. The large man started to scream in pain. But she didn't care he had attacked her family and she will not lose them. The giant lifted his axe and swung it towards her. But the axe smashed into a large wall of stone. Nora looked to her side. Jeffery showed her his thumb, and she smiled at him. "Look out!" She screamed when another shower of arrows started to rain down on them. She raised her hand and a large wall of air blocked the arrows. But she quickly dropped it, when she heard the heavy footsteps of the giant. He didn't hold his axe, because that was still stuck at the wall. But his large hands were clenched into fists. She followed the giant's example, but laced her hands with a thick layer of rock and stone. The man swung at her, and she blocked it with ease. He repeated his action, again and again. Until she started to slow down. She didn't know how long she could hold this game up. Her stamina was still lacking. The giant had not broken a sweat, she needed to find a way to end his assault, without burning herself out. But before she could, the giant fall to his knees. The ground under his feet was literally pulled away. The giant didn't get up, but Nora hadn't the time to examen him. Another wave of arrows raises up from the forest. She raised her hands and again a wall of wind stopped the arrows in midair. She felt her knees started to wobble right under her and every gasp of breath became a struggle. Nora had used too much energy while she was fighting the giant. "Unicorn crap." She said under her breath, if she survived this she would train harder.

"Nora!" Eviar's voice reached her before he did. He wrapped an arm around her, giving her the support she needed to create a large ring of fire around Eviar, Jeffery and herself. "Nora." Evair repeated her name concern colored his voice. But she couldn't respond, her eyes fall shut. 




"Unicorn Crap." Jeffery cursed, his gaze was focused on the large flames. The large wall of various colors was large and was ready to burn anybody who tried to cross it. It had cost Nora the last bit of energy, and now she lay on the ground. Her eyes closed and her breath barely noticeable. Eviar stood over her his arms raised, doing his best to keep the wall of flames up. Jeffery raised his hand and fired two balls of fire into the air. Eviar was without a doubt a strong wizard, and so was Nora. He himself had a neat trick or two on his sleeve. But they were no match for a whole army, of giants, Minotaurs and who ever fired those arrows. They needed help and fast.

"Stop, Minotaurs shit!" A loud voice boomed over the clearing. The giants lowered their axes and the Minotaurs who had not attacked yet shrunk down. Jeffery looked with wide eyes to the sourch of the voice. A bald giant, covered with scars stepped into the clearing. The rest of the army lowered their heads when they saw him. "Lower the wall of flames, wizard. No harm will come to you and your friends." The giant said. Jeffery shook his head, as if they will believe him. 

"Who are you?" Jeffery asked. He looked at Eviar, relieved when he didn't lower his arms. But Jeffery saw the pearls of sweat on his brow.

"I am Cesal, commander of this army and standing ruler of Fantaseria." Cesal said. Jeffery had heard of the man, he was no Dragon King, but still he stepped up when the last Dragon King of Fantaseria died without an heir. Jeffery could admire the man for that. "You have my word as a leader that my man will not harm you." One of the Minotaurs heads snapped up. 

"But Lord Cesal, they are wizards. They are the enemy." The voice of the soldier gave away that it was a female. If he had not heard her voice he would have said that she was a man. 

"There are more wizards in the nine kingdoms, Niara." Cesal said. "The kingdom of Goticha has a Coven. And the kingdom of Achua has two Covens, those three belong to the Coven who practice elemental magic." Cesal pointed at them. "Which means that we are still in Achua, and you all attacked them without a good reason." Cesal said, his voice was so cool and calm. But Jeffery saw the anger brewing in his eyes. Cesal focused his attention on Jeffery. "Please lower the wall of fire, so I can properly apologize for my army's mistake." Jeffery looked at Eviar, who clearly was struggling to keep the wall up. 

"Eviar, lower the wall." Jeffery said. He knew that Eviar was older than him, but still Eviar listened to him and lowered his arms. The fire wall died down, and Eviar fall to the ground. Jeffery ran towards him, and lowered himself next to him. Jeffery touched Eviar's forehead. "Unicorn crap."

"What is wrong." Cesal knelt down next to Jeffery.

"He used too much energy." Jeffery explained. "Our magic is fueled by our own energy." Cesal nodded, as if he understood Jeffery.

"And the girl?" Cesal asked. He placed his hand on Nora's forehead. "Never mind, she is also burning up." Cesal said. He turned around and pointed to Niara. "Niara, you pick up the man." Niara stepped forward, Cesal looked at Jeffery. "I will carry the girl, just show use the way." Jeffery nodded and started to walk. His was glad that Cesal had offered to carry Nora. He praised himself that he was still standing on his feet. "Boy, are you alright?" Cesal asked, after a while. Jeffery wanted to nod, but shook his head instead.

"It feels like we are walking up hill." Jeffery said and Cesal nodded. 

"If you need to rest..." Cesal said. But Jeffery shook his head.

"No I am fine. I can rest later." Jeffery said, it was a lie. He was not fine, but he needed to press on. He needed to show Cesal and Niara to the mansion. Nora and Eviar depended on him, but every step became heavier than the last. His vision even started to blur. "Unicorn crap." He muttered under his breath. He hoped that Cesal didn't hear him. 

"Mister Night!" That was Master Goodwing's voice. He saw the old man running towards them, together with a small group of students. "What happened?"

"Master Wizard, my army made the unfounded mistake, by thinking that your students were part of Spegikho's army." Cesal answered in Jeffery's place. "Your students fought, bravely and even took out a few of my man." Jeffery stared the sway on his legs. 

"Master Goodwing, this is Cesal." Jeffery said.

"The man who brought back war to the nine kingdoms." Master Goodwing snapped at Cesal, who simply nodded. "Thank you for bringing my students back to me." Master Goodwing's voice was still clipped and full of anger.

"Our war is not with you, and I will not tell you my motives for bringing war back to this world. But still my man didn't have any right to attack your students." Cesal looked at Jeffery. "They were brave and strong. That one over there didn't want to admit that he is on his last legs. Someone better grab him before he collapses." One of the students reacted and wrapped an arm around Jeffery. Jeffery nodded his thanks to the man next to him.

"I am glad that they are still among use." Master Goodwing said. "I will guide you to my mansion, so that you can see that Nora and Eviar are safe and sound. But after that I need to ask you to remove yourself and your army. The lake and the forest are part of my property, and you are trespassing." Master Goodwing waved them to come along. Jeffery struggled to keep himself walking, but he did. When his blurred gaze landed on the mansion he sighed. 

"Home." He said, and then the darkness overtook him. 

"Unicorn Crap." The man that was holding him cursed, but Jeffery couldn't move a finger. "Master, he just blacked out." 

"He has good timing. Now you do not have to carry him all the way through the woods." Master Goodwing said. "Bring him to Eviar's room and lay him on the matras. I will show Cesal Nora's room." That was the last thing Jeffery heard. 

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