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The Singing Kestrel

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
The Singing Kestrel is a brothel owned and operated by the Paramar crime family in Sindwargi, Mahid. Despite its criminal connections, it is known for having a near squeaky-clean reputation. Typically employing twenty-five to thirty individuals at a time, all workers are provided with an option for on-site room and board, and are able to blacklist customers who behave inappropriately.


The parlor is decorated in vibrant jewel tones; sapphire pillows and emerald silk curtains, ruby stools sidled up to a ebony wood bar. Plush booths line the edges of the parlor on three sides, draped in curtains creating an illusion of privacy, but all point towards the center of the room where a guard is always stationed.   Against the northern wall of the room is a small stage with a single microphone and a baby grand sitting next to it.   Two bartenders run the bar, working in front of shelves of expensive liquor. On either side of the bar are doorways draped in beaded curtains, leading to a U-shaped hallway containing eight rooms. There is also¬†a stairway leading to the second floor, containing eight rooms reserved for the most loyal of patrons.


Security at the Singing Kestrel is taken quite seriously. There are a minimum of three guards on-site at any given time, up to six on especially busy nights. Blacklisted patrons know that returning or trying to approach a worker in public is to risk the wrath of the Paramar's madam.
Alternative Names
The Kessie
Brothel / Whorehouse
Esha Coa' Tal

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