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The Nyne

The Nyne - The Founding Gods of the Konra System

  The Konra System, a celestial realm of wonder and mystery, owes its existence to the divine beings known as the Nyne. These nine major gods, each possessing unique powers and dominions, forged the planes, established their individual realms, and ultimately birthed the vibrant world of Konran. Through eons of existence, the Nyne have grown to become celestial titans capable of altering reality to fit their wills.   Within the vast cosmos, the Nyne reign supreme with power and knowledge so great that mortals can only glimpse at their profound influence. Each god commands a realm, bringing forth life, death, magic, knowledge, lust, chaos, law, arts, and war. Their actions and decisions ripple through the mortal realm, shaping destinies and guiding the course of history.  
"In the grand tapestry of existence, the Nyne are the master weavers, crafting the fabric of reality itself."
— An excerpt from the Chronicles of Konran
  The Nyne, while distinct in their domains, have come to understand the importance of collaboration and unity. Though they rule independently in their respective planes, they gather in the celestial court of Konran to share wisdom and celebrate shared holidays and celebrations. Here, they engage in spirited discussions, exchanging ideas, and fostering innovation.   As celestial beings of immense power, the Nyne are not without their own ambitions and intricacies. They navigate the delicate balance between friendship and suspicion, maintaining strict laws and agreements to govern their interactions. Yet, each deity possesses an artful way of keeping their wordings vague, finding loopholes, and outmaneuvering their divine peers.   Through a complex interplay of pride, rivalry, and mutual respect, the Nyne have fostered an unbreakable bond over time. Together, they uphold the fundamental fabric of the Konra System, ensuring its harmony, prosperity, and the eternal dance of the cosmic realms. As the realms continue to evolve, it is the Nyne who shall remain the guiding constellations in the firmament of Konran's fate.  

History of the Nyne


The Fateful Union

  The story of the Nyne begins with a chance encounter among four divine beings – Slavyna, Oray, Kayzoku, and Lyricia. Once mere traveling companions, they soon became legendary figures, embarking on adventures that breached the very veil of the divine realms. As they roamed the cosmos, they encountered other godlike entities, some of whom are now lost to time due to unfathomable circumstances, like the mysterious lost God of the Tazloi.  

The Convergence of Powers

  As fate wove their destinies together, these four beings realized the potent force they could become if they combined their divine energies. United, they formed a synergistic connection, where Ousava, the Goddess of Life and Elements, became their guiding star. Navigating through the knowledge of Krayvuk, the God of Space and Time, they charted a course to a place where they could craft a realm of their own.  

The Genesis of a Pantheon

  Through trials, tribulations, and profound realizations, the Nyne discovered that while they were formidable as individual gods, they were even more powerful and harmonious as a pantheon. Recognizing the strength in unity, they decided to create their own celestial family, turning a lifeless solar system into a thriving constellation of vibrant worlds.   As they merged their divine essence, they wove together the tapestry of existence, each contributing their unique domain – life, death, destiny, fate, luck, and more. The energies of the Nyne became forever entwined, creating a new cosmic order where their influence would shape the very fabric of the Konra System.  

The Symphony of Creation

  With their combined powers, the Nyne orchestrated the symphony of creation, each note resonating through the vast cosmos. Life sprouted on barren planets, magic flourished in the air, and the mortal realm teemed with diversity and wonder. They crafted intricate systems of balance, where chaos and order danced together in harmony.   Thus, the Nyne gave birth to the Konra System, a celestial wonder that continues to evolve under their divine guidance. Though they are gods with distinct dominions, they have found an unparalleled strength in collaboration and mutual respect. Their shared history and unbreakable bond have shaped the very essence of the Konra System, forever intertwining their destinies as the Founding Gods of this celestial realm.

The Nyne - Divine Beings of the Konra System



In the vast expanse of the Konra System, nine divine beings hold sway over the realms they have crafted. Known as the Nyne, each deity wields dominion over distinct aspects of existence, from love and fate to magic and chaos. Together, they form a harmonious pantheon, sharing a cosmic bond that shapes the very fabric of reality.  

The Nyne and Their Realms

Name Main Plane Description Alignment Chosen Races
Eye of Ay (Sun) Most of the population of this plane lives below the surface of the shining light of the star. The sky of the world below stretches with deep canals, ridges, and valleys, making terrestrial life minimal. TG Eyracians (Hedgehog)
Kay-Kee Northern plane rotates clockwise and is made of rock, sand, and crystal. Ruled by chaos and with a crater point in the south. Southern plane, Kee, rotates counterclockwise, composed of water, with the sole peak in the north allowing transit between planes once a cycle. CG Kitsune
Synthelavor A plane of rocks and lava, home to many smaller planes, each populated with hellish demons, horrors, and savagery. Not for the faint of heart. LE Shadow Elves, Demons, Orcs, Goblins, Tazloi
Lona Uyn Composed mainly of crystals in a hostile, statically charged ionosphere. Most life on land takes place in the desert, while the majority lives in floating land masses. LN Skyrillians (Otters), Wise Elves, Elves
Vayamar Surface is 92% water in wet season, 76% during dry. TN Cecelia (Octopus People)
Yngolcina A plane of magic volcanoes, heat, steam, and inventions. CN Dragons, Dragonkin
Cadence Lush valleys, high mountains, and green fields, home to ancient beasts and empires of creatures. LG Satyrs, Valkyries, Harpies, Half-Humans
Duathyer A hostile skyless world with lakes of acid. Life exists below the surface in total darkness. CE Mindflayers, Shades, Nightmares
Keztox A world of unknown, clockwork, ticky-tacky, and vague memories that hurt to think about. TE Terrans, Skree

A Harmonious Union

  The Nyne came together in a fateful union, their paths intertwining through cosmic chance. Once separate, they found strength in unity, combining their divine powers to form a pantheon that governs the Konra System. Their realms, once lifeless rocks, now teem with vibrant life, magic, and wonder, thanks to their combined efforts. Though they each hold distinct dominions, the Nyne have grown to value collaboration and mutual respect, recognizing the unparalleled strength they find in each other's company.  

A Tapestry of Existence

  As the Nyne entwined their energies, they wove the very tapestry of existence, shaping the lives of mortals and the destiny of worlds. Together, they orchestrated the symphony of creation, where chaos and order danced in harmony, and life sprouted on once-barren planets. Their shared history and unbreakable bond have forever shaped the destiny of the Konra System, making them the revered Founding Gods of this celestial realm.    

The Konra System and Independent Planes


History of the Planes

The planes were forged and made in the images of their respective Gods. Each divine being contributed their unique energies and powers to create the diverse and vibrant worlds that make up the Konra System.  

Ayan and Ay - The Radiant Star and the Weaver of Fate


Ay - Seamstress of Destiny

Ayan, the radiant Sun of the Konra System, once blazed with youthful power. Its destiny, however, took an unexpected turn with the intervention of Ay, the enigmatic God/Goddess of Love, Mask, Fate, and Destiny. Together, they forged a world that became a living tapestry of Fate, woven with intricate threads of destiny. The secrets of this celestial bond are closely guarded by Ay, who believes that the plans of Fate should be known only to those who truly need them.  

The Preservation of Ayan

As the Konra System came into existence, Ayan shone with unparalleled brilliance. To harness the boundless energy of this star, Ousava, the Mother of All, joined forces with Ay. Through their divine collaboration, they found a way to preserve Ayan's energy, ensuring it would not be lost to the void of space. This energy became the lifeblood of a unique world they forged at the core of the shining star.  

