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A bird started to sing, and Eviar cursed the creature. He was not a morning person, not at all. Still he got up and looked at the matras on the ground. Which was empty, Eviar frowned. Where in the Dragon Lord's name was Jeffery. Maybe he was busy with his new bed, they have worked at it almost all afternoon yesterday. Nora had pitched in too, after her work-out. Eviar groaned and stepped under the shower. This would be a long day, maybe he could convince Nora for a morning run. Or maybe he needs to convince himself first. 

"He bro, are you under the shower." Jeffery's voice came through the door. 

"No, I just stand beside it when I am wasting water." Eviar replied. He could hear Jeffery laughing, and he started to grin himself. Something he caught himself of doing more often.

"Good to know that Nora has brought your sense of humor back to life." Jeffery joked, and he wasn't far off. "Did you bring the clothes into the bathroom?" Jeffery asked.

"Unicorn crap." Eviar cursed. 

"I wonder if they indeed shit in rainbow colors and if it sparkles?" Jeffery said, and Eviar knew that this was Jeffery's way to lighten up the situation. "No worries bro. I will just leave the room, so that you can get dressed."

"Thank you." Eviar said. 

"No need bro, you are not used to having a roommate. Neither do I, it is something we need to get used to. Jeffery said, as if it was no big deal. "You know what, Nebul just told me that Fantaseria has just attacked Spegikho. If this is true then..." 

"Then there is war inside the nine kingdoms, after two thousand years." Eviar completed his sentence. Eviar turned off the shower, a shiver made its way down his spine. War, that was something all of them had heard about, but after the Dragon Kings took control over the nine kingdoms.

"Do you think that we need to fight?" Jeffery asked. It was not such a strange question. Achua was the neighbor kingdom of both parties.

"I do not know, but what I do know is that I want to get dressed." Eviar replied and Jeffery rushed out of the room. Eviar put on some sweatpants and a simple T-shirt. A knock landed on the door. "Jeffery, I am almost done!"

"Why do you think I am that freak?" The voice of Casandera echoed through his room. "Oh wait he is your new roommate. Does that mean that you are gay too?" 

"No I am not gay, I am just being a good friend." Eviar said. Not knowing why he is defending himself. What if he was gay, which he was not. His old Coven had taught him that this does not change a person. 

"What ever." Casandera said, and folded her arms. "You and I need to talk." Eviar shook his head. "You can not be serious, Eviar. She is a Necromancer, you are a hunter. What is the main job of a hunter? To kill Necromancers. Your job is not to teach her magic, or to buy her new cloths. Your job is to kill her." 

"No, Casandera. My orders were to capture a Necromancer, and to bring it in for questioning. Which I did. Only it turned out that Nora is not a full Necromancer. So no, we can not kill her. And I do not want to kill her." Eviar said.

"What do you mean, you do not want to?" Casandera sneered. 

"Are you deaf, maybe you should check your ears." Eviar snapped at her. "I am saying this one more time. I am not going to kill Nora. She is not a full Necromancer. So please do yourself a favor and let it go." He wiggled his way past her and tried to walk away.

"Are you in love with her?" She asked, while she grabbed him by the arm. He pulled himself lose. 

"That is none of your business." He said and she narrowed her eyes. He knew that this was all she needed, and that this would bite him in the ass. But still there was nothing he could do about it now. He walked away from her. 


Eviar entered the hallway that led to Nora's room. Her door already swung open and Nora stepped out of the room, followed by Jeffery. 

"He bro." Jeffery said, when he spotted Eviar. Nor's smile grew when her eyes landed on him. Her eyes started to shimmer. His heart stopped beating and he sighed. Yes he was in love with her.

"Are you ready for a work-out?" Nora asked, and Eviar nodded. 

"I was thinking about a run through the forest and after that we are going to use some magic." He said, he looked from Nora to Jeffery. "We need to learn how we are going to use the magic to fight and defend ourselves."

"Do you think we need to fight in the war?" Jeffery asked. Had he already forgotten that he already asked that question?

"I do not know, but there are more threats inside these walls. Casandera is planning something, and I will not become a bystander once again." Eviar replied. Jeffery nodded, ready to protect his sister. Nora frowned.

"Does that girl lack a brain or something?" Nora said. "How many times did one of you, Master Goodwing and I told her that I am not a full Necromancer?" 

"More than enough." Eviar replied.

"So why does she not take a hint to leave me alone?" Nora said. Eviar could tell her a number of reasons. Started with her beauty and her skills in magic. But he struggled to get the words over his lips.

"She is seeing you as a threat." Jeffery said. Eviar thanked Jeffery in silence. "Before you came she was the most gifted wizard here. And she also thinks that she is the most pretty face there is." Eviar growled at that. "Easy, Eviar. I am maybe gay, but I can tell you that she is not pretty. Beauty is just an empty shell, when there is nothing inside." Nora looked from Jeffery to Eviar and back.

"Why did you growl?" She asked.

"Because he is in love with you." Jeffery answered for him. Eviar's face started to flame up, he was going to Jeffery. Not because it was a lie, but he had told Nora.

"Jeffery I give you five seconds to run away." Eviar growled. 

"And what if I..." He didn't have time to finish that sentence, because Eviar started to charge him. Jeffery's eyes widened and he ran away. "That were no five seconds!" 

"Really did I say five seconds, my bad." Eviar said. He heard Nora laugh as she ran after them.


Eviar had chased after Jeffery at a killer pass, they stopped by a large lake in the forest. A waterfall filled the lake, and Eviar knew that there was a crack at the bottom of the lake so that water could escape. Jeffery stopped running, complete out of breath. Eviar was not better off. Both men stood hunched over gasping for breath. Nora who had followed them at a more steady pass stepped out of the wood and into the clearing. Right at that moment a cloud that had blocked the sun moved away. Giving the sun free rein to shine his rays on the lake and creating rainbow when the light hit the falling water.

"It is beautiful." She said. Eviar nodded slowly, only he was not looking at the lake. He was looking at her. Nora glanced at him and her smile wavered. 

"I told you, that he was in love with you." Jeffery said behind him. Nora's eyebrows shot up, looking at him. Waiting on a confirmation or something. He opened his mouth to say something. When Nora's hand shot up, she cursed. He and Jeffery turned around, a shield of air held up a dozen arrows. Giants and Minotaurs stormed out of the forest.

"Unicorn crap, Fantaseria's army!"  Jeffery screamed. He raised his hands and fire formed in his palms. 

"Why are they attacking use?" Nora asked. 

"Good question." Eviar said, another wave of arrows were shot at them. Eviar's hand shot up, a whole body of water rushed out of the lake. The water turned into solid ice, the rhyme of the arrows hitting the ice was almost calming. He looked at Nora, and Jeffery. They were ready to fight, but why do they need to fight? What was the army of Fantaseria doing here? He wanted to ask all those questions, but there may not be time for that. He had now only one task, keeping his family save. 

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