The history, politics, and economy of central Libynos has long been dominated by the Triple Kingdom of Khemit. This ancient nation has resisted invasion by the Foerdewaith, Huun, and many others. Strung along the banks of the Stygian River and its tributaries are dozens of cities bustling with life and energy. The western Maighib Desert is home to several kingdoms known collectively as The Desert Kingdoms, such Caddesh, Khartous, and Guurzan, as well as dozens of nomadic desert tribes. The Central Kingdoms of Aethiope, expansionistic Axuum, Kazania, Meroë, Qesh, and Set’s Kingdom of evil humanoids stretch from the Triple Kingdom of Khemit to the Empire of Alcaldar. In the far south lies the Empire of Alcaldar on Iber Bay, a strict theocracy dedicated to the god Muir and her attendant deities. The Channel Lakes region has been conquered by Alcaldar and massive projects have linked a waterway that stretches from the Sangre Sea to the Great Ocean Ûthaf.

Region - Central Libynos
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