A World of Fate and Destiny

The world created at the core of Ayan became a living embodiment of Fate and Destiny. Inhabitants of this celestial realm are intricately entwined with the threads of destiny, each playing a vital role in the grand tapestry of life. Ay, the Weaver of Fate, maintains a delicate balance, ensuring that every individual's destiny is woven with precision and care.  

Ay's Secrets

Ay guards the secrets of Ayan closely, knowing that the delicate balance of Fate should not be meddled with lightly. The intricate plans of destiny are revealed only to those who truly need to know, for knowledge of one's fate can bring both enlightenment and burden. Devotees of Ay seek solace in the hidden knowledge, wearing ornate masks that display their emotions as they walk the intricate paths of life.  

In Review

Ayan and Ay stand as a testament to the harmonious collaboration of the Nyne, shaping the Konra System into a realm of diverse worlds and powerful deities. The radiant Sun, once a beacon of raw energy, now serves as a vessel of preserved power, illuminating the tapestry of Fate woven by Ay. In the grand design of the Konra System, Ayan and Ay's divine bond plays a pivotal role, guiding mortals and immortals alike along the threads of their intertwined destinies.  

Kay-Kee - The Divided Plane of Chaos and Order


The Chainlink Planes of Kay

Kay-Kee is a unique and enigmatic plane within the Konra System, ruled by the cunning and mischievous God, Kayzoku. As a result of a celestial mishap caused by Kayzoku's excitement, this world is divided into two distinct halves – Kay and Kee. Each half embodies contrasting principles of chaos and order, creating a fascinating interplay of forces on this divided world.  

The Origin of the Division

When Ousava, the Mother of All, turned her gaze to the plane closest to the Sun, Kayzoku noticed her attention. Fueled by excitement, he leapt and grabbed the world at the same time as Ousava. The combined heat and strength of both deities inadvertently tore the planet into two halves. Before Ousava could mend it, Kay, with a tear of delight, drowned one of the halves in water, forever creating the two distinct domains.  

Kay - The Realm of Chaos

Kay, the top portion of the unique world, is shaped like a towering mushroom. It is a land dominated by a hot and dry desert, stretching far and wide. In this chaotic realm, no overarching laws or rules exist. Instead, communities and towns create their own regulations, making for a lawless land where power struggles and disputes are constant. Warlords and warbands battle for control, and chaos thrives at every turn.  

Kee - The Realm of Order

Kee, the bottom portion of the divided world, stands in stark contrast to Kay. It is a realm of strict order and a rigid social hierarchy. The Kits, an evolved race related to elves, possess mental dominance and intelligence but lack physical prowess. Leveraging their willpower, they have enslaved the massive Kitsune population, using them as a shadowy police force to maintain order.  

The Passing - A Rare Opportunity

Once every year, the alignment of Kay and Kee creates a unique event known as "The Passing." On this special day, the two halves run perfectly aligned with each other, allowing individuals from both worlds to jump between realms. For those seeking a change of pace or experiencing a different way of life, The Passing offers an opportunity to venture into a contrasting world of chaos or order.  

In Review

Kay-Kee, a divided plane shaped by the whims of Kayzoku, embodies the essence of opposing forces. Chaos and order coexist, each asserting its influence over their respective domains. This exceptional world in the Konra System stands as a testament to the diversity and complexity that the Nyne, the founding gods, have woven into the fabric of existence.  

Synthelavor - The Realm of Desires and Vengeance


Plane of the Dark Mother

Synthelavor, under the dominion of the alluring and vengeful Goddess Slavyna, is a plane of raw desires, untamed lust, and relentless retribution. As the second plane to encircle the Sun Ayan, Synthelavor boasts a unique blend of fire and malevolence. Its atmosphere, tainted by Ousava's elemental plane of fire at its core, is toxic and scorching, creating an environment that challenges even the most hardened denizens. The skyline, lined with mountains, mines, and towering skyscrapers, reflects the relentless pursuit of power and pleasure.  

Features of Synthelavor

The plane of Synthelavor exudes an aura of unbridled passion and boundless desire. Its inhabitants, demons, and orcs thrive in this environment, ceaselessly exploiting the realm's resources for their sinister pursuits. The plane is a concoction of sensuality and vengeance, where pleasure and pain interweave like a dark dance.   While the surface is seemingly unforgiving, the underground labyrinth of Synthelavor holds untold secrets and pleasures. Hidden chambers, forbidden delights, and clandestine rituals take place beneath the surface, guided by Slavyna's enigmatic influence.  

Moons of Synthelavor

Five mysterious moons orbit Synthelavor, each possessing its own allure and secrets, adding to the plane's enigmatic charm.  
Tatyon - The Realm of Fervent Desire
Tatyon, one of Synthelavor's moons, houses the finest schools and finishing academies ever known. It serves as a haven for intellectual pursuits intertwined with fervent desires. Here, knowledge and pleasure dance in a mesmerizing embrace. The moon is also the dwelling place of the Lust Wraiths, enigmatic beings who embody the essence of unrestrained passion.  
Odahs - The Veil of Shadows
Odahs remains shrouded in darkness, its true nature concealed from the world. It is whispered to be the home of the elusive School of Shadows, a place where shadowy arts are honed and secrets are closely guarded. Only those daring enough to pierce the veil of shadows can discover its mysteries.  
Kark - The Oasis of Training and Leisure
Kark, a moon with abundant natural hot springs, serves as a training and leisure location for The Dark Legion. Here, warriors and soldiers find respite from the unyielding struggles of the plane. Amidst the relaxing waters and serene landscapes, strength is honed, and bonds of camaraderie are forged.  
Syndavaria - The Opulent Capital of Slavyna
Syndavaria, the personal Capital palace pleasure moon of Slavyna, exudes beauty and boundless wealth. Adorned with lavish palaces and enchanting gardens, it is a realm of indulgence and pleasure. It is said that within the walls of Syndavaria, one can taste the finest delicacies and experience unimaginable delights.  
Hemalod - The Domain of Bloodshed
Hemalod, the farthest moon, stands as a realm of violence and bloodshed. Populated by shadow elves, orcs, tieflings, and other sentient creatures, it is a place where vengeance takes physical form. The Brotherhood of Blood, an enigmatic group, finds its home in Hemalod, orchestrating acts of retribution and strife.  

In Review

Synthelavor, under the watchful gaze of Slavyna, embraces the duality of desire and vengeance. Its passionate allure draws beings from all corners of the universe, lured by the promise of pleasure and power. As the second plane in the Konra System, Synthelavor adds its distinct flavor to the rich tapestry of worlds and gods, a realm where desires find fulfillment and vengeance takes its form.  

Lona Uyn - The Realm of Knowledge and Prosperity


The Plane of Her Wisest

Lona Uyn, ruled by the knowledgeable and prosperous Goddess Lyricia, is a terrestrial world blessed with azure waters and lush green lands. This realm is a treasure trove of wisdom and engineering marvels, where the pursuit of knowledge and the flow of wealth converge. Beneath its craggy and flat surface lies a captivating world of bioluminescent crystal lattices and a complex network of tunnels and cities. Above ground, floating aerial rock formations add to the realm's allure, making it a wonderland for scholars and traders alike.  

