Semberia Colonies

24th of Overlight, AE 721  
The Semberia Colonies consist of two islands and a number of small skerries off the coast of the Kingdom of Hazar. They are the smallest colony in Hazar by population, having only 95,000 inhabitants, and is the fourth smallest by land area, measuring approximately 187,000 square miles (484,000 square kilometers).


The Semberia Colonies consist of two large islands located off of the coast of Hazar. The larger island is named Tele, and the smaller, Tama. The capital is Neiru, which is located on the dawnward coast of Tele and has a population of just 18,000.   The islands are under the rule of the Leota Caliphate. They were appointed to the position by the late King Haidar, the Fourth King of Hazar, in AE 644 when the islands were annexed. The then patriarch of the Leota Caliphate, Fihr, was the second cousin of Haidar.

Agriculture & Industry

Semberia does not partake much in large-scale agriculture; most farms are rather small and either family- or communally-owned by individual villages. The exception to this is pineries, of which there are a handful on each island, two of them belonging to the Leota family. The tropical climate is considered ideal for their growth, and has lead to the colonies producing 50% of the world's pineapples. Fishing has also become a major industry in the area, especially after a cannery was built on Tama island, allowing for tuna fish to be caught, processed, and packaged locally before being exported to global markets.
Geopolitical, Colony
Major Exports
Pineapples, canned tuna, mahi mahi
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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