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1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
Abon is a concept present in multiple Elven cultures across Aidonia. Known as aguen in Mosvadoran and aerun in Hitomin, it is often translated into other languages as words similar to endurance or resiliency, and while they are not entirely inaccurate approximations, they often fail to capture what the term means to Elven people. Many consider it to be innately tied to their biology and physical being, and believe that it cannot be authentically experienced by any non-Elven person.   In the Elven creation myth, The Gift of Time, it is set out that prior to being made the longest living species on Aidonia, the lives of Elven people were arduous and unexceptional, spending years toiling and working just to be able to feed their own families; they survived, but did very little living. The accuracy of that depiction is dubious, but it is nonetheless the image emblazoned in the minds of many Elves ever since childhood. After making their deal, their gift was not immediate, taking multiple lifetimes of effort to uphold their end of the bargain before they began to experience the fruits of their labor, and it is this depiction of fortitude that abon is believed to have emerged from. Many believe it is also tied to their views of Prem, an endlessly patient death god who does nothing to oppose attempts to cheat death because he is certain that he will always get his in the end.   Abon is meant to describe not just a state of resiliency, but of acknowledging the inevitability of suffering, as well as the inevitable end of suffering. It is a stoic tenacity, and a debatably egotistical belief that whatever the source of their suffering, an Elf is capable of outliving it.   Some think that the experience of abon has also informed the popularity of non-interventionist politics in The Most Serene Republic of AllathonĂ©. As of AE 721, the current monarch, Anorien Esgalduin Orodost, is well known for their policies of armed neutrality and non-interventionism, and their belief that it has been the key to maintaining a state of peace for all of AllathonĂ© for centuries which, when considering the consistency with which they've been reelected, seems to be a view shared by many of their citizens.
Relevant cultures
Allathoné urbanite elves, Allathoné rural elves, Thallan sea elves, Hitomin, Drow of Mosvador, Drow of Vriddasa
The Gift of Time
Myth | Jun 14, 2023

An Elven creation story illustrating how they were gifted their unusually long life spans.

Elvish/High Elvish
Language | Nov 9, 2022


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