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Reszmeni is the endonym used by those known to outsiders as the Yuan-ti.

471 words


Allathoné's religious and funereal center, as well as the smallest and final Pearl City.

693 words

Lamented Chantry

Located at the center of Fel-Shora, this chantry is symbolic of the deal the Elves made with the god of death: art in exchange for life.

552 words

Padmini Paramar

268 words

Nirvaan Coa'tal

64 words

Zander Dryaalis

64 words


310 words

Prem's Archons

491 words

The Sunny Oracle

265 words


67 words


One of Dalekiy's Wardens and Vicente's patron.

154 words

Sgt. Raman Koskin

Every cartel needs a dirty cop.

318 words

Ervardim, Naraciel Region

A cozy college town home to Bruxaria University.

238 words


278 words

Parliamentary Republic of Elektrenai

A republican nation built on timber wealth, slowly tipping towards a theocracy.

373 words

Hema Vishwakumar

Every cartel needs a good lawyer.

217 words


An Elven cultural concept often translated as resiliency, but with much deeper meaning.

523 words

City Planner

182 words

Semberia Colonies

245 words


108 words

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