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Nora looked at herself in the small mirror. She had searched the room for a bigger one, but didn't find any. The bag that Eviar had brought was filled with various types of clothing. Jeans, T-shirts, tank tops, various types of underwear, pj, her neckless and two dresses. And nothing inside it was black. One of the dresses was a long dark green. And the other one was a lighter shade green with small cherries depicted all over the dress. It was shorter than the darker green one. Normally she hated to wear dresses, but this one spoke to her. Or rather almost begged her to put it on. So she did. The bag also hold a toothbrush, toothpaste and hear products. She brushed her wild curls and pinned it up. She brushes her teeth and waited until it was time for dinner. A loud knock echoed through the room, that would be Eviar. She walked towards the door and it opened. It was indeed Eviar, who stood in the threshold, with his mouth slightly a jar. She looked at him with an arched brow. But that didn't wake him up. 

"Yes?" She said, and he came back to life. 

"Uhm." He started. Or not. She rolled with her eyes. But then looked at him. He wore the same outfit as before. Blue jeans, navy green sweater and sneakers to make the outfit complete. His red blond hair reached his shoulders. 

"In the name of the Dragon Lord, I am completely overdressed." She said out loud. Quickly raising her hand to cover her mouth. That was not meant to be said out loud. But Eviar finally cracked a smile, and shock his head. 

"No, do not take me as an example." He said. "I am always underdressed." His gaze went over her a second time. "I can tell that black is not really your thing. It made you look like a vampire, and not in a good way."  She nodded. He told her something she already knew, but it still hurt when it came out of his mouth. "Still you look very nice." He said, a sly smile appeared in his face. "Come, I will guide you to the dining room." He offered her his arm, and she was not sure if she is she should take it. But against her better judgment she took it, and he was leading her once again through the large house. After he took her down the stairs, which she could swear were not there at first, and around yet another corner he stopped and looked once again at her. "Yes still looking great, except one thing." He said, and he grabbed the band that hold her hair together and pulled it loose. Her copper red curls fall down, and started to cover her shoulder. He nodded as if he was proud of his work. With no doubt he probably was. "Now you look perfect, please do not thigh up your hair."

"I will think about it." She said and he nodded. 

"Before we enter, I wanted you to know that this is not normal. At least we do not have always dinner like this." He quickly added the last part. She played surprised. 

"What, do you not always have a girl that is kidnapped at your dinner table?" She said, he frowned.

"That is also something we do not often have, but that was not what I meant." He said. "Master Goodwing has set this dinner up as a magic lesson. There are some of the students who have voiced their concern about him growing soft. So he wants to teach those students a lesson, and it is also a test for you." She swallowed. A test, what kind of test?

"So that you know, I hate being tested." She said and he nodded. 

"That is noted." He said, before he pulled her into the dinner room. Her mouth fall open, she had being inside various dining rooms, one more glamours than the other. But this dining room was nice, almost cozy. The walls were painted in a Bordeaux red color, the bottom half of the walls were paneled with a dark type of wood. The same type of wood lay on the floor. In the middle of the room stood a large oval-shaped table. There was room for eight chairs, six of them were already filled. Master Goodwing sat at the head of the table, with a large grin on his face. 

"Welcome miss Rane." Master Goodwing said. He nodded to the two empty chairs. "Please sit down, then we can start." She nodded and then walked over to the two empty chairs, Eviar pulled out one of the chairs. Some snorts were clearly audible inside the room. Nora looked at the chair and then quickly sat on the other free chair. Eviar looked at her and she shrugged. He smiled then, and he sat down on the chair he pulled back. "Well now that we all are present, it is time to have some dinner." The doors of the dining room opened and a little group of four fairies came in. In their hands plates filled with various types of meat, fish, seafood and vegetables. They placed it on the table, and to her surprise she saw that everything was raw. The group of fairies left the room to come back later with bottles of wine, mead and water.

"Master, what is this?" A woman with ash blond hair asked. Her gray eyes looked at Master Goodwing a force of anger lingered in side her stare. 

"This is diner, Casandera." He said. The woman looked again at the raw pieces on the plates. 

"This in not dinner, dinner is cooked." Casandera growled. 

"That is normally truth. But we are going approach it a bit different today." Master Goodwing said, and he raised his hand. A piece of salmon was lifted in the air, when the piece reached in his plate. It lowered, he raised his other hand. Small fire flakes surrounded the piece, the piece of salmon was cooked when it touched his plate. Casandera looked at him in horror.

"Do you really mean that we need to cook ourselves." She said, and Master Goodwing nodded. Nora looked at Eviar and then nodded. Nora smiled and she raised her hands. A shrimp lifted from the plate and made it to her plate. She raised her other hand and fire shaped in butterflies surrounded the piece of seafood.

"In the Dragon Lord's name!" Casandera exclaimed. "Are you all seeing this. That leech is playing with her food!" 

"No, she is taking this seriously." Eviar said. "What do you want to drink?" He asked Nora.

"I can do it myself." She said and he smiled. 

"I know that. But you didn't answer my question. So, what do you want to drink?" He asked her again.

"Water, please." She chimed, Eviar nodded. Eviar lifted his hand and two bubbles of water made their way. The other students joined in, pieces of food floated over the table. Some pieces dropped on the wooden table when they collided with another piece of food. Nora took a sip of her water, when she laughed when a piece of chicken landed on top of a tomato. The student next to her looked at her. 

"Just add some mozzarella to it, and you have a complete meal." She said to him. The men with dark brown hair that was so short started to grin.

"You know what you are right about that." He said. "I am Jeffery, by the way." Nora nodded. 

"I want to introduce myself, but I have already a feeling you know exactly who I am." She replied and he nodded. "But I am not one to be rude. I am Nora Rane. It is nice to meet you." She picked up her glass and took another sip.


"Well I believe that was all the food." Master Goodwing said when the last piece of pepper left the plate and made nits way to Casandera's plate she still looked like if she had eaten something dirty. "This was a nice display of magic and what you can do with it. Something as simple as a meal can turn into a display of power and dominance. Miss Rane, you have showed some great talent." He said and bowed his head. "You have a very powerful grip on your fire magic. Did I see you turning the flames in animals when you cooked your food?" He asked, but Nora knew that he already knew the answer.

"I did." She said., and now everybody looked at her.  Not all the glares were kind. 

"Can you do it again?" Master Goodwing asked. She nodded and raised both her hands. She closed her eyes for a second, what kind of image would she create. When she opened her eyes she had no idea. Normally she would create what ever came up in her mind. But she had never done it when people were watching her. Eviar raised his hand and a small octopus of flames moved towards her. He had clearly had seen that she had no inspiration, she smiled. Alright the sea image it is. She took a deep breath of air and the magic started to form. It didn't take long before a large variation of fish swum above everybody's head, together with dolphins. The little octopus of Evair moved between the image as if it belonged there. She sighed when the image started to fade away, and she lowered her hands. "That was something. It shows that you have being practicing other types of magic and not only that unnatural..."

"Sorry sir, but before you say that the type of magic that I have studied is unnatural please allow me to tell you the story about my ancestor." 

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