Hundreds if not thousands of languages are spoken in the Lost Lands. At one point in time, most of the human population of the world lived in small, relatively isolated tribes or clans, each of which developed its own tongue (or divergent dialects of regional languages). Over thousands of years, each of these different languages diverged, merged, and influenced each other, in a complex tapestry that can, even to experts, be bewildering.

That being said, certain languages have had outsized influence on the modes of speech in the world. A number of current languages either are descended from or were heavily influenced by the High Boros spoken by the Hyperborean Empire. Even though now separated by thousands of miles, many folk who claim Hundaei ancestry speak a language clearly descended from Kirkut, including the Shattered Folk, the Rheman Loreclans, the tribes of the Sea of Grass, and even the Huun of Libynos. And throughout Libynos, the Semuric tongue of the ancient Assurian Empire has spread far and wide to form the basis for scores of languages now in use throughout that continent.

Languages Original Speakers Used Today By
Anari Anari Anari
Erskin Eskaelosi Erskaelosi
Gasquen Foere tribes Foere nobility, Ramithi
Helvaenic Heldring Heldring
High Boros Hyperboreans None
Khemitian Khemit Khemit, traders in Libynos
Kirkut Hundaei (varied dialects) Rhemans, Shattered Folk, tribes of Sea of Grass, Huun
Kra Arkaji Arkaji (Riverfolk)
Meeruwhan Jaata Jaata, merchants in northern Libynos
Nørsk Northlanders Northlanders, others in the Northlands
Ogham Folk of Ynys Cymragh Daanites
Semuric Assurian Empire Many throughout Libynos
Westerling / Common Varied Many throughout Akados
Xha’en Plains of Xha tribes Xha’en, many in western Akados
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