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The Veil of the Sol and the coming of The Fall

A Dark Tale of Ages Past

"Beyond the veil of time, lies a tale both captivating and chilling, a saga that shaped the very fabric of existence. But be warned, for the secrets that follow are veiled in darkness, and their knowledge may prove too unsettling for some. If you find yourself on a journey of discovery, seeking answers that surpass mortal comprehension, then heed this warning and tread cautiously. For what you are about to learn delves into the forbidden annals of history, where the skies fell, and the ages changed forever. Spoilers lie ahead, and the realm of reality may blur with the realm of myth and legend."
— Unknown
  In the hallowed archives of ancient tomes and long-forgotten scrolls, there lies a tale that traverses the boundless expanse of time and space. This is no ordinary myth or folklore; it is a dark history, etched into the annals of time, but seldom spoken of in the realms of light. It speaks of a cataclysmic event that reshaped the course of reality, where the very skies seemed to weep and fall to the grounds. The ages turned like the pages of a forbidden tome, revealing secrets that even the divine could not fathom.   This is the tale of "The Fall" a haunting saga that haunts the fringes of memory, etching its mark on the souls of the few who dare to seek its truth. Yet, be warned, for it is a journey not for the faint-hearted nor the unprepared. For the path to enlightenment is shrouded in shadow, and the knowledge that awaits is a double-edged blade, capable of illuminating the cosmos or plunging it into darkness.   As you venture forth, know that the threads of myth and reality intertwine, and the boundaries between them blur in the tapestry of time. The truth may reveal itself in ways unforeseen, leaving you questioning the nature of existence itself. If you choose to proceed, you will bear witness to the epic transformation of ages, the shattering of Original Harmony, and the heralding of a new era, where lost princes return home, and armies from the unknown ride the tide of the unseen.   Enter, if you dare, the enigmatic realm of "The Fall," where secrets lie like dormant serpents, waiting to be awakened by the curious and the bold. Know that once you journey into these murky depths, there is no turning back, and the knowledge you seek may forever change the course of your destiny.  

The Hidden Legend

Below is a myth found etched into any safe space of most Weavers of Fate who divine or try to read information about The Cult of the Unseen Eye.   The Myth of Falling Skies
  When shadows creep and stars align, The Cult of the Unseen Eye shall shine. From Earth's embrace, they'll rip away, Cities and people, their world astray.   As rain from skies falls to the ground, Konran's fate, a secret found. Two Gods will change, their essence torn, Duality of divine, reborn.   In the dance of veils, they'll learn anew, Secrets hidden, both false and true. Demigods to rule, as Nyne depart, Konran's heart beats, torn apart.   The capital will change its face, A shift in time, a cosmic chase. Original Harmony now broken, The Era of the Fallen Sky has spoken.   The lost prince returns, his quest complete, With princess and child, their journey's feat. An army from the unknown tide, Emerges from darkness, none shall hide.   From the shadows of the Voyd, they'll watch, Even the unseen, none can botch. In the twilight's glow, their destiny knits, The prophecy unfolds, piece by piece, bit by bit.   Beware the Cult, their power entwined, In shadows deep, their secrets bind. The future's tapestry, an enigma untold, In the land of Konran, its secrets unfold.


The Legend Deconstructed

Here we have a more indepth deconstruction of the Legend/Propehcy fully detailed from professional scholars and knowledge seekers.   Disection of the Myth
  In the whispers of the cosmic winds, a prophecy veiled in mystique foretells of a day when the Cult of the Unseen Eye shall unleash its enigmatic power. From the depths of Konran's shadowed history, they shall beckon the ancient cities and souls of Earth, ripping them from their fragile home. As the skies weep and the ground trembles, the cities of Earth shall cascade like celestial tears upon Konran's surface, forever altering the fabric of reality.   In this cataclysmic event, the Gods of the Nyne shall bear witness to the unfathomable. Two among them will undergo profound transformations—the death of one and the irrevocable metamorphosis of another in the "duality of the divine." As they gaze into the abyss of the unknown, they shall learn new truths about themselves and each other, forever changed by the encounter.   As the Nyne withdraw from Konran, leaving the demigods to tend to its fate, the capital shall be forever changed. The once harmonious order shall shatter, giving birth to the Era of the Fallen Sky. Lost prince and princess, guided by their child, shall return home, riding the tide of an army hailing from the realms unknown. A fleet of darkness shall emerge from the depths of the Voyd, studying from the shadows, even the unseen forces at play.   Amidst the clash of destinies, the prophecy's enigma shall resonate. The Cult of the Unseen Eye shall wield its power, weaving a tapestry of secrets and revelations that none can fully comprehend. As the world of Konran faces a new dawn, uncertainty and curiosity shall reign, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the cosmic symphony. Only time shall unveil the truths held in the shadows, for the prophecy remains a riddle, shrouded in the mysteries of the unseen.


