History of the Lost Lands

Age of Gods

7000000000 B.I.R. 20000000 B.I.R.

c.7 billion years ago to c.20 million years ago

  • -7000000000 B.I.R.

    Creation of the world of Boros

Age of Dragons

20000000 B.I.R. 1200000 B.I.R.

c.20 million years ago to c.1 million years ago

Age of Man

100000 B.I.R. 25000 B.I.R.

c.100,000 years ago to c.25,000 years ago

Age of Strife

18000 B.I.R. 14500 B.I.R.

Age of Kings

8366 B.I.R. 6484 B.I.R.

  • 6484 B.I.R.

    Elves migrate from Alfheim to Boros in First Exodus
    Population Migration / Travel

  • 6484 B.I.R.

    Last Phoromyceaen city, Lyemmos, disappears in a vast sinkhole
    Disaster / Destruction

  • 6484 B.I.R.

    Elves retreat in First Exodus
    Population Migration / Travel

  • 6484 B.I.R.

    Stoneheart Mountains raised over Keltine Barrier
    Geological / environmental event

Age of Silence

6432 B.I.R. 182 B.I.R.

Descent into barbarism and slow re-emergence

  • 604 B.I.R.

    579 B.I.R.

    War of Divine Discord
    Military action

Hyperborean Age

109 B.I.R. 3209 I.R.

Age of Breaking

3210 I.R. and beyond

Post-imperial period

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