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Eviar left the green room just when he heard the water running. When she had that panic attack about her missing neckless, he didn't know why, but he was really worried about her well-being. But that all slipped back to the background when she started to lecture him on her rights. He closed the door of her room and started to enchant it so that it was locked. Didn't she had a clue, she had no rights. She was a Necromancer, maybe not a full one, but still she had preformed the disgusting form of magic. 

"Well I see that our guest is settled in." Master Goodwing said. Eviar gasped for air, he hadn't seen the man. 

"Almost sir. She is currently taking a shower, and I am on the hunt for some cloths." Eviar replied, but saw then the paperback in his Master's hands.

"I already took care of it. I also took it upon myself to check our archives. So far the young lady is telling use the truth. She is indeed seventeen, the daughter of Brenda and Maison Rane. He died in a car accident ten years ago. He was the younger brother of Sartoria Alure." Master Goodwing said. 

"The leader of the Necromanti Coven?" Eviar asked and Master Goodwing nodded. 

"But she is the not so loving aunt type. After her little brothers' death, she has pushed Nora beyond her limits. That is why she was there at the house, to take the final test." Master Goodwing said. 

"So we have taken away her priced pupil?" Eviar said, and Master Goodwing nodded slowly. "Master the girl almost had a panic attack when she noticed that her neckless was missing." 

"Well, then it most be very valuable to her. I have personally checked the piece of jewelry. It is embodied with a protection charm." Master Goodwing said. 

"Is it posible that the charm can see through glamours?" Eviar asked. But Master Goodwing shock his head.

"No it only warns the one how wears that there is something wrong." Master Goodwing explained. "Why do you ask?"

"Nora, she just told me that she noticed blooming moon daisies inside the glamour." Eviar said and Master Goodwing winched.

"That is really unfortanet, moon daisies are olny blooming when the moon tatches their paddles. I think that our guest was simply tipped off by the protection charm, and when she arrived at the house she knew that there was something not right. That she spotted the flowers was just her being lucky. But she is a smart girl, I am willing to give her that." Master Goodwing said. Eviar nodded. "Well, I am going to give this bag with clothing to you. She will find her neckless inside." Master Goodwing gave him the bag. "Oh, and Eviar. Tell her that I will expect her for dinner." But before Eviar could ask him if he was sure. Master Goodwing has turned, and was walking away.


Eviar knocked on the door before he entered the room. Nora lay on the king-size bed, her body was wrapped inside a towel. He was about to look away when he heard her laughing. Which pulled his interest, his gaze went over her half naked body to her hand. It was then that he saw it. She was playing with her fire magic. It took him a while when he saw the unicorn of flames surrounded by butterflies made out of fire. When it ran through a forest. It was truthy magical and very impressive. Fire magic was one of the hardest type of magic to control, and she was just playing with it. The image of the unicorn disappears and the image of a bird flying through a sky emerge. Complete with small clouds. He could swear that the small creature was a live, but he knew it was a glamour. He stepped forward, the carpet muffled away the sound of his footsteps. One of the many times he was glad it did that. The image changed again, this time she made a sea full of various types of fish. He smiled when a dolphin was added to the mix. He raised up his hand, trying to recreate what he was seeing. But he managed to create one single sea turtle. He silently cursed himself, but then smiled when the sea turtle swum through the air and added itself to the rest of the sea image. Nora frowned slightly, then looked up. The image of the sea vanished, and he cursed himself again, for disturbing her.

"Have you never heard of knocking?" She asked. He nodded and placed the bag on the bed. 

"I have knocked, but you were too wrapped up in your own world." He said. Nora lowered her gaze. "What you did there with your fire magic was really amazing." He continued. Was he seeing this right, did her cheeks become redder? 

"Thank you." She said softly. He knew by the look in her eyes that she meant it. 

"No problem, I will leave you alone so that you can get dressed. It is almost dinner time and Master Goodwing has invited you to join use." Eviar said, the look in her eyes shifted. He knew by the time she opened her mouth that she wanted to decline the offer. "You know, Master Goodwing is one of the best teachers in magic inside the nine kingdoms. And he is your host." 

"You mean mine jailer." Nora snapped at him. He didn't care much for her tone, but if he was standing in her shoes he would probably act the same way. 

"However, but you need to eat." He said and she nodded.

"Fine." She growled. He nodded in approval and made his way out of her room. 


"Did I hear that right, is that leech going to join use for diner." Casanadra a wizard that studied under Master Goodwing turned the corner just when Evair stepped out of Nora's room. 

"Master Goodwing invited her, so yes." Eviar said. But Casandera shook her head in disbelieve. 

"That man is getting soft and old. When my father studied under him, he would have killed her." Casandera said. Eviar's blood began to boil, nobody was permitted to speak about Master Goodwing in that way. At least not in his presence. 

"He can't kill her, she is no full fletched Necromancer. So, even if he wanted to kill her. He can't go against the law." Eviar said and Casandera rolled with her eyes. 

"What ever." Casandera replied, before she walked away. Eviar walked with angry footsteps towards Master Goodwings office. 

"Those our guest accept our invitation?" Master Goodwing asked. Eviar nodded.

"Master it is come to mine attention that not all off your students are liking this idea." Eviar said, Master Goodwing nodded. 

"I have heard that too, and specially from Casandera. She thinks I am growing soft." Master Goodwing said. "Well tonights dinner would suprise her, mark mine words." 

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