Features of Lona Uyn

Lona Uyn's beauty lies in its dichotomy - the rugged and mesmerizing surface complemented by the awe-inspiring subterranean world. On the surface, travelers are greeted with breathtaking vistas of blue waters, verdant landscapes, and rocky terrains. The bioluminescent crystal lattices scatter their ethereal glow across the landscape, creating an otherworldly ambiance during the night.   However, the real marvel of Lona Uyn lies beneath the surface. A vast network of tunnels and cities sprawls across the underground realm, where the pursuit of knowledge and engineering expertise thrives. Here, Lyricia's devotees and scholars delve into the mysteries of the universe, seeking wisdom and understanding.   The aerial rock formations add to the uniqueness of Lona Uyn. These floating wonders, suspended in the air, serve as ethereal platforms where enlightened beings contemplate the secrets of the universe.  

Moons of Lona Uyn

Lona Uyn is accompanied by three mystical moons, each bearing its own significance and influence over the realm.  
Kelth - The Treasury of Wealth
Kelth, one of Lona Uyn's moons, serves as the home of the finest mint and treasury in all the lands. Here, the Hayde race reigns supreme, overseeing the production and conservation of wealth. The Hayde, a race of genies, are entrusted with the sacred duty of ensuring economic prosperity across Lona Uyn. The dazzling golden glow of Kelth symbolizes the wealth and prosperity the moon brings to the realm.  
Zorm - The Moon of Forges
Zorm, another moon orbiting Lona Uyn, holds a special allure for all creators and inventors. This rocky and desolate moon has been transformed into an endless expanse of workshops, where ingenuity and craftsmanship are celebrated. The rhythmic clanging of hammers and the bright sparks of creativity fill the air on Zorm, inspiring inventors to turn their wildest dreams into reality.  
Sylef - The Enclave of Wisdom
Sylef, the third and final moon of Lona Uyn, is a realm ruled by the enigmatic Wise Elves. These noble and exceptionally intelligent beings prefer solitude and have kept to themselves for millennia. However, recently, the Wise Elves have started to take on prominent roles in the outside world, showcasing their profound wisdom and deep insights. The moon serves as their sanctum, a place of profound learning and contemplation.  

In Review

Lona Uyn, guided by the watchful eye of Lyricia, stands as a realm of intellectual brilliance and financial prosperity. Its unique blend of natural beauty, subterranean wonders, and celestial moons make it a paradise for seekers of knowledge and traders alike. As Lyricia's influence weaves through the realm, Lona Uyn remains a beacon of enlightenment and abundance, attracting all who seek to explore the boundless possibilities of the mind and the heart.  

Konran - The Heart of the Konra System



Konran, the central world of the Konra System, stands as a testament to the combined efforts of all the Nyne Gods. Serving as the Capital of the Pantheon, this diverse and vibrant world embodies the dreams and aspirations of its divine rulers. Each region is ruled over by a god, bringing their unique influence and essence to the varied landscapes. From serene coasts to bustling cities and enchanted forests, Konran is a place where mortals and gods coexist in harmony.  

Regions and Providence

Lyvia Providence - The Northern Hemisphere
Lyvia Providence is a vast and diverse region located in the northern hemisphere of Konran. It features plains, forests, fields, and the awe-inspiring Purple Plains, adorned with crystal-studded mountains. The southernmost border of Lyvia Providence is shared with the Kray Providence, and both lands have a unique interplay of features, making them exceptionally beautiful.  
Kray Providence - The Southern Hemisphere
The Kray Providence dominates the southern hemisphere of Konran, displaying a striking contrast between its two halves. The western side is a dense and lush rainforest, while the eastern half is an arid desert and mineral wasteland. A colossal river, encircling a dormant super volcano, divides this landmass. The entire region is imbued with magnetic ore, adding to its enigmatic allure.  
The Patchwork Isles - Psyon's Enigmatic Realm
Located in the southern hemisphere, off the eastern coast of Kray Providence, the Patchwork Isles are a mesmerizing collection of large skylands. This realm is a chaotic tapestry of lands, cities, and fragments of reality, seemingly untethered by the laws of gravity or direction. It is both enchanting and maddening, a refuge for those unwelcome in other realms. Here, normalcy is relative, and reality shifts with the whims of its inhabitants.  
Vantya - The Capital City
Nestled between the northern and southern hemispheres, on the equator of Konran, lies the grand capital city of Vantya. The heart of the city serves as the main hub, while four directional ports of trade surround it, each connected to the center through a major canal. Vantya is ever-changing and evolving; neighborhoods and buildings may transform overnight, yet its populace is hardly fazed. This bustling metropolis embodies the dreams of mortals and gods alike.  
Oray Providence - The Land of Steam and Dragons
In the southern hemisphere of Konran lies the Oray Providence, dominated by a majestic, active super volcano that spews lava into the surrounding sea. This land supports skylands and land masses, providing a home for dragons, half-dragons, and other heat-loving creatures. The Oray Providence is renowned for its advanced steam labs and magic schools.  
Kay Lands - The Moving Caravan of Casinos
Located in the southern hemisphere, the Kay Lands form a circling chain of islands concealed within maelstroms and draining sinkholes. This lawless land is a tropical desert paradise, controlled by capitalistic warlords. Opulent casinos, game houses, and cities of luxury abound, attracting those with deep pockets. The golden rule prevails here, ensuring safety for those who spend their money freely.  
Sava Providence - The Land of the Golden Elves
Stretching across the northern hemisphere, the Sava Providence is the largest landmass on Konran. It boasts a diverse landscape, including rocky coastlines, dense forests, tropical island chains, and breathtaking mountain ranges. The most awe-inspiring sight is the 18,000-ft drop waterfall bordering the Leste Providence. The Tree of Life, acting as a seat of power for the Golden Elf kingdom, is a colossal tree so massive that it appears as a mountain, casting its shade over vast territories.  
Leste Providence - The Twilight Fae Wilds
Enveloping the southern hemisphere, the Leste Providence is a sprawling, tropical fae wilds swamp land illuminated by twilight and sparkling with wonder, whimsy, and danger. Giant snails carrying ornate shells decorated as hotels and resorts traverse the swamp, offering unique modes of transportation. The east coast is characterized by a white shelf of solid marble. The Leste Providence is home to the majority of Celeste races and hosts a wide array of amphibious creatures and animal denizens.  

Ayan's Unseen Influence

While Ayan doesn't have a specific continent on Konran, her presence is felt throughout the world. The sun itself, a massive home for her Loom of Fate, sends rays like threads that touch all parts of the world. The Poles of Konran are connected via a gateway and palace known only to Ayan. Additionally, the icy frozen tundra and polar islands hold an attunement to the unseen influence of the Goddess of Fate.  

The Dark UnderCrust

The Dark UnderCrust is a massive underground city, a safe haven for shadow elves and those who shun the sunlight. This enigmatic location continually shifts around Konran's outer core, hidden from most by a magical charm. It is said that the only ones aware of its location are Slavyna and her chosen few, ensuring that the secrets of this underground realm remain unknown to Lyricia.  

Moons of Konran

Olysphere - The Regulator of Tides and Weather
Olysphere, the larger moon, stands as a lifeless white sentinel, regulating tides and weather on Konran. Its cyclical phases control the ebb and flow of the world's waters, guiding the rhythms of life for those inhabiting the vast coastal regions.  
Ayanath - The Watchtower of the Gods
The smaller, purple moon, Ayanath, serves as the home of the High Celestial Castle of the Nyne. From this celestial watchtower, an avatar of the Nyne diligently watches over Konran, intervening when necessary to maintain balance and harmony in the world.  


