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LeeStepp Progress Report

Sene River

The smaller of two rivers running through eastern Shamsi and Kasar Wuta

539 words


Marrakesh is home to nomads, artisans, geer nobility and Haratin serfs, acting as the gate into the Shamsi Desert from Eluziar

2352 words


The capital of Libu along the coasts of the Shamsi Desert, at the heart of trade in northern Alkelbulan

2395 words


Three provinces rich in history which sprawl across the coastlands of the Shamsi Desert, cooled by the artic waters of the Keyh Sea

4164 words

Idraren Draren

An extensive, radioactive mountain range dominating northeastern Alkelbulan and acting as a border for the Shamsi Desert

2065 words

Hadje Sabertooth

2390 words

Ruwa Sea Cow

2162 words


7512 words

Netjer Pesedjet

The myths and pantheon of the Masriyyin and their legend of Creation

6009 words

Khalifah al-Rasul

The ruling organization of a network of caliphates recognizing Ilnid as their pharaoh and rasul in northern Alkelbulan

5042 words

Dawn Ahrayn

The levitating holy city of Lithmor containing her Seat and source of radiant light for the al-Nil River

3178 words

Bennu Phoenix

1120 words


1023 words


1179 words

Rompo Skunk

1196 words


An expensive and highly valued flower highly associated with Rithaldis

937 words


A monstrous snake living within the waterways of northern Alkelbulan and the Frozen Wastes

1220 words

Idraren Bear

896 words


A draconic guardian of Dawn Ahrayn

637 words

Molte Cloudberry

An elusive and acidic berry found across arctic Emynean regions and Skaney

1438 words

Alpine Juniper

A widespread coniferous species found in cold, mountainous regions and often used for protective charms

1854 words

Arctic Mugwort

A hardy flower found in cold, mountainous regions of Skaney and the Frozen Wastes

854 words

Griper Grass

A grass common to wetlands and tundras of northern Emynea, its magic focused into the dispersal of its seeds

615 words

LeeStepp Progress so far

50777 words 507.77% completed!

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Aspiring creator and novice writer. While I get a lot of ideas, I have a lot of skills to sharpen to bring the best out of my characters, worlds and plots.

The project of my current focus is the world of Emynea (although I called it Accia for a long time!). This is a story I've been imagining and piecing together since I was in middle school. This world got me through hard times, I hope it might spur the imagination for others as well. I think it has a lot of potential and only hope I can do it justice! I love the characters, the magic, the story and I hope I can share it in a way other people can enjoy it too!

I also have some plans for other worlds once this project becomes more stable/finishes. Any of the worlds I put up aside from Emynea I definitely am looking for collaborators. I have a lot of ideas for worlds I just don't have the time to pursue or develop further until this one is finished. So if you would like to do something with the other world settings, story or game or whatever else, please message me I'm more than willing to hand it off or heavily collaborate on them!!! I greatly enjoy feedback as I'm trying desperately to improve, anything helps! Even negative feedback is helpful.

You may notice a lot of AI art on my articles and writing. I understand it is controversial to use these programs but I wanted to state here that I use it only because I lack the artistic skill to do my own art and because I have no money to commision art. If I had the money I would love to support artists! But I am unemployed and disabled so this is my remaining option. Quite a bit of work still goes into the art I use too! Whether running hundreds of alternate descriptions through different styles or cycling the art through the generator many times, over and over, until I have something close to what I'm looking for. I also edit some of the work myself too! Hopefully, in the future I can afford commisions but for now I'm making use of these tools for my creative process. Also, if you see some of these peices and would like to use it for yourself, leave a comment or send me a message and I can give permision to use it! There are some peices I may not be willing to share (especially of my characters) but there are plenty I don't mind!

Favorite Movies


Favorite Writers

S.L. Farrell/Stephen Leigh

Favorite Games

Pokemon, Zelda, Rune Factory, Fable, SMT among others.

Latest Loved work

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