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Sindwargi, Mulia State, Mahid

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
Sindwargi is a port city in central Mahid. Bordering the Krishwar river, it serves as an unloading and refueling spot for goods heading further inland, as well as a resting point for people heading further north into the mountains towards the Vatéoneya.


60% Reszmeni, 17% Leonin, 9% Sun Elven, 8% Human, 6% other

Industry & Trade

As a port city, Sindwargi sees large numbers of goods coming and going. Many agricultural products are brought from northern Mahid, namely rice, cocoa, coffee, and spices. Their most common imports are petroleum and petroleum products, mechanical appliances, and electrical machinery. Many people in Sindwargi are employed either at the port, the nearby rail station, or other businesses involved in commercial transportation.

Guilds and Factions

Sindwargi is known to be the headquarters of the Paramar crime family. Their reach extends all throughout Mahid and into neighboring countries as well, but they got their start in Sindwargi and have long kept it as the center of their operations.


While some come to Sindwargi to appreciate the riverside views and the authentic Reszmeni cuisine, many who come there are just stopping on their way elsewhere. The southern route to the Vatéoneya passes through Sindwargi on its way north from Mahid's capital, Bhalkot. Still some 2,000 miles outside of the Vaté territory, it is by and far one of the easiest legs of the journey and one of the last large cities one will pass through along the southern route.


Sindwargi has a balmy, somewhat dry climate. It is set far enough back from the rain shadow created by the Uyar Range to get rain and winds from the dawnward side of the continent. It receives an average of 40 inches (1000mm) of rain per year, and is in a temperate savanna, having sparse trees other than the riparian forests along the Krishwar river.
A cityscape with predominantly Indian-inspired architecture sits next to a river. The sun hangs overhead, casting a bright yellow glow.
Sindwargi Cityscape by illumiinae with Midjourney


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