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"Eviar, you have returned. And what is this?" An old man's voice asked, from somewhere in the distance. 

"We have menaced to capture only one Nercomancer. I am so sorry Master Goodwing." The man called Eviar said. Nora frowned, why were their voices so far away? And why was it so dark? Then she realized that her eyes were closed. She tried to open them, only she couldn't. 

"Well one is better than non. You always need to see it from the bright side." The older man's voice said. "But for now let we give this one her sight back, she is awake and panic is by the looks of it not far from her mind." Nora groaned, the man was right she was about to panic. The enchemant lifted and her world filled itself with color and light. The old man was standing right in front of her, his hazel green eyes looked at her, like a fox looks at a bunny. Nora straighten her back, she was nobodies prey. "You are very beautiful, mine dear. For a Necromancer at least. How old are you?" He asked.

"Seventeen, Master wizard." She replied, and the Master wizard nodded. 

"Well that is indeed a bit young, but who am I to judge." The Master wizard said, with a smile that didn't reach his eyes. Nora was no fool, he was baiting her. Making her feel comfortable, so she would spill all her Coven's secrets. "What is your name?"

"Nora, Nora Rane. And before you are going to ask, yes I am a descendant of Haghor Rane." Nora said. The Master Wizard's mouth fall open. "Now you know all this, you can drop the nice guy act. Our two covens hate each other's guts. And I am not about to spill mine covens secrets, if I do then I am death." 

"Oh you are death either way, little girl." The Master Wizard said. But Nora shock her head. 

"Not really, the law states that you are only allowed to kill a full Necromancer. Someone who brought a person from the dead. And you were allowed to do that if you hadn't interfered with mine test today." Nora said. Trying her best to hide the grin she felt inside. Her father had taught her the laws of almost every kingdom inside Mirror World, and she herself kept a close eye on the changes. Eviar stepped forward, his left hand raises. Was he going to strick her? Probably, but the Master wizard grabbed his hand. 

"She is right about that law Eviar. It is a stupid law set in place for those who want to escape the Coven." The Master wizard said. "The law is the law, and we are respecteful citizens. Unlike you and your Coven."

"I never have seen a law that Necromance was against the law. In any of the kingdoms." Nora returned the smirk comment with one of her own. But she kept an close eye on Eviar. If she kept this up, she was bound to go to far.

"It may not be against the law in any of the kingdoms. But it is against the laws of nature." It was Eviar who said it, not the Master wizard. "But you already knew that." Was that respect she saw in his eyes. She wasn't sure. But it didn't matter, she could life without his respect. As long she survived. "It seems to me that we have a student of the law on our hands. Master Goodwing." He said. If she was not even their. 

"It seems to me that you are right about that, Eviar." The Master wizard Goodwing replied. "But what are we going to do with her?" Nora raised her hand as if she was at school.

"What about sending her home. I am no Necromancer, and mine family most be worried sick." Nora said. The man looked at each other for a brief moment and then started to chuckle. 

"Nice one, miss Rane." The Master wizard Goodwing said. Pinking away a tear of laugther. "But you aren't going anywhere. You may not be a full fletched Necromancer, but that those not mean you haven't brought animals back to life." Nora winched that was indeed true. "So you will be mine guest. Until I figure out what to do with you." The Master wizard Goodwing motioned to Eviar. "Show our guest to the green room." Eviar nodded and grabbed her by the arm. 

"Please follow me." He siad, while pulling her with him.


The was big, too big to only house that old fart. She suspect that wizards lived and studied here. Eviar pulled her through the large hallways. Who were decorated with wooden artwork on the walls. A light blue carpet in the middle of the floor. Great crystal chandeliers on the ceiling. She couldn't see any doors, until she looked hard enough. The doors were hidden inside the wall, only showing a small crack. But she had not much time to linger with this revelation. Because Eviar kept up a steady pass. 

"So here we are miss Rane." He said, after turning a corner. Again there was no door to see. But in the small-time she was here, she knew that didn't say much. He laid his hand on the wall and the door swung open. Nora peaked passed him, and looked into a large room. She Immediately could see why this was the green room. The walls and the bedsheet were a light green. The plush carpet was a shade darker. "There is a bathroom right here." Eviar stepped into the room and opened another door, that she would have missed if he hadn't showed her. With cossion she followed him, the bathroom was tilled with light green tiles. It had a shower, a toilet, a small water basin. With a mirror above it. She glanced in the mirror and winched. She was paler than normal, under her eyes were dark blue bags. As she hadn't slept for a while. Her copper red curls were so tangled up it looked like a bird nest. Her hand shot up to her neckless. The only problem was it was no longer there.

"Were is mine neckless?" She asked. Eviar looked at her with a frown. "Please tell me that I didn't lose it." Only thinking about it, made her gasping for breath. Only the air didn't reach her longs.

"Easy." Evair said and stepped in to the room. He laid a hand on her shoulder. "Look at me, and do what I do." He said. She looked at him, while he took slow deep breaths. She repeated after him and she calmed. "You didn't lose that neckless. We are just testing it for any spells. After we are done with it, you will get it back." Her calmness shifted over to rage. They had no right to take her neckless. 

"What the hell. You are forgetting that I know the law inside and out." She sneered. "You didn't have any right to take mine neckless. Spelled or not." Eviar stepped back and looked as she had slapped him.

"We simply needed to know if it was safe..." He started. But she shook her head.

"Do you really think that if it was dangerous, I would bring it to a client's house?" Nora snapped at him. "Speaking about that. Nice glamour by the way, it really screamed earth fairy. Only there is no earth fairy inside Mirror World that can let moon daisies bloom during the day." Now he looked really shocked. 

"I didn't even know that there were moon daisies. To be honest I do not even know how they look like. Take a shower, I will bring you some new clothes and your neckless." He said before he walked away. 

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