Konran, the heart of the Konra System, is a realm where divine dreams and mortal aspirations intertwine. Its diverse regions, shaped and ruled by the Nyne Gods, are a testament to the extraordinary beauty and harmony that can arise from the convergence of divine powers and mortal endeavors. Each providence tells a unique story, contributing to the rich tapestry of the Konran world. As the Capital of the Pantheon, Konran remains a cherished jewel among the stars, standing as a beacon of hope and wonder for all who dwell within its boundaries.  

Vaya Mar and Ousava


Vaya Mar - The Aquatic Realm

Vaya Mar, a captivating aquatic world, is under the benevolent rule of Ousava, the Goddess of Life and the Elements. This mystical realm houses an extraordinary array of underwater civilizations, all harmoniously coexisting beneath the waves. Vaya Mar experiences two distinct seasons that significantly shape life on its surface - the wet season and the dry season.  
The Wet Season - A Symphony of Storms
During the wet season, Vaya Mar undergoes a dramatic transformation as massive storms and hurricanes dominate the flooded surface. The skies become a canvas of tempestuous clouds, swirling with rain and winds, creating a breathtaking symphony of natural forces. The underwater inhabitants are well-adapted to these conditions, as they find shelter in the depths or ride the powerful currents that traverse the ocean.   While the wet season presents formidable challenges, it also provides a bountiful array of resources and opportunities for those who dare to explore its depths. Sea creatures roam the turbulent waters, seeking shelter in the coral reefs and underwater caves, while other aquatic beings venture forth to scavenge for treasures that have been stirred up by the storms.  
The Dry Season - Lantyca's Enchantment
As the wet season draws to a close, the main moon, Lantyca, comes into play, influencing the tides with its powerful gravitational pull. During the dry season, Lantyca's proximity to Vaya Mar causes the waters to recede, revealing vast plateaus, mountains, valleys, and islands that were hidden beneath the waves.   This extraordinary phenomenon creates a unique opportunity for the underwater races of Vaya Mar. As the tides ebb and flow, they have the chance to explore and scavenge the exposed dry land, searching for lost treasures and ancient relics. The dry season also fosters a competitive spirit among the aquatic beings, as they vie to lay claim to the most valuable discoveries amidst the temporary landscape.  

Lantyca - The Verdant Moon

Lantyca, the largest and most prominent moon of Vaya Mar, is a world lush with an abundance of plant life and vibrant rainforests. Its dense vegetation and fertile soil are sustained by a constant supply of water from the surrounding ocean, creating an environment teeming with biodiversity.  
A World of Untamed Beauty
Lantyca is a world of untamed beauty, where exotic flora and fauna coexist in perfect harmony. Towering trees with iridescent leaves reach for the heavens, their branches forming a breathtaking canopy that shrouds the moon's surface in a gentle emerald glow. The rainforests echo with the melodic songs of rare birds, and colorful blooms adorn every corner of the landscape.   The indigenous races of Lantyca, known as the Hayde, are a race of genies that oversee the production and conservation of wealth on the moon. Their connection to nature and the lunar cycles has granted them unique insights into the world's balance, and they take great pride in safeguarding Lantyca's natural treasures.  
The Dance of Elements
Ousava's presence on Lantyca is deeply intertwined with the elemental forces that govern the moon's vibrant ecosystem. The Goddess of Life and the Elements nurtures the verdant landscapes, ensuring the delicate balance between the elemental powers of water, earth, air, and life. Her nurturing touch enables Lantyca to thrive, even amidst the tumultuous cycles of the wet and dry seasons.   As the dance of elements continues on Lantyca, Ousava's benevolent influence radiates through the moon, imbuing it with an aura of vitality and harmony. The world remains an awe-inspiring testament to the life-giving powers of the Goddess and the enchanting allure of the natural world.  

A Symphony of Seasons

Vaya Mar, ruled by the nurturing embrace of Ousava, and the captivating moon of Lantyca, stand as a testament to the beauty and power of the natural world. The aquatic realm's wet and dry seasons, influenced by the dance of the moon, create a mesmerizing symphony of ever-changing tides and landscapes. As the elemental forces continue their eternal interplay, Vaya Mar remains a cherished jewel in the grand tapestry of the Konra System.    

Yngolcina and Oray


Yngolcina - The Volcanic Realm

Yngolcina, a world engulfed in the eternal flames of volcanoes, is a majestic and treacherous realm that serves as the home of dragons and their massive cities. This turbulent land is ruled by Oray, the God of Magic and Dragons, who harnesses the raw power of arcane energies to shape the very fabric of reality.  
A Fiery Spectacle
Yngolcina is a world of breathtaking natural beauty, albeit one that teeters on the edge of destruction. Volcanic activity is rampant, with magma flows cascading down mountainsides and lava lakes simmering in the depths of calderas. The skies are often painted with hues of crimson and gold as dragons take flight, creating an awe-inspiring spectacle that captivates both mortals and divine beings alike.   Amidst the fiery landscape, the cities of the dragons stand as bastions of strength and power. Massive structures made from hardened lava and enchanted crystals rise against the horizon, embodying the might of these majestic creatures. These cities serve as centers of knowledge and magical study, where ancient secrets are safeguarded and arcane wisdom is passed down through the ages.  
A Crumbling Core
Beneath the surface of Yngolcina lies a precarious secret - the world's core is slowly crumbling into a magical void. The arcane energies that suffuse the planet are both a source of its grandeur and a harbinger of its potential doom. The immense power wielded by dragons and mages has taken a toll on the fabric of reality, and the planet's crust struggles to contain the raw magical forces swirling within.   The gradual collapse of the core presents a unique set of challenges for the dragons and inhabitants of Yngolcina. As the land shifts and trembles, cities must be rebuilt, and magical barriers are erected to protect against the encroaching void. Despite the impending threat, the dragons of Yngolcina refuse to abandon their home, standing steadfast against the forces that seek to unravel their world.  

Oray - The Dragonlord

Oray, the God of Magic and Dragons, holds dominion over Yngolcina and its fiery inhabitants. A wise and enigmatic deity, Oray is revered as the Dragonlord, the master of arcane arts and the keeper of dragonkind's ancient knowledge. His connection with the dragons is profound, and he is often seen in the skies riding on the back of the mightiest of these majestic creatures.  
The Protector of Arcane Wisdom
Oray is known for safeguarding the secrets of magic and sharing his wisdom with those who prove themselves worthy. The dragons of Yngolcina revere him as their mentor and protector, seeking his counsel in times of need. His magical prowess is unparalleled, and tales abound of the God intervening in mortal affairs to avert cataclysms or empower heroic champions.  
The Unwavering Dragonlord
Despite the impending collapse of Yngolcina's core, Oray remains resolute in his dedication to the realm and its inhabitants. He believes that through the pursuit of arcane knowledge and the unity of dragons, they can overcome the challenges that confront them. The God's unwavering determination and unyielding devotion to the dragons have earned him the loyalty and admiration of these powerful beings.  

A Land of Eternal Flame

Yngolcina, ruled by the wise and powerful Dragonlord Oray, stands as a testament to the unyielding spirit of dragons and the boundless potential of arcane magic. Its fiery landscape and the ever-present threat of the magical void within serve as a reminder of the delicate balance between power and destruction. In the grand tapestry of the Konra System, Yngolcina shines as a beacon of wonder and peril, a realm where the majestic flight of dragons and the allure of arcane secrets intertwine in a symphony of eternal flame.    

