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Frossefall (frɔsəːfɑl)

Frossefall (translated: frost fall) is a white male dragon from Auregelmir, and possibly the last dragon in existence. He resides deep within the caves behind the royal palace in Váryagard.

He was discovered sleeping by King Eiktýr I during the construction of the palace. He had shut himself inside the mountain, and said he would sleep until death or another dragon came for him. The king and his closest men made a vow to protect the peaceful slumber of the dragon until another dragon was found, creating the Bak Høgseti secret society.



Frossefall is a creature of immense proportions, measuring the height of four grown men up to his shoulders. While he's lying down. The total extent of his size has yet to be fully observed as he is firmly in place in his cavern, tucking himself in with his tail. It is doubtful he could even fit in his surroundings if he ever were to stand up. The stone would have to move, or he would have to move the stone.

He is covered with white scales, some with a light blue tint. On his head and along his spine are horn-like growths, where one of the four on his head seems to have broken off at one point. Accompanying the horns are several scale covered spikes, dotted all around his body. His eyes change colors depending on the season, a bright orange in summer and a light blue in winter.


Frossefall appears calm and stoic. And sleepy. His situation is not met with sadness or anger, but a constant internal repetition of "it is what it is." To the kings who have met him he has been friendly, and his many tales of ancient past is told in a humorous manner.


As is the case with the determining the size of the mostly-sleeping creature, the full extent of his abilities are unknown. He has wings, which likely meant he could fly at some point. He communicates telepathically with humans, and seems to breach any language barrier. The cavern in which he resides is unnaturally cold, possibly a product of the dragon's innate magical abilities. When asked about the frozen cavern, he merely confirms he made it so, and refuses to elaborate.
Frossefall is not the dragon's original name, but a one given to him by King Eiktýr I. The name is a pun on the aure word "fossefall," meaning waterfall, and the word "frost." By combining the two you get a word not officially included in the language that could be translated into "frozen waterfall." The king noted the amount of water in the dragon's cavern that seemed to have frozen still while flowing, creating these frozen waterfalls. While none laughed at the king's pun, the dragon found it amusing, adopting it as his name.

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Aug 19, 2023 02:05

Poor, sleepy Frossefall. I'm glad he has a good sense of humor about the people who visit him, but I dearly hope that he isn't actually the last dragon. :( This was a great read. I especially enjoyed the origins of his name, which is very thoughtful. Though it's a pun, it's a beautiful name at the same time.

Aug 19, 2023 10:30

Not my most interesting article for sure, suffering from the late summer camp rush. I look forward to editing! But the name I had thought of for a while, definitively the strongest part of the article. Glad you liked it!   As of the canon present, Frossefall is indeed the last dragon. If you don't mind some spoilers that may or may not come in the future: He is not the last of dragonkind. There are human descendants of dragons, and there are buried dragon eggs. These won't surface for a few centuries, though.

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