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Eviar sat on one of the chairs, he had a book on his lap. It was the same one he had selected last night. And once again, he hadn't opened it. Hell he didn't even know what was written inside the book, and he didn't care. He looked over to the sleeping woman on the bed, if the circumstances were not what they were this would have being considered creepy. Maybe it still was, he didn't know. Still he was there to keep an eye on her, to know that this coma like state didn't become permeant. His heart stopped for a moment, he didn't want to think about it. But when he forced himself to think about why that was, he couldn't find the answer. Or he didn't want to find the answer. Master Goodwing had suggested a few times, and he couldn't deny that she was indeed beautiful, smart and strong. During his conversation with Master Goodwing, he had noticed a small change in her, and he knew that she could hear every word that was spoken. He had apologized for the things he had said, but he knew that it was a lie. One he couldn't take back, he wanted to teach her how to protect herself. Today was just an indication how much she was going to need it. He had also lied about the acorns, Master Goodwing had not offered to pay for everything. He himself would pay for it, he had enough acorns to spend. Knowing that they wouldn't only buy shoes, but also clothing, and other supplies a woman need. Jeffery had also offered to pitch in. His parents were rich, and he told me that he was allowed to use their acorns if he wanted. It was sweet of him and Eviar knew that Jeffery would do it even when he didn't allow it. He focused once again on Nora and a smile appeared on his face. She was indeed beautiful, even when she was asleep. He still could feel a fire burn inside of her. A fire that was reflected in her hair. A sound came from the other chair, which draw his attention. Jeffery was sitting on the other chair, his head was hanging to the side. Which seemed to be very uncomfortable, but Jeffery didn't seem to notice. Because he was fast in a sleep. Eviar admired the fifteen-year-old. He was playing hookie, to dodge Casandera. But when Casandera attacked Nora, something that made his blood boil. Jeffery was prepared to go tho to tho with her. Eviar grimaced, he was standing right next to the pool. But it was as if he was frozen as well. He did nothing to help Nora. He came back to live when the ice exploded, and she reappeared. It was then that he had helped her out of the freezing water. He cursed himself, he was one of the best students of magic currently living under Master Goodwing's roof. He was a strong hunter with four Necromancer death to his name. And still he froze when she was in danger. If something had happened to her, then he wouldn't have to blame anybody but himself. With this on his mind he closed his eyes and fall into a restless sleep.


The snow was falling all around him, the sky above his head was dark. But then again the sky in Goticha was always dark. But the snow was a nice change, his hand was inside his mothers. She looked to the woman who was standing inside a broken down subway entrance. 

"Martha, you do not have to do this. Young Eviar is welcome in the male version of our Coven. He will get the same education as the daughters." The woman said, she was dressed in a black robes. Her dark brown eyes looked at his mother, pleading to let him stay. 

"Andera, you really think that I am going to believe that this Coven will change. What if you are killed just like your mother and the other High Witch. What then will happen to my boy. No I will bring him to the house of a Master Wizard. At least then I know that he will be safe." His mother replied. She started to pull him away from the High Witch the leader of his Coven. Eviar wanted to scream to her, he didn't want to leave. He wanted to stay with his mother, with his Coven. But his mother dragged him away from the only place he had ever known. She dragged him until they were over the border of Goticha. He was blinded by the sudden rays of the sun, still the snow had covered the ground. He looked at his mother and swallowed. They had left the lands of the night, her dark brown hair hung loose on her back. A small hint of red was visible, he never knew his father. He knew that his mother had slept with a wizard that passed through. At least that was what she had told him, still he didn't knew what that meant. "Eviar, keep on walking. We are almost there." She said. 

"But mommy, I do not want to go. I want to go home. Misteress Andera told me that I could stay with you and the rest of the Coven." He said. He didn't want to cry or sound like a little kid, he was eleven, and soon he would be twelve. Twelve-year-old boy do not cry.

"I know she has said that, my brave boy. But she is misguided, she believes that she can change years of traditions and beliefs." She said. He wanted to say something else, but she shook her head. "Sweetheart, I am doing this for your own good." He knew what that meant, that there was nothing he could do or say that would change her mind. She brought him to a large mansion, in the cover of the night. "Eviar, this here is your new home." She looked at him, a shiver went through his spine. "Are you cold?" She asked. "Create some fire in your hands, that will keep you warm." She said, before he could answer her. He nodded and created a small flame inside his hands. He looked up to his mother, but she was no longer there. 

"Mommy?" He said, but she didn't answer him. "Mommy!" He started to panic. But still she didn't answer him. "Mommy!" He screamed, the door of the mansion swung open. But instead of Master Goodwing, Nora stood in the door of the mansion.

"Eviar, this is a dream. You are already inside the mansion of Master Goodwing." She said, with a smile on her face. "You are asleep in my room." He nodded, and he changed from an eleven-year-old boy to the twenty-year-old man.

"My mother..." He started.

"Left you nine years ago, to give you a future. She didn't believe that Andera vision for the Lunar Coven would survive. But you know that it did, still you remained here. You remained because you believed your mother wanted to keep you save. You only do not know where she is keeping you safe from." Nora said. He frowned, how does she know this. He didn't tell her all of this, he didn't tell anyone his story. At least not the full story. He opened his mouth to ask her, but his voice fall away when she smiled at him. "I do not know these things, at least not outside your mind. But that those not mean that you do not need to tell me this." She said and he nodded. 

"I will, but I only do not know how." He said, and she sighed. 

"Before you are going to ask me what to do, I do not know either. All I know is that you have too, if you want to be with me." She said and he was shocked. Did he want to be with Nora? She was smart, beautiful. But she is someone he supposed to hate. He brought his hands to his temples and groaned. He opened his eyes, he was no longer outside the mansion in the snow. Nora was still laying on her bed, still fast a sleep. But she didn't lay on her back, she lay on her side face towards him. He smiled at her serine face, she was so beautiful. His heart started to beat faster. 

"He man, are you alright?" Jeffery asked, his voice still heavy of sleep. Eviar nodded slowly. He would be alright. 

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