Cadence and Celeste


Cadence - The Greco-Roman Paradise

Cadence, a realm of unparalleled beauty and artistic prowess, is the creation of Celeste, the Goddess of Arts, Competition, and War. This vibrant world is a harmonious blend of elegance and strength, reflecting the multifaceted nature of its divine ruler. Cadence stands as a testament to the power of creativity and the boundless potential of mortal endeavors.  
A Cultural Haven
Cadence is a haven of art, culture, and entertainment, drawing inspiration from the ancient Greco-Roman civilizations. Its cities and landscapes are a testament to architectural brilliance, adorned with statues, amphitheaters, and grand temples dedicated to the pursuit of arts and knowledge. The world pulses with creativity and imagination, fueled by the guiding hand of Celeste.   The denizens of Cadence are highly cultured and passionate about the pursuit of excellence in various artistic endeavors. The streets resonate with the symphony of music, the rhythm of dance, and the vibrant colors of stunning artwork. Festivals celebrating creativity and competition are frequent, drawing participants and spectators from far and wide.  
The Elemental Plane of Earth
Nestled within the heart of Cadence lies the Elemental Plane of Earth, an ethereal realm where the essence of the element is harnessed and celebrated. Celeste's mastery over this elemental domain contributes to the world's prosperity and stability. The plane of Earth is a source of artistic inspiration, with its raw and untamed beauty serving as a muse for countless artists and artisans.  
The Graceful Goddess
Celeste, the divine ruler of Cadence, embodies the essence of grace, elegance, and strength. She is revered as the muse of countless artists, inspiring them to reach new heights in their creative pursuits. The Goddess's influence is not limited to the realm of arts; she is also the harbinger of competition and a patron of warriors.   In times of conflict, Celeste's divine intervention is often sought, as her blessings in war have led to legendary victories and strategic brilliance. Despite her association with war, Celeste's approach is not ruthless; she values honorable competition and the pursuit of excellence above all.  

A World of Beauty and Strife

Cadence is a world where beauty and strife dance in an intricate duet, reflecting the complex nature of its divine ruler. The pursuit of excellence and the drive for perfection are celebrated here, whether on the battlefield or the stage. The realm stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation, fostering a spirit of competition that drives its inhabitants to greatness.   Artistic achievements in Cadence are considered a divine tribute to Celeste, and artists from all corners of the Konra System dream of receiving her favor. Warriors and gladiators also seek her blessings, knowing that the Goddess's favor can turn the tide of even the most challenging battles.  

The Legacy of Celeste

Celeste's influence reaches far beyond the borders of Cadence. Her guidance and inspiration have sparked revolutions of creativity and cultural renaissances on other planes. Many seek to emulate the grace and strength she embodies, aspiring to become champions of arts and warriors of virtue.   As the Goddess of Arts, Competition, and War, Celeste's realm serves as a reminder of the inherent power within mortals to shape their destinies through their talents and determination. In the grand tapestry of the Konra System, Cadence stands as a testament to the potential for greatness that resides within the hearts of all beings.  

Duathyer and Psyon


Duathyer - The Realm of Madness and Chaos

Duathyer, a plane shrouded in mystery and despair, stands as a testament to the chaotic and enigmatic nature of Psyon, the God of Madness, Pain, and Chaos. This realm is a place of darkness and uncertainty, where reality itself seems to be in a state of flux. Its landscape is obscured by thick mist, leaving its true appearance hidden from mortal eyes.  
Obscured Surface - Madness and Uncertainty
The surface of Duathyer is veiled in an impenetrable mist that blankets the entire plane. This mist perpetually shifts and swirls, obscuring the true landscape and making navigation near impossible for those unaccustomed to its chaos. The very air resonates with an eerie energy that induces a sense of madness and disorientation in any who dare venture here.   Mortal visitors often describe Duathyer as a realm seen in black and white, where shadows and shapes dance at the edges of their vision. The constant state of uncertainty and lack of discernible landmarks give rise to the feeling of being lost in a perpetual nightmare.  
Realm of Madness
Psyon's influence over Duathyer is evident in every aspect of this chaotic realm. Madness reigns supreme, and sanity seems but a distant memory. The God of Madness delights in weaving nightmares and fears into the fabric of this plane, shaping the very essence of its existence.   Creatures native to Duathyer embody the essence of madness and chaos, their forms ever-shifting and unpredictable. Even time behaves erratically, bending and twisting as if subject to the whims of an unseen master. Reality here is fluid and malleable, a testament to Psyon's dominion over the realm of uncertainty.  
The Despair of Duathyer
The prevailing mood in Duathyer is one of overwhelming despair. Its dark and brooding atmosphere suffuses everything, leaving visitors with a sense of hopelessness and dread. Mortals who accidentally stumble into this realm are forever changed, their minds haunted by the haunting visions and terrors they encountered.   Psyon's rule over Duathyer is both absolute and enigmatic. His motivations and intentions remain inscrutable to mortals and even some of the other Gods. The chaotic nature of this realm reflects Psyon's unpredictable temperament, making it impossible to predict his next move.  

Unraveling the Mysteries

As one of the most enigmatic and unpredictable members of the Nyne, Psyon keeps the other Gods on their guard. His realm serves as a constant reminder of the boundaries of sanity and the thin veil separating order from chaos. The nature of Duathyer remains a mystery, and those who dare seek answers are often consumed by its madness.   The influence of Psyon extends far beyond the borders of Duathyer, reaching into the hearts and minds of those who seek knowledge and power. His realm serves as a cautionary tale, a testament to the darkness that lurks at the edges of reality. Mortals and deities alike can only wonder what secrets lie hidden in the depths of this plane, forever veiled in mist and uncertainty.  

Kestox and Krayvuk


Kestox - The Two-Lobed World

Kestox, a unique world in the Konra System, is ruled by Krayvuk, the enigmatic God of Space, Time, and Evil. Its distinctive appearance resembles a two-lobed brain, symbolizing the duality of the plane. The entire planet is a manifestation of Krayvuk's vast knowledge and cunning, blending both biological and mechanical elements seamlessly.  
Biological Side - Skree Hosts and Life
One side of Kestox is dominated by shallow canyons, serving as the home for the enigmatic Skree hosts. The Skree, a race of interdimensional beings, serve as the primary inhabitants of this unique realm. They are known for their ability to traverse space and time, making them ideal agents for Krayvuk's plans.   The biological side of Kestox is a carefully crafted ecosystem that adapts to the needs of its inhabitants. Krayvuk's control over time allows him to manipulate the environment, providing the Skree hosts with everything they require to thrive. The canyons and valleys offer shelter and sustenance, making it a hospitable habitat for these enigmatic beings.  
Mechanical Side - Machine Shops and Liquid Metal Lakes
The other lobe of Kestox is an awe-inspiring marvel of mechanical ingenuity. Here, machine shops and factories line the landscape, producing an array of advanced technologies and intricate creations. The entire side operates like a well-oiled clockwork, with precision and efficiency that astounds even the most brilliant minds.   The liquid metal lakes serve as a source of raw materials for the mechanical wonders produced on this side of the world. Krayvuk's mastery over space ensures that resources are abundant, allowing the production of ever more sophisticated machinery and inventions.  

