Between the Sea of Baal and the Boiling Sea lies the cities, kingdoms, and empires of eastern Libynos. Along the northern coast of the Sea of Baal lies the Antioch City-States, former subjects of the Hyperborean Empire, after the fall of the empire they were quickly conquered by the Ammuyad Caliphate yet threw off that yoke after a century and a half. Now independent, these city-states still show signs of the influence of their two conquerors in art, culture, religion, and politics. The central coast of the Sea of Baal is home to the decadent and corrupt Free Cities of Baalthaaz. The famed Crusader Coast cities, built during the Great Crusade led by the Foerdewaith against the Huun Imperium now lie largely deserted and in ruins save for the island of Cyproean. The Huun Imperium, having not lost yet not won the wars for the Sacred Table plateau, is content to remain within its ancestral homeland of the Desert of Oreb. The balance of the region is dominated by the Kingdom of Numeda, greatest of The Desert Kingdoms of the Greater Maighib.

Region - Eastern Libynos
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