Tayno's Archons

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  




  Tayno's lantern archons are small things, rarely over a foot tall, proportionally more similar to a plush toy than most humanoids. They have soft, round features dressed in bright colors with ruffled collars and conical hats. They have no mouths, but still seem capable of communication through expressive squeaks and peeps.  


  Wardens are many-eyed beings, humanoid in body arrangement and draped in just enough slouching, patchwork silks to cover what their two sets of wings do not. They tell fortunes, although it is anyone's guess if they're true or not.  


  It is not known what the true form of Tayno's hound archons is. It is said that they stalk people through their reflections in the Hall of Smoke and Mirrors, seamlessly mimicking every pore, every blink, every slight movement, hunting those that do not belong. If anyone has seen their true form, they have not returned to tell anyone about it.  


  Thrones typically appear as tall, slender humans dressed in lavish tailcoats and crisp white trousers. They serve as ringleaders and masters of ceremonies, bending the light towards them in any room they enter.  


  Tomes are often the inverse of thrones, skulking in the shadows they leave in their wakes. They often wear a dark dress shirt and pants, sleeves of the shirt rolled up to their elbows. Nothing escapes the eyes of the pit boss, in Tayno's casinos or elsewhere.  


  Trumpets tend to be the most monochrome dressers, from their clothes to their mime face paint, wearing only black and white with the exception of matching red ribbons worn around their neck. They express themselves through motion and physicality, although they are not believed to be incapable of speech. They have been said to whisper softly amongst themselves, but that their smiles extend far too high up their faces when they do.  


  Statuesque and radiant, Tayno's justices are as fearsome as any other, although they avoid taking up arms if possible. Instead, they find comfort in the limelight, a crooner next to a pianist or a trapeze artist sixty feet in the air, so long as their deity is watching them.
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