Krayvuk's Nerve Center

Kestox acts as a nerve center for Krayvuk's grand designs and schemes. As the God of Space and Time, Krayvuk is constantly observing the universe, searching for answers to the cosmic mysteries that intrigue him. The two-lobed world serves as a central hub for collecting and processing information from various realms and planes within the Konra System.   The blend of biological and mechanical aspects on Kestox is a reflection of Krayvuk's multifaceted nature. It symbolizes his ability to seamlessly integrate the natural and artificial, the living and non-living, into a harmonious whole.  

Mysterious Purposes

Krayvuk's true intentions for Kestox and the intricate plans he weaves on this unique world remain shrouded in mystery. His schemes often defy mortal comprehension, and his long-term goals are known only to him. Some speculate that Krayvuk seeks to harness the power of space and time for his own gain, while others believe he aims to alter the very fabric of reality itself.   Regardless of his ultimate objectives, one thing is certain—Krayvuk's influence extends far beyond Kestox, reaching every corner of the Konra System and beyond. His enigmatic nature keeps the other Gods on guard, wary of the potential ramifications of his actions.   Kestox stands as a testament to the boundless power and enigmatic nature of Krayvuk, a living embodiment of the complexities that underlie the divine realm. The God of Space, Time, and Evil continues to shape the Konra System and the fates of its inhabitants, leaving his mark on the cosmos for all eternity.  

The Gathering in Konran


Collaboration and Cooperation Among the Divine

In the heart of the Konra System lies Konran, the central world and the Capital of the Pantheon. This world serves as the gathering point for the Nyne, the divine beings who founded the system. Here, they come together periodically to discuss and share ideas, knowledge, and experiences gained from their respective realms. The benefits of this collaborative effort have a profound impact on the functioning of the entire system.  

Sharing Wisdom and Insights

During the gatherings in Konran, the Nyne share their wisdom and insights with one another. Each deity brings their unique perspective and understanding of the mortal realm and the worlds they govern. Through these exchanges, they learn from one another, expanding their knowledge and deepening their understanding of the vast tapestry of life woven by Fate.  

Supporting Each Other's Realms

The cooperation among the Nyne goes beyond mere knowledge sharing. They actively support and assist each other in maintaining balance and order in their respective realms. For instance, when Ousava needed a world for the elemental plane of fire, Slavyna offered a part of her plane, Synthelavor, to accommodate it. Such acts of mutual assistance strengthen the bonds between the gods and ensure the harmonious functioning of the Konra System.  

Ayanath - The Watchtower of the Gods

Ayanath, the smaller purple moon, holds a special significance in the gatherings. It serves as the home of the High Celestial Castle of the Nyne, a celestial watchtower from which an avatar of the Nyne observes and watches over Konran. The avatar stands ready to intervene when necessary, ensuring that balance and harmony are maintained in the world.  

The Influence of Unity

Through their collaborations and the support they offer one another, the Nyne have created a tightly-knit and powerful Pantheon. Their combined efforts have transformed the Konra System, once a collection of lifeless worlds, into a vibrant and thriving system of diverse realms. Mortals and immortals alike benefit from the harmonious workings of the divine beings, creating a world where destiny and fate intertwine in a dance of cosmic proportions.  

Holidays and Celebrations of the Nyne


Unique Festivals Dedicated to Each God

  • **Life's Dawn Festival (2nd - 4th Ousava's Renewal):** Celebrates the beginning of the new year and the rebirth of nature. It is a time for planting new crops and starting new ventures. Ousava's followers offer prayers for a prosperous year ahead.
  • **Dragon's Flame Day (15th Oray's Scale):** A day to celebrate the power and majesty of dragons. Many wizards and sorcerers gather to show off their magical prowess, while dragon riders perform breathtaking aerial displays.
  • **Merchant's Exchange (27th Lyricia's Ledger):** A grand bazaar that brings together traders from all over the land. It celebrates trade and commerce and is an important event for merchants to showcase their wares.
  • **Secret Revels (14th - 16th Slavyna's Whisper):** A festival that celebrates love, attraction, and secrets. Masked balls and secretive gift-giving are popular during this time. It's a time when relationships are formed and bonds are strengthened.
  • **Time's Eclipse (21st Krayvuk's Eclipse):** Celebrated on the longest night of the year, it represents the balance between life and death, as well as the infinite nature of time and space. Followers of Krayvuk perform rituals to honor the passage of time.
  • **Mad Moon Night (30th Psyon's Veil):** A night where the two moons of Konran are closest to each other, creating strange phenomena. It is believed to be a night of madness and strange magics, where the barriers between realms thin.
  • **Artisan's Forge (17th - 19th Celeste's Forge):** A festival for artists, craftsmen, and warriors. Tournaments, craft fairs, and art exhibitions are held. People also pay homage to fallen warriors who contributed to the arts.
  • **The Great Game (8th Kayzoku's Gambit):** A day of contests, games, and challenges, both physical and mental. It is believed that the god Kayzoku favors the winners with good fortune for the coming year.
  • **Fate's Masquerade (1st Ay's Masquerade):** A day where people wear masks representing different aspects of themselves or what they aspire to be. It is a time to contemplate one’s path and make decisions for the future, guided by Ay's influence.
  • **Harvest's End (28th Ousava's Renewal):** A holiday marking the end of the harvest season. People give thanks for the bounties of the land, and offerings are made to Ousava for a fruitful harvest.
  • **Ancestral Night (10th Krayvuk's Eclipse):** A day to honor and remember the deceased. People visit graves and sometimes engage in rituals to communicate with the spirits, seeking guidance from the departed.
  • **Twin Moons Festival (Mid-Year, when the two moons align):** A rare festival celebrating the alignment of Konran's two moons. It is believed to be a time of strong magic and prophecies, with events involving both Slavyna's and Ayan's domains.
  • Special Occasions for Collective Celebrations

      The Nyne come together in Konran for special occasions that call for collective celebrations, transcending their individual domains. Some of these events include:  
  • **The Unity Conclave:** A grand gathering of all the Nyne, held once every century, to discuss the overall state of the Konra System and make collective decisions for its betterment.
  • **The Celestial Parade:** A magnificent procession where avatars of the Nyne walk side by side through Vantya, the Capital City of Konran, celebrating their unity and divine presence.
  • Gods with Overlapping Domains Celebrating Together

      Despite having overlapping domains, Celeste and Kay find harmony in their shared celebrations. They collaborate on events like the "Festival of Great Feats," where warriors and athletes from all realms compete in combat and games, showcasing their physical and mental prowess. It is a time of celebration for both battle-hardened warriors and those who thrive on games of chance, symbolizing the balance between law and chaos.  

    Gods with Different Alignments Working Together

      Ousava and Slavyna, despite representing different alignments, join forces to create the "Festival of Fertility." This unique celebration combines elements of life and pleasure, aimed at ensuring the continuation of life through procreation. Together, they bless unions, bestow fertility upon barren couples, and bring joy to all those seeking to embrace the miracle of life.  
    The Influence of Unity
      Through these holidays and collective celebrations, the Nyne strengthen the unity of the Konra System, showcasing how diverse divine beings can coexist and collaborate to bring joy, prosperity, and order to the realms they govern. These events not only unite the divine beings but also inspire mortal beings to embrace the interconnectedness of their world and find their own balance within the tapestry of Fate.

