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Prem's Archons

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
Prem's archons are known most for their elusiveness. Descriptions of their appearance are few and far between, however all but Justices have been described at least once. The authenticity of most claims are dubious at best, but they are all scholars currently have to go on.  




  It's unclear if Prem's Lanterns take the form of censers, or merely make their home there. They emit a soft, inviting glow and waft aromatic smoke that smells of rotting wood and leaves in their wake. They are carried along by cadaverous bodies, piloting and speaking through them in raspy voices. They are often found near the sorting facility in the Obsidian Pools, or more rarely in the marshes surrounding it, offering guidance to those deemed worthy.  


  Rarely seen outside of the sorting facility, Tomes are the most recognizably humanoid of Prem's archons. Varying from merely pale and emaciated to nearly skeletonized, Tomes sit, hunched over desks and furiously writing, never seeming to stop. It's not known with any certainty what it is that they write; some suggest life histories, records of rights and wrongs, births and death predictions, and even innermost thoughts. It is the belief of some that especially devout followers of Premmay be permitted to become Tomes after death.  


  Much like a rattlesnake, the cacophonous sound made by Prem's Hounds can warn of approaching danger. Unlike a rattlesnake, those who can hear it have long since ran out of time to run. Some say that the huge mass of bones which compose their being are from those who fought and denied their own death, forever lost in the Obsidian Pools, but what is certain about them is that they are covered in sharp, smooth cortical edges and points, capable of piercing their quarries and pinning them to the ground like decorative insects.  


  A Warden's body is an inky, amorphous thing, reflecting no light and drawing in and destroying anything it touches. They are hard to focus one's eyes on no matter the location, but become almost entirely invisible in the Pools. They can shrink and stretch to fill nearly any space, and have been known to hide in shadows, perfectly following body movements.  


  Thrones are built of ash and eyes. Cremains filled with flakes of bone shaped into vaguely humanoid shapes support exactly one hundred perfectly preserved eyeballs, observing every direction within the sorting facility and allowing nothing to escape their gaze.  


  Prem's Trumpets are masters of mimicry, perfectly relaying the things they have heard only to those meant to hear them. Their humanoid bodies are only visible from gaunt mouth and jawline to neck, the rest of them veiled in long, pitch-dark feathers and wings.  


  Unknown. There are no known records describing Prem's Justice archons.
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