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The Sunny Oracle

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
The Sunny Oracle is a triweekly newspaper, published on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays in Sindwargi, Mulia, Mahid. They predominantly focus on news and stories from around Mulia State and central Mahid, but also cover important national and international news.  


  • Editor-in-Chief – Saral Anand is the highest ranking member of the newspaper team and has the caffeine and nicotine addictions to prove it. He oversees everything that happens at the paper, sets yearly budgets, and occasionally writes his own columns.
  • News Editor – Alistor Rivervale, young but talented, he is responsible for assigning articles to reporters and columnists, as well as verifying, editing, and rewriting articles if need be. He decides what makes it to print and what doesn't.
  • Art Director – Vidya Kumar has worked for the Oracle since its inception, and has been in charge of all visual aspects for the past twenty-five years.


The Sunny Oracle began publishing on the 1st of Witherwane, AE 663, under the name The Sindwargi Oracle. The began as a weekly paper, serving mostly Sindwargi and some of the surrounding suburbs. It steadily, grew, changing its name to The Sunny Oracle in AE 702. It currently has a circulation of approximately 35,000.

Technological Level

The Oracle currently uses a web-perfecting rotary press to print their papers, capable of printing and folding roughly 16,000 copies per hour. It's located on the bottom floor of The Oracle's building, along with the area where they cast their stereotype plates.

Press Serving the Public

Founding Date
AE 663
Broadcasting, Newspaper / Magazine
Alternative Names
The Sindwargi Oracle


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