    The Dance of Alliances and Rivalries


    Interactions and Dynamics Among the Nyne

      Within the Konra System, the Nyne deities engage in a complex dance of alliances and rivalries, shaped by their differing goals, interests, and alignments. These divine interactions often lead to both cooperation and conflicts, influencing the lives of both mortals and gods.  
    Alliance of Espionage - Slavyna and Lyricia
      Slavyna and Lyricia find themselves in a constant war of espionage, using their domains of Lust and Knowledge to outwit each other. Their intrigue is driven by a desire to gain an advantage over the other, seeking to uncover hidden secrets, manipulate events, and undermine one another's influence. This ongoing rivalry adds an air of mystery and complexity to their interactions, as they subtly wield their power and work behind the scenes to achieve their objectives.  
    Krayvuk's Great Mission
      Krayvuk is constantly working angles and making alliances in pursuit of his great mission. His alignment with Evil and his domain over Space and Time fuel his ambition to reshape the world according to his vision. He forms strategic alliances with other deities when it serves his purpose, but his long-term goals often drive him to act independently, even if it means conflicting with other gods.  
    The O Order - Alliance of Good
      On the other end of the spectrum, Lyricia, Oray, and Ousava form a powerful collective of Good, working together to uphold justice, protect life, and maintain balance in the Konra System. Their shared values and common objectives unite them, creating a strong force of divine benevolence that benefits both the mortal realms and their own domains.  
    Unlikely Collaboration - Krayvuk and Slavyna
      Despite representing contrasting alignments, Krayvuk and Slavyna find themselves occasionally working together when their interests align. Their shared means may involve destabilizing certain regions or manipulating mortal events. However, while they might benefit from these collaborations, their heightened perception of each other's motives adds tension and suspicion to their dealings.  
    Fragile Alliances - Ay, Psyon, and Kay
      Ay, Psyon, and Kay, representing different alignments, often find themselves forming weak alliances due to their diverse domains. The fragile nature of these alliances stems from their fundamental differences and the potential risks of their conflicting goals. These deities may join forces temporarily to address common threats, but the unpredictability of their actions makes such alliances prone to sudden ruptures, potentially leading to dangerous consequences for the Konra System.  

    The Impact on Mortals and the Pantheon

      The ever-shifting alliances and rivalries among the Nyne have a profound impact on the mortal realms of Konran. Mortal civilizations might find themselves caught in the crossfire of divine conflicts or benefiting from the benevolent collaborations of the O Order. The gods' interactions also influence the dynamics of the Pantheon itself, leading to shifting power dynamics and strategic maneuvers that keep the divine realm in constant flux.  

    The Intricate Dance Continues

      The dance of alliances and rivalries among the Nyne remains a dynamic and intricate aspect of the Konra System. Mortals and gods alike must navigate this ever-changing landscape of divine interactions, where cooperation, conflicts, and unexpected partnerships can shape the destiny of all beings in the cosmos. As long as the gods' differing goals and interests endure, the dance will continue, weaving a tapestry of divine intrigue and cosmic drama that stretches across the realms of Konran.    

    The Veiled Agreements and Loopholes


    Navigating Complex Divine Agreements

      The Nyne deities often engage in intricate agreements and pacts, where their domains, interests, and desires intersect. These divine contracts can have far-reaching implications and impact the entire Konra System, shaping the lives of both mortals and gods. However, the complexities of these agreements are not always straightforward, and the Nyne must carefully navigate around loopholes and ambiguous wordings to ensure their objectives are met.  
    Unintended Consequences of Ambiguous Wording
      Due to their divine nature and complex domains, the Nyne sometimes use intentionally vague language in their agreements to leave room for interpretation or to protect their own interests. However, this ambiguity can lead to unintended consequences, resulting in outcomes that were not initially anticipated or desired.   For example, in an agreement between Ousava and Kayzoku to govern a contested region, their pact stated that "the boundaries shall be governed by their respective spheres of influence." The lack of specific delineation led to disputes over territory, as each god interpreted the boundaries differently based on their own domains and interests. This ambiguity resulted in prolonged conflicts between their followers, further complicating matters.  
    The Dangers of Loopholes
      Divine agreements can also be marred by loopholes that are exploited for personal gain or to manipulate events in unexpected ways. In the case of an alliance between Slavyna and Psyon to further their domains of Lust and Chaos, the agreement stated that "they shall indulge in mutual pleasures as they see fit." This loophole allowed both gods to subtly influence mortal emotions and desires without overtly interfering, leading to unforeseen consequences for the mortal realm.  

    Divine Diplomacy and Negotiation

      To navigate around the complexities of their agreements, the Nyne employ divine diplomacy and negotiation. When disputes arise due to ambiguous wordings, they hold celestial summits in the neutral realm of Konran, where the gods can come together to clarify intentions and address concerns.  
    Binding Arbitration by Ay
      In particularly contentious cases, the Nyne might seek Ay's wisdom and guidance as the Goddess of Fate and Destiny. Ay, who remains impartial and neutral, acts as a binding arbitrator to interpret the divine agreements. Her decisions are accepted by all gods as final, ensuring fair resolutions to disputes.  

    The Unpredictable Nature of Divine Agreements

      The veiled agreements and loopholes among the Nyne add an element of unpredictability to the Konra System. Mortals and lesser beings can find themselves entangled in the intricate web of divine pacts, facing consequences that stem from the gods' intricate negotiations. The subtle machinations of the Nyne influence the fate of entire civilizations, as divine agreements can shape the course of history and bring about unforeseen outcomes.  

    The Ever-Changing Tapestry of Divine Contracts

      The world of the Nyne is one of constant change and evolution. As new gods ascend and older ones fade, the divine agreements shift, introducing new complexities and potential loopholes. The ever-changing tapestry of divine contracts weaves through the realms of Konran, where the Nyne's ambitions, rivalries, and alliances create a cosmic drama that transcends the boundaries of mortal understanding.    

    The Nyne's Influence on Mortals


    Shaping Beliefs and Practices

      The collaborative efforts and interactions of the Nyne have a profound impact on the beliefs and practices of mortal beings across the Konra System. Each god's unique domain and alignment shape the day-to-day life and moral values of their followers on the independent planes.   On the planes directly ruled by a specific god, morality is defined by the alignment of that deity. For instance, on Ousava's plane, where the Goddess of Life and the Elements holds sway, the inhabitants cherish nature, life, and balance. In contrast, the chaotic and lawless nature of Kayzoku's plane fosters a society where self-interest and cunning prevail.  

    The Afterlife - Konran

      Konran, as the central world of the Konra System, plays a crucial role in the afterlife of mortals. As the life and death energies of the independent planes pass through Konran, it acts as a filter for the souls of the deceased. If a being has lived a fulfilled life under the faith and guidance of their respective god, their soul is sent to Konran as a reward for their devotion.   Within Konran, these souls experience a state of contentment and enlightenment. However, they are not bound to this realm forever. When they feel ready, they have the option to leave Konran, allowing their energies to return to the universal cycle of life and death.  

    Judgment and Redemption

      Mortals whose actions did not align with the values of their respective gods face different fates in the afterlife. Depending on the severity of their misdeeds, their souls may be sent to the realms of Slavyna, Psyon, or Krayvuk. In these realms, their souls undergo a period of treatment and purification, the duration of which corresponds to the nature of their transgressions.   This system of judgment and redemption ensures that the flow of life and death remains balanced and fair for both the divine and their followers. Mortals have the opportunity to learn and grow from their mistakes, with the ultimate goal of returning their energies to the cycle of life.  

    An Ever-Changing System

      The Nyne's interactions and collaborations are not fixed, and the mortal realm experiences the consequences of these ever-changing divine dynamics. As gods ascend or fade, new beliefs and practices emerge, and the moral fabric of the independent planes evolves accordingly. Mortals navigate their lives under the influence of their patron god, adapting to shifting values and divine guidance.  