Conclusion: Threads of Destiny

  The tale of "The Fall" is a tapestry of cosmic proportions, interweaving threads of destiny and unveiling the mysteries that bind the realms together. As we close this chapter of dark history, we are reminded that knowledge is a double-edged sword, capable of enlightening and entangling those who dare seek its truth.  
  In the shadowed corners of Konran's history, the Cult of the Unseen Eye lurks, dedicated to secrets and clandestine machinations. The Gravity Anchors, hidden keys to unlocking interdimensional doors, hold the secrets of their hidden agenda, while conspiracies and suspicions surround their enigmatic practices. The Unseen Eye's influence reaches far and wide, impacting the political and social landscapes of the realms.   Yet, amidst the darkness, there is a glimmer of hope, for the fall brought forth a change that cannot be undone. Earth, once a distant realm, now holds its place woven into the fabrics of past, present, and future realities. The Nyne Gods, masters of the multiverse, have come to know of Earth's existence and the thin veil of the Sol system. Some have ventured to experiment with its secrets, while others have taken an oath to protect and avoid the enigmatic world.   As the ages turn like the pages of a grand tome, the impact of "The Fall" resonates throughout the cosmos. It has forever altered the course of Original Harmony, heralding a new era where lost princes return home and dark fleets lurk in the shadows. The multiverse dances to the tune of destiny, where every thread is connected, and every action shapes the tapestry of existence.   In the annals of myth and reality, the tale of "The Fall" endures, whispered by those who seek to uncover its truths and guarded by the shadows where secrets dwell. The journey into the unknown continues, and the allure of the unseen remains, beckoning the curious and the bold to traverse the veiled realms of darkness and light.  

Earth: A Nexus of Realities

  Among the divine and the denizens of Konran, Earth has become more than a distant world. It is a nexus of realities, a bridge that connects realms beyond comprehension. The thin veil of the Sol system has become a passage through which cities and people of Earth were ripped from their home, forever altering the course of their existence.   The Nyne Gods, once unaware of Earth's existence, have come to learn of its significance. Some have experimented with its mysteries, harnessing its secrets to further their dominion over the multiverse. Others have chosen to protect and avoid the enigmatic world, sensing the delicate balance it holds within the grand tapestry of time.   As Earth's cities fell from the skies, they found themselves on Konran, shaped by cosmic manipulation and the hidden agenda of the Cult of the Unseen Eye. The event known as "The Fall" left a profound impact on the political and social landscape of the realms, creating conspiracies and suspicions that endure to this day.   With Earth now woven into the fabric of realities, it has become a pivotal point in the grand dance of destiny. The ages turn, and the realms shift, each action and decision leaving an indelible mark on the multiverse. The mysteries of "The Fall" continue to beckon the curious and the bold, drawing them into the depths of enigmatic history.   As the saga of "The Fall" unfolds, the Nyne Gods and the denizens of Konran find themselves forever changed by the threads of destiny, intertwining the realms in a dance of existence. The allure of the unknown prevails, guiding the seekers of truth to venture forth into the shadowed corners of dark history, where secrets and revelations await in equal measure.

Myth of the Fall

The Fall of Earth Cities to the surface of Konran
  Event Name: The Fall
Origin: Ancient Konran Mythology
Significance: Dark history of Konran, involving the arrival of cities and people from Earth to Konran through interdimensional manipulation.
Key Elements: Cult of the Unseen Eye, Gravity Anchors, Thin Veil between Earth and Konran, Cosmic Manipulation, Enigmatic Practices.  
Earth: A Nexus of Realities
  Role: A distant realm and the original home of the cities and people brought to Konran during "The Fall."
Veil-Thinness: Earth shares a thin veil with Konran, making it possible for interdimensional travel and manipulation.
Multiversal Impact: The arrival of Earth's cities and inhabitants forever altered the course of Original Harmony and the political landscape of the realms.
Secrets and Mysteries: Earth holds enigmatic secrets that draw the curiosity of the Nyne Gods and denizens of Konran alike.  
Cosmic Manipulation
  Cult of the Unseen Eye: A mysterious and secretive organization behind "The Fall," with a hidden agenda.
Gravity Anchors: 18 hidden keys scattered across Konran, instrumental in bringing cities from Earth through interdimensional portals.
Veil Experimentation: Some Nyne Gods have ventured to experiment with the thin veil between Earth and Konran, harnessing its secrets.
Conspiracies and Suspicions: The existence of the Cult and their enigmatic practices continue to fuel intrigue and speculation among the realms.  
The Unseen Eye's Influence
  Political and Social Impact: The Cult's hidden machinations impact the political and social landscapes of Konran and other realms.
Connection with Nyne Gods: The cult's association with the powerful Nyne Gods plays a pivotal role in Konran's history.
Allure of the Unknown: The mysteries surrounding the Unseen Eye, its rituals, symbols, and practices draw followers and outsiders to seek answers.
Threads of Destiny
  Multiverse Alteration: "The Fall" altered the course of Original Harmony, marking the beginning of the Era of the Fallen Sky.
Cosmic Dance: Earth's integration into the multiverse weaves it into the fabric of past, present, and future realities.
Ongoing Intrigue: The impact of "The Fall" resonates through the cosmos, leaving a legacy of dark history and hidden truths.

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