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Nora lay on her bed the sparks of fire magic swirled around her fingers, the grin was nestled on her face. The flames shaped themselves into small butterflies, fairies, and small horses. She loved to play with it whenever she had the time for it. A knock landed on the door, and Nora sighed. Was it already morning? She looked to her window, the morning sun was not even above the horizon. But her mother was beyond excited. Today was the last day of Nora's training. Today she would be a full member of the Negromanti Coven, a group of wizards who bring people and animals back from the death. She shivered by the idea, during her training she had brought back various animals. Dogs, cats, frogs, and even a horse. Which according to her mother was a great achievement for somebody her age. But Nora hated the way the magic made her feel, it was cold and unpleasant. Not like the fire magic she loved so much, it was so cozy and warm. But after today she was forbidden to use the other forms of magic. She didn't know why but that were the rules of the Coven. Another knock landed on the door.

"Nora are you up?" Her mother's voice chimed through the door. Nora rolled with her eyes of course she was up. It is difficult to catch some sleep, when your body is stiff of nerves.

"Yes mom." She said with a growl. The door opened up, and her mother stepped into the room. 

"Good. I have here your clothing. Aunt Sarotia just informed me that your test will be taken place in the field." Her mother said. Nora jumped from her bed.

"What the hell? I thought that mine test would be inside the compound. Reviving one of our own. Not a paying costumer!" Nora snapped, and her mother gave her a smile that didn't reach her eyes. 

"Aunt Sartoria thinks you're ready." Her mother replied.

"Well I do not share that opinion. What if I mess up?" Nora said, she was already nervous. But now she was ready to vomit. 

"Nora." Her mother sighed. "I will be there with you, and this will be good for you." Her mother knew she had her doubts, and according to her mother those doubts were normal. 

"What if I say no?" Nora asked, but she already knew the answer to that question. If she says no, she would be forced to leave the coven, her mother and the rest of her family. "I don't think I am ready to revive a human." She said, this was the truth. Her mother lowered her head.

"Last week you revived a horse, those animals are larger than humans and their souls far much complex. Believe me when I say that you are ready." Her mother said. She had said this during diner yesterday, but the problem was Nora didn't believe her. Still there was nothing Nora could do, she was not ready to leave the only place she called home either. Her mother probably saw her resolve on her voice. "Well, here is your dress." Her mother held up a hanger, on it was a black dress. Nora grimaced, she knew that black was the color of death. But she hated to wear it, she didn't like to wear dresses either.

"Why do I need to wear a dress? Can't I go in black jeans and a t-shirt or something?" She asked. There was no written rule that said she couldn't. But her mother glared at her in shock. 

"Nora it is tradition." Her mother replied, and Nora hung her head. "Besides that Aunt Sartoria insist..." Nora glowered at the dress. It was really a pain in her butt that she was related to the leader of the Coven Sartoria Alure. A decedent of the first Necromancer Haghor Rane. 

"Give me the dress." Nora said with a groan in her voice. Her mother gave her the hanger.

"I will be downstairs." Her mother said, before leaving her alone. Nora looked at the dress in disgust. But still there was nothing she could do about it. She took a quick shower and put on the dress. One quick glance in the mirror told her that black was indeed not her color. Her snow-white skin looked even paler. But still Aunt Sartoria had asked her to wear black, so she was going to wear black. Nora brushed her copper red curls, but there was no way that she could beat them in to submission. "Nora! Hurry up. We do not want to be late!" Her mother yelled from the kitchen. Nora huffed. 

"I am coming!" She yelled back. Quickly she snatched her amber neckless from her nightstand, and run out of her room.


"Nora, why are you wearing that neckless." Aunt Sartoria snapped at her. Nora's hand shot up and clutched the cold stone. "It can interfere with your magic." That was Minotaur shit and Aunt Sartoria knew that. 

"I have worn this neckless during all mine lessons, and even last week when I revived that horse." Nora said. Her mother gasped, but didn't say anything. She needed to pay attention to the road. Nora hated cars, she lost her father during a car accident. And it took her 49 hours to walk back to the village. One hour too late to save her father's soul. So she sat in the back of the car, and Aunt Sartoria sat next to her. 

"That is no proof. Reviving a human is something inter different." Aunt Sartoria said, holding up her hand. "Give it to me." But Nora shook her head. 

"Sorry, Aunt Sartoria. But I can't." Nora said. 

"And why not?" Aunt Sartoria said. Her voice as sharp as a knife. But Nora didn't back down.

"Mine father gave it to me." She said and Sartoria's gaze softened. Her father was Satoria's younger brother, and she misses him as much as Nora did. 

"Well then, let's go over the details first." Sartoria said, her voice was soft and calm. "The client's name was mister Lemon. He was a fairy, twenty years of age." 

"What kind of fairy?" Nora asked, Sartoria nodded with a smile.

"You remembered your lessons about the different types of magic. Mister Lemon was an earth fairy." Sartoria said. Nora nodded, she knew that earth magic was very similar to the magic she needs to use to revive the man. Other types of magic like water or air magic can interfere with the reviving process. "He did during an accident, and his parents want to give him a second chance." 

"How long?" Nora asked. 

"12 hours, so this will be easy." Sartoria replied. Nora bit the inside of her cheek. Would this be an easy reviving?  She was not so sure. She didn't know why, but she had a bad feeling about this.  "Nora is something wrong?" Nora looked at her aunt. 

"I do not know, but..." The car stopped, and her mother glanced over her shoulder. 

"Well there is no time to be nervous. We are here." Her mother said. Nora looked at the house, there was something off. It was a small bungalow, nice well-kept yard. Everything that indicated that an earth fairy lived here. Everything looked too perfect. Her mother reached out to the door. 

"Mom, stop." Nora said. Her mother looked at her, frowning. 

"Nora..." Her mother started. 

"There is something wrong, I do not know what." She said looking at her aunt. "I know what you see, a nice little cottage. Very well-kept garden, everything screams earth fairy." Nora went on. Her aunt looked at the house and nodded. 

"It indeed screams earth fairy at us." She said. "So there is no need to worry." 

"But that is just it." Nora said and stepped out of the car. She pointed to the first flowers she sees inside the garden. "That are moonlight Daisies." Understanding donned on her mother's face. 

"It's a trap." Her mother said. "Nora get back in the car." But before Nora could react the door of the bungalow swung open and an army of wizards in suites stormed outside. Nora started to run towards the car, only she was tackled to the ground. 

"She is lost." She heard Aunt Satoria say, before she heard the wheels of the car drive away.

"Follow them!" Shouted a male voice. "We have at least one." He continued, Nora couldn't breathe. But she highly doubted that this was natural.

"By the Dragon Lord's name. Eviar, do not kill her. We need to have some answers." Somebody else said. 

"Then you better kill me. I will not betray mine Coven." She muttered. A chuckle became audible. 

"Like you have a choice." A man said, she was raised to her feet and was forced to watch him in his ice blue eyes. "Filthy Necromancer." She rolled with her eyes, before she shot them. 

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