    Seeking Favor and Protection

      Given the power and influence of the Nyne, mortals often seek their favor and protection through prayers, rituals, and offerings. Temples and shrines dedicated to each god dot the landscape of the Konra System, and the faithful seek solace and guidance from their chosen deities.   The Nyne's interactions with mortals transcend the boundaries of myth and legend, shaping the very foundation of civilizations and cultures across the independent planes. As the gods collaborate, form alliances, and engage in rivalries, the lives of mortals become intertwined in a cosmic dance of divine influence and mortal endeavor.    

    The Ever-Changing Pantheon


    The Duality and Evolution of the Nyne

      The Nyne, despite their godly nature, are not static beings. They possess the unique ability to evolve and adapt through a mysterious process known as The Duality. This extraordinary event occurs when a god encounters their parallel self from another reality. They enter a pocket dimension, where the two versions of themselves interact and merge, ultimately resulting in the dominant god consuming the secondary one.   Through The Duality, the Nyne undergo significant changes, allowing aspects of their personality and divine nature to evolve. This process is influenced by the needs and demands of their worshipers, as well as the evolution of aspects and perceptions of different realities. As a result, the Nyne can continually adjust and align with the ever-changing beliefs and desires of mortals in the Konra System.  

    New Gods and Departures

      Throughout history, the Nyne have seen both new gods entering the pantheon and others departing from it. The process of The Duality has allowed for the emergence of fresh divine beings, while other gods might willingly step down or fade into the annals of history.   One notable instance was the assassination and usurpation of Psyon, who became the first divine being in the history of the Nyne to face such a fate. Ayvilo, a parallel version of Lyricia created through the devious plotting of Slavyna and Krayvuk during "The Fall," orchestrated this event. This treacherous act led to significant changes in the divine dynamics of the Nyne.  

    The Evolution of Oray

      After the catastrophic events of "The Fall," which led to the destruction of Earth and the 18 cities of Earth's Humans, Oray, feeling responsible for the spells that caused such devastation, embraced change through a Duality. During this transformative process, he willingly adapted to Earth's culture and heritage, imbuing Earthling humanity and humans with a larger divine presence.   This evolution of Oray showcased the dynamic nature of the Nyne, as he recognized the need to align with the hopes and aspirations of Earth's remnants. His evolution allowed him to take on a new role in the pantheon and better guide and protect Earth's survivors as they grappled with their new existence.  

    A Shifting Pantheon

      The Ever-Changing Pantheon is a testament to the fluidity and adaptability of the Nyne. As they encounter new realities and embrace The Duality, they shape their divine personas to best serve the needs and beliefs of their followers. The Nyne's evolution and the emergence of new gods ensure that the divine landscape remains vibrant, responsive, and open to the aspirations of all who call upon them.    

    In Review and to the Future


    The Enduring Legacy of the Nyne

      Throughout the ages, the Nyne have left an indelible mark on the mortal realm of the Konra System. Their divine influence has shaped the beliefs, practices, and culture of the beings that inhabit the independent planes and Konran. Through their unique collaborations and interactions, the Nyne have fostered a diverse tapestry of faith and devotion, each representing the essence of their respective domains.   The festivals and celebrations dedicated to each god have become cherished traditions, bringing joy, meaning, and purpose to the lives of mortals. The Nyne's involvement in mortal affairs has led to both prosperity and strife, as alliances and rivalries between the gods have shaped the destinies of kingdoms, civilizations, and individuals.  

    Cooperation and the Shaping of the Future

      Despite their differences, the Nyne understand the value of collaboration and cooperation. The Order, consisting of Lyricia, Oray, and Ousava, stands as a collective force for good, working together to maintain balance and harmony in the Konra System. Kay and Celeste, gods with overlapping domains, find common ground in shared festivals and celebrations, uniting their followers in joyous revelry.   Moreover, Slavyna and Lyricia, though embroiled in a constant war of espionage, are forced to occasionally cooperate during fertility festivals, revealing the intricacies of divine relationships.   The Nyne's ability to work together while respecting their differing alignments is a testament to their understanding of the greater good. Despite occasional tensions and conflicts, they recognize the significance of preserving the delicate balance of the Konra System. Their combined presence ensures that morality and life on each plane remain varied, offering diverse experiences for the mortal inhabitants.   As time marches forward, the Nyne's legacy and influence will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of the Konra System. The pantheon's dynamic nature, enabled by the process of The Duality, allows them to evolve and adapt, responding to the ever-changing beliefs, needs, and aspirations of mortals.   Through their enduring cooperation and collaboration, the Nyne will guide and inspire generations to come, leaving an everlasting impact on the worlds they oversee. Their divine presence will forever be woven into the fabric of reality, guiding mortals on their journey through life, death, and the realms beyond.
    The Nyne - Gods of the Konra System   The Nyne are a pantheon of powerful deities who reign over the Konra System, a realm consisting of independent planes and the central world of Konran. Each god is the embodiment of unique domains and aspects, influencing the mortal realm in profound ways. Their interactions, alliances, and rivalries shape the very fabric of existence, as they collaborate and compete for control over the universe.   Divine Aspects
  • Lyricia: Goddess of Knowledge, Money, and Engineering
  • Oray: God of Steam, Heat, and Volcanoes
  • Ousava: Goddess of Life, Elements, and Balance
  • Ay: God/Goddess of Love, Mask, Fate, and Destiny
  • Kayzoku: God of Trickery, Law, Chains, and Gambling
  • Celeste: Goddess of Arts, Competition, and War
  • Psyon: God of Madness, Pain, and Chaos
  • Krayvuk: God of Space, Time, and Evil
  • Slavyna: Goddess of Sex, Lust, Vengeance, and Revenge
  • The Central World - Konran
  • Capital of the Pantheon
  • Constructed through combined efforts
  • Represents the dreams of the Gods
  • Governs the flow of life and death energies
  • Festivals and Celebrations
  • Unique celebrations for each god
  • Collective festivities for specific occasions
  • Overlapping domain celebrations (Celeste and Kay)
  • Collaboration in fertility festivals (Ousava and Slavyna)
  • The Ever-Changing Pantheon
  • The Duality - Evolutionary process for the gods
  • New gods entering or departing from the pantheon
  • The assassination and usurpation of Psyon by Ayvilo
  • The transformation of Oray after "The Fall"
  • Influence on Mortals
  • Shaping beliefs and practices of mortals
  • Impact on morality and life on independent planes
  • Konran as an afterlife for fulfilled lives
  • Treatment of souls in Slavyna, Psyon, and Krayvuk's realms
  • The Dance of Alliances and Rivalries
  • Interactions, alliances, and conflicts among the gods
  • Slavyna and Lyricia's constant war of espionage
  • Krayvuk's strategic maneuvers for his mission
  • The Order - Lyricia, Oray, and Ousava's collective alliance
  • Collaboration and heightened perception between Krayvuk and Slavyna
  • Weak alliances and dangers faced by Ay, Psyon, and Kay due to differing alignments
  • The Veiled Agreements and Loopholes
  • Complex agreements and navigating loopholes
  • Unexpected consequences of ambiguous wordings
  • Cooperation and Shaping the Future
  • Legacy and enduring influence on the mortal realm
  • The Nyne's cooperation and collaboration
  • The evolving nature of the pantheon through The Duality
  • Guiding mortals on their journey through life and beyond
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