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Archon (ɑrkɑn)

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  

Spooktober Prompt: Echo

Archons are a type of celestial born to serve a specific deity. They come in a number of forms, each with their own talents and strengths, but even the weakest archon is among the most powerful of celestials. Sometimes mistakenly referred to as angels, they may serve as spies, enforcers, entertainers, or messengers among other roles. The first archons created after a deity's ascension will often serve as guards, protecting the freshly created deity as they settle into and learn to control their newfound powers and abilities.   The true origins of archons is not known. They are not created by their deities intentionally, but seem to come into existence for a deity when they achieve divinity. Some have hypothesized they're created by a ripple effect, an echo of the surge of power that occurs when a mortal achieves divinity. The fact that archons are known to transform into deimids, a corrupt, lifeless shell of their former selves, when their deities die has lent some credence to that hypothesis, further suggesting that they are a reflection of their deity, existing only as an extension of themselves, fueled by their divinity, and not a fully independent being.

Basic Information


Archons greatly differ in appearance based on the deity they serve, as well as on which type of archon they are. They come in seven varieties: Lantern, Tome, Hound, Warden, Throne, Trumpet, and Justice. Every archon will have some feature which denotes their type and distinguishes them from others; for some deities, it can be as subtle as eye colors, while others will appear as entirely different species.

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