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Only he was so wrong, Nora didn't play a role inside his dreams. His mother and his old Coven were in them. All the memories from which he thought he had forgotten them. But Nora brought them all back, she reminded him that he was also form a Coven that need to hide itself for the rest off the world. But his old Coven didn't do anything wrong, or did they. The Lunar Coven was a Secret Service of the Dragon King of Goticha, and they needed to report everything that was going on in the kingdom. If people knew that there was a Secret Service, then hell will break loose. He took a shower and brushed his teeth. He looked at himself in the mirror, the bottomed up white shirt looked good with his sneakers and simple blue jeans. A smile appeared on his face when he thought about Nora, wondering what she was wearing today. Hopefully nothing black, it really didn't look good on her. He grabbed the books he had collected and then left his room. After what he had seen yesterday, we would see what Nora could do. And maybe teach her even more. He didn't have to attend the lessons the other students were following. Most of the time he helped them, then that he learned something new. He walked through the hallways, some students passed him by. Making their way to the dining room for some breakfast. 

"He man, where are you going?" Jeffery said. Eviar looked at him, the fifteenth year old stood there as a lost puppy.

"I am going to Nora's room. I want to see who much she can do with her magic." Eviar replied. A snort became audible. "Did anybody ever tell you that snorting is very un lady like?" Casandera turned the corner and glowered at him. "Well then I am telling it you now. But should the both of you not getting some breakfast?" He said. But the both of them didn't move an inch.

"Evair, listen I know you are super loyal to Master Goodwing. But that leech can not stay here. She with her unnatural beliefs, it is just disgusting." Casnadera said. "All the other students are agreeing with me." She continued quickly. Eviar looked at Jeffery, who was inspecting his shoes.

"Well, luckily for Nora it is not up to you, or the other students. It is up to master Goodwing, and if you two want to excuse me." Eviar said, he tried to move away. But he was blocked by Casandera. 

"We know it is not up to you, but you really need to talk with Master Goodwing." She snapped at him. 

"I do not need to do that. What I need to do is getting you two too your classes. I wish you a very nice day." He said and shuffled her to the side. 

"Eviar wait up." That was Jeffery again. But Eviar didn't slow down, and it took a while for Jeffery to catch up with him. "Can I study with you and Nora today?" He asked, his voice a little winded. 

"Why would you?" Eviar noticed that he sounded a little harsh, which was not his intention. Everybody was allowed to have their own opinion, that was what master Goodwing valued most in his students.

"I maybe the only one who those not share the same opinion as Casandera. I thought Nora was very nice, and she is a strong wizard." He said.

"So you are not want to join me, you are looking for a hiding spot?" Eviar said, and Jeffery shrugged.

"I think I will learn more from you today, then when I attend mine own classes. You know how Casandera is, she will not let this go, until she gets what she wants." Jeffery said. Eviar nodded, Jeffery was right about that. 

"Alright." Evair said, and Jeffery jumped up. Bumping his fist in the air. 

"O yeah, thank you man." Jeffery said.


It didn't take long before they were at Nora's room. Eviar knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" She sounded wide awake, maybe she had already had breakfast? He had asked the fairies who worked here to bring her breakfast and lunch to her room. 

"Jeffery and Eviar." Eviar said, and the door swung open. 

"What are you doing here?" She asked. He opened his mouth, she was wearing a soft pink shirt and black shorts.

"We come here to study with you." Jeffery said, Nora looked at him a bit puzzled. Eviar shut his mouth and started to nod. 

"I wanted to see how much you can do, with normal magic and maybe teach you some more. If you like. Jeffery here is hiding himself for Casandera." Eviar said.

"Hide for Casandera?" She asked and Jeffery nodded. 
"The girl who took it upon herself to fire questions at you after diner." Jeffery said, and Nora nodded slowly. "She wants you gone and tries to get everybody here on her side. Only I do not share her opinion, because I know when she gets her way, you will be dead." Jeffery said, Eviar nodded. That was why he wanted to see what she can do, then maybe they could let her go as a normal wizard. Because he didn't want to think about the alternative. A lot was chanced since he had seen her for the first time and that was only a day ago. He had hated her with every fiber in his being, but after he saw her freak out about the neckless, she now wore. Something had chanced in him, it was right then that he really looked at her. Around the same time yesterday he wanted nothing more than to see her dead, and now he wanted to do everything in his power to keep her alive. 

"Alright." That was the only thing he heard, when he noticed that both Jeffery and Nora looked at him.

"Sorry, my mind was somewhere else." He said quickly, and from the corner of his eye. He saw that Jeffery rolled with his. Nora smiled and then sighed.

"I asked, are you alright?" She said. "But now I know the answer to that question. Are we going to study inside my room?" She asked, Eviar nodded. 

"Safest place inside the house, and no one except the fairies will interrupt use." He said, she wanted to open her mouth to ask why. "Because I have asked them to bring use lunch." He answered her question, before it could leave her lips. His gaze went to them, they were soft pink. Quickly he looked away. Nora stepped out of the thrash hold allowing them in to her room. Jeffery bumped into him and whispered. 

"I saw that." Before he sneaked right past him and dumped his ash on the floor. "I never being in the green room before." He said, and form off ah in his voice. "It looks nice, and because I have seen you wearing that green dress yesterday, I also can say that it suits you." Eviar laid the books on her bed and motioned to Nora that she needed to stand next to him. 

"Nora, before I am able to teach you anything, I need to know how far you are with your magic. I know that already with your fire magic." He said, and Nora nodded. 

"Just tell me what I need to do." She said. 

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