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1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
One of many young men serving under Vicente Paramar, the head of security for the Paramar Family. Tony mostly collects on protection rackets in the industrial part of town, but is also known among the gang for his rudimentary, but entirely self-taught skill with magic.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tony first distinguished himself from the number of other lowly foot soldiers serving under Vicente during what should have been a run-of-the-mill payment collection. Ambushed by police officers, Tony grabbed the money and ran for the roof of the building, leading the officers to what would seem to be a dead-end while the others escaped out a back door, assuming that he was surely going to be caught. The last thing they expected when glancing back at the four-story building was Tony jumping from the rooftop. The subsequent last thing they expected was him landing in a puff of yellow and orange smoke, entirely unharmed, and hitting the ground running towards them, leaving a number of equally stunned cops gawking after him.
Current Status
Stay in Kazamir Noria's clinic, on the mend
Year of Birth
701 AE 20 Years old
Aligned Organization

Cover image: Goldream-1 by JR Korpa
Character Portrait image: Tony Contralto-Tenor by illumiinae with Midjourney


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