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Konran Fourth Plane and Capital of the Nyne Gods of the Konra System.

The 27th day of Lyricia's Ledger in the 2483th year of Original Harmony

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Welcome to Konran!

  Konran is the 4th plane in the Konra System and acts as it's "Capital". Konra was founded by "The Nyne" a group of powerful and ancient elder Gods that as a group developed their own individual planes to rule as well as one to share. Konran is the shared plane where the ideals of nine distinct Gods and their followers live an in an enforceed peace. Haroled as a paradise, a reward for those living on the other planes Konran is mysterious and prestegious harolding different ages before truly hitting it's stride.  

A World of Magic and Progress, even before The Fall.

  Konran had three ancient ages before a both cataclysmic and monumentous event The Fall. But the short notes is that suddenly while in it's own boom of crystalpunk magitech fueled progress and innovation, 18 major modern cities from a place called "Earth" fell from the sky. Raining down people, cities, problems and modern innovation and technology.   To say the immediate future was chaotic is an understatement. Wars, struggle and more tore what was once a haven into a whirlwind. But out of the ashes rose a new history and world that would dazzle even the divine the rule it.   So step right up, do you have what it takes to survive? A flavor of everything, with ancient ages of swords, dungeons and draongs, to a bold new era of magical tech, entertainment and even the advanced future of the voydships and bioaugmentations. One age or another Konran has a slice of time that tickles your fancy, but are you enough? Can you give enough? Can you step out of the haze of entertainment of a place that should be heaven, to make it an adventure, to see that to live even in death, one must be Fated.   The Gods are VERY involved in Konran. The Nyne are nosey and intrusive, some hide and live amung their followers, other spy and scy from a distance. But to get into Konran isn't just "another life" to have your celestial energy remade, reforged and procesed into a being on Konran you were a champion. You lived a live that made one of the Nyne proud on their native plane. You were their harold, their lover, their figher, their Pope. Those that were great, are always great as the bards sing "Legends never die" the energy of legends wouldn't allow them to be anything else, espeically on Konran. This is what the Gods want, panning for gold in their own machine of divine energy, all of it flows from the other worlds through Konran. To be Fated means to hear the call of one God over the others. To once again take them as your cause once again, pledging yourself to their serive primarily and to be their tool in the world.   Konran is Polytheistic in sense that genreal populos invokes and calls in general prayer to all. In the Capital City of Vantya espeically it is a true melting pot. But for more individualistic areas each God has a Providence in Konran that acts as native soil of their planes on a single world. This mean in those borders what is "normal" changes depending on those that live there. A place of "Evil" wouldn't appear malicious in it's daily routing to those of similar alignment. So while a peace exist, laws are tenuois, extreme and plentiful.   Being Fated and choosing a primary Deitiy does not disculde you from invoking the others in name or passing. If anything you're expected to still, divine ettiuqate and manners matter when being watched. Disrespecting statements and actions have consequences. What being Fated does in a Meta aspect is it gives your word and actions more heft, especially to that Deities devout followers and primary invokers.  

The Fated

  Players take on the rank of The Fated, although NPC's can be Fated as well. It's mainly a role given to those that take active interest in events and ongoings.   The main law of Konran is simple, do not hunt, harm, mame or murder any sentient beings for pleasure, profit or ownership. While you'd think it simple, sometimes it isn't and the worlds Peace Offycers try their best to keep common law before it escelates to the divine courts of which they took place in.   Fated act like Marshalls, traveling in parties with others that help solve mysteries or situations that are outside the expertiese or jurisdiction of the local cities Peace Officers or Wardens and their enforcers.  
A world of wonder, intrigue and exploration over 10 years in the making.   It started as a fun idea, "what if a pre industrual magical setting was pushed over the edge? What would happen to magic if you introduced modern technology and ideas?"   Konran always existed with the ideas to bring more to fiction and games than just fun. Through collboration and shared stories and interest anything can be made into a reality, together.
Step One, Discover your Primary God.
Konran is a Polytheistic Society. While The Nyne made all the worlds, on Konran it is common to invoke them as a group, but to typically chose a Primary Deity that you can invoke, curse or be supported by.
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