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Summer Camp 2023 Reading Challenge

Summer Camp in Review

Well I'll be! Here it is August and 42 articles down I'm still writing and keeping stuff going. My first summer camp was a hoot. I had such a blast as a personal accomplishment of just doing it because I told myself I wanted to. Konran has been in my head for many years and so much has happened to me since, so it's great to have a platform to share it with people who understand the struggle and love of the craft of just making a world to play in.   While prepping for the reading challenge I set out to learn how people formatted and wrote about their characters as I'm working heavily on my Gods and articles about them and their followers. It's been fantastica as always to see what WA has as a community to offer people of all levels of coding and writing and what they're using it for.   So I picked character driven prompts and my selections are below as well as my entries for those prompts as well if you're curious. My characters all having a connection to Crafton Cove a city whose article will be published soon and is the setting of a major ttrpg campaign I'm starting here soon.

"A Character who prefers to lurk in the shadows"

Miss Royenne
Character | Jan 19, 2024

Miss Royenne is the most eligible party in Nélannie! Always simple & demure, with a witty repartee ready, setting all trends & making envious, yet even without participating in politics herself she cannot be rid of the shadow cast by her Dark family.

  This was an adorable read due to formatting as well as content. Loved this "bridgerton" takeaway of fashintrends and gossip being a great way to deliver interesting content and details about a character. Props to Amelie and the fantastic story they're weaving. Interesting and looking forward to learning more about The Dark Lords Seduction Plan  
The Butterfly Sylfaone
Character | Mar 17, 2024
  My first 'Wellspring of Dragons' experience and I'm in love. The formatting again was a great storytelling device telling the tales of a deity who sadly hasn't had the best existance. A great use of containers to tell a story with a simple, who, what, where and when that answered as many questions as it leaves you with. Looking forward to reading more.  
Character | Aug 1, 2023
  I did a search and call out for Deities in research of writing my own and love the lorebuilding here about how heartache birthed another god. The ideals of divine mythos and manifestations are always a fascinating subject. Highly recommend giving The Thirteen Realms a peak.        

"a character who excels in manipulating others"

Character | Jul 22, 2023
  Another dip into the Thirteen Realms, but a different perspective. It is interesting to read Porcil in comparison to Mahen. But a great example again of divine rumors becoming world lore. Love it how something as simple as a travelers tale can come from entertainment more than malice.    
Oscar Diggs
Character | Nov 15, 2023

Oscar Diggs was the first Wizard of Oz, a title he preferred to “Emperor” because it suggested the idea of a magical birthright—and because spellcraft and sorcery were far more respected in Eden than the brute force of imperial aggression.

  Always down for an Alternate Oz article! My first dive into ECC's books but I'm glad I did it. Always love the idea of changing something familiar to twisted alternatives and Eden and the first Wizard really got me going. While concise it's length left just enough info with interest to click around and want to learn more. Great writing and worldbuilding I'm looking forward to more.    
Dr. Anabelle Evingston
Character | Mar 16, 2024

She who would reshape the world.

  Meanwhile, in Cathedris! Learning about Dr. Anabelle Evingston was a creepy delight. Of course one comes to expect a level of beautiful editing and css from Stormbril but the tale of this brilliant woman drowning in mediocrity and striving to divine the answers of the gods and the 'paths of gifts' it's a fantastical piece of world lore and history and while super informative leaves you wanting to know what she's up to now.      

"a character driven by wanderlust or the desire to explore"

Satyan Windblown
Character | Mar 14, 2024
  Moonlight Bard doing the awesome of linking all 42 articles of SC together. My first toe dip into the wondrous Argentii worldlore and it seems Satyan Windblown is a bit of an overachiever and loves to wonder and learn pretty much anything. But almost kinda feels like maybe he's running from something? Similar themes of family drama I think gives this character the reason to be filled with wanderlust.    
Brielle Aramys
Character | Dec 9, 2023
  Diving into Construs and learning about Brielle Aramys and love seeing the reflections of a forest as a cage. How a bird could see something like forest as something more akin to a prison in comparison to a horse. And running along with the theme, it seems all those that wander do it because their family is full of dinks... This world seems fascinating though.    
Anna Omis
Character | Aug 28, 2023
  Wrapping up with X'anthia, Anna Omis turned from a character with wanderlust to an almost sweet selfhomage of the writer. This article is sweet in the sense you can tell she's writing from a place of personal growth and understanding, makes you care about Anna. Also uses most of the main formatting features in WA and just looks great!  

Now What?

  Well a lot of these were way shorter than my SC23 Chonkers. I did BIG articles I realize in comparison to others and while I'm accoplished I'm in awe of the less is more and what you can do with different articles types and editing to tell the story to your world and characters.

My Entries for the Categories

  My character who hides in the shadows kinda became a socialite Batman. It's wonderful but weird. I knew going into things that Crafton Cove would have a dicey history with humanity. The Krayvuk Church composed mainly of the Cerebrayl (Mindflayers)and human, typicall controlled by Skree have a large fued. This has spread and as a result made nessecary for humans to need a freedom fighter and a bonus SC article (a crime syndicate to keep things going). I knew that Haught Crafton was a very Henry Ford kinda chracter who did something amazing engineering wise while also believing a lot of gross rasict bs. So making Vaela and the Sunbreese family this beacon of light for the shadows was fun.
Vaela Sunbreeze
Character | Jul 24, 2023

"In the shadows, I find my voice - a whisper that echoes through the city's heart, guiding its rhythm from the depths of darkness." - Vaela Sunbreeze

  Click here for a bonus Article!
    So while Haught Crafton the 4th isn't racist and this generation of Craftons has kinda taken off, their first cousin is running their company and still being an anti-human dink. Evander was an interesting article to write because he's doing what he thinks is best, but if he just talked with anyone outside his circle he'd see he's in the wrong. Of course that never happens, so he continues manipulating people when he could just ask....  
Evander Aelwyn Valensight
Character | Jul 28, 2023

"I've seen what the Craftons have achieved, and while they dwell in the past, I yearn for a future that redefines CraftonCo's power and legacy."

    While I didn't know her name, the Skyhook and it being a weapon turned delivery system was in my very first Crafton Cove notes. He name took shape soon enough and before I knew it I had this pretty amazing character who is kinda doing a dumb thing right now. I hope she get's a chance to fix it.  
Lumynari of the Wanderer Crytezza Crafton
Character | Jul 25, 2023

"So, I will continue to wander, guided by the whispers of the wind and the yearning in my heart. For in wandering, I find the freedom to be true to myself, to explore the uncharted territories of both the world and my own soul."

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Mmm, Satyan Windblown. The curious thing about the condition of Guardianship is that you can only guess what your Passion Bond will's drinking the healing potion knowing only that the price is written on the bottom of the cup. He seems like such a drifter. He presents himself as a drifter. And yet, he's got enough presence and gravitas to become Director of an LTL, which is not an appointment to be taken lightly.   I don't have all his answers yet, LOL, but I'm going to be delving into him this fall as I continue telling the story of rebellion in Central Tilth. I will be plotting and drafting my second novel, Murder At Spectrum Spire in Oct/Nov for NaNoWriMo.

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