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Esha Coa'Tal (ey-sha)

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  

Written by idiotic-crypti-d

Madam Esha Coa' Tal (a.k.a. ey-sha)


Esha Coa'Tal

Wife (Vital)

Towards Nirvaan Coa'tal


Nirvaan Coa'tal

Husband (Vital)

Towards Esha Coa'Tal


The Madam of the Singing Kestral. Despite her short stature she is not to be trifled with.

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Date of Birth
13th of Night's Crown
Year of Birth
676 AE 45 Years old
Nirvaan Coa'tal (Husband)
Pale green, slit pupils
Dark brown, waist-length
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tan with Yellow / Purple / Pink scales
5 ft
Aligned Organization

Interviews and (potential) Explosives [session 2]

they reconvene in the morning, having a meeting in the singing kestrel   Laila and Sunil arguing, coming up and Laila talks about a regular (Shiman) who comes in easier so he can catch the rest of his shift in the port. the military was showing up to the port so Shiman was Very nervous   dawn class is a line of planes that's got taken into a truck n driven off   military guys setting up a landing track?   lying low for a few days, long rest taken.   Alastor doing journalist stuff for the draw class situation, casts charm person to get more information. we meet white boy Johnathan.   Vicente is a secret sum bitch good boy. visits 'sister anne.' and leaves food for the kids. Vespers sees all of this with the Nat 20 stealth. it's very funny   some rando left a box on Padmini's door, vesper gives chase while radioing Vicente n Padmini about the Sitch.

Funerals and Frights [session 1]

Some stories start on a happy note- endearing meet cutes, or the beginning of your day starting just right. Unfortunately, this story starts on a somber note, as we begin with a funeral. As much as we would like to mourn and grieve our loses in peace among family. the death of Danish Paramar could inspire people to fight over the status like a pack of hyenas. And like always, problems will always be on the horizon. Padmini and Hema invited us (Alistor, Me, Vesper, and Vicente) to speak about something that was troubling her.   The Kovars, a rival Family we are in a tense truce with. we are of equal power, so if we are to go to war it would mean major loses on both sides. so even if the death of Danish is to be celebrated, flowers at the very least would be customary. and for Amar Kovar to not do so is disrespectful. Padmini requested us to check out a bar he frequents. Mohan drops us off.   At the bar everything seems to be in disarray, signs of struggle. during our investigation Vesper opened a door to the pantry that contained the men who killed Amar (as we learned later on). I threw myself in front of her to take any of the harder blows and attack our supposed, ambushers. Firing off my Channel Divinity so graciously gifted to me due to my status as a soul bound (a decision i do not regret in the slightest). When the men are afraid it makes them sloppy.   Amateurs... A fire broke out as a result.   Vicente supported me with his form of dread and Vesper with her combat prowess. Alistor helped put the fire out with a well-placed Thunderclap(?) Spell. the fight ended quickly after that; we locked one of the ambushers into the closet while taking the other one to interrogate. (They are to be paid at the water fountain at 12.) We searched the other room to find Amar Kovars dead body. During the investigation the Closet man tried to run out only for me to chuck a Javelin with thunderous smite on it to knock him prone. Allowing everyone else the opportunity to whale on him. now we have two prisoners for Vimal Kovar (the next in line for the Kovar family).   I investigate and I find a letter saying, "Thanks for the help -Tuli."   And after all, I did 14 years ago to beat them into the ground, nearly losing my husband in the process. it's quite distressing. They are the reason my Husband is the way he is currently. Vicente and Vesper only know him as he is now. I am old enough to have baby sat them when they were younger. it's nostalgic thinking about it. Alistor is New, but no less endearing to me.   Vesper and Vicente tried to catch the buyer in charge of the hit against Amar, but he escaped before they could do anything about it. leaving in a flash of light and leaving a scorch on the ground. What a bust-   we dropped off the two amateurs to Vimal, tell them about the Tuli's and that were we leave off.

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