Region - Northlands

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Dspite the length of human habitation in the Northlands, the people currently known as Northlanders have actually lived there only for slightly less than 800 years and are, in fact, the third migration of human settlers, having arrived from a land much farther to the south.
— Migrations of Peoples
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Community is of grave importance to the Northlanders, and it is a general assumption that neighbors will help neighbors in need, though this should never be exploited or abused. The people of a community, be it a jarl’s hall, a family clan, a village or town, a farming district, or the crew of a longship (or even a band of adventurers), form one body. Share and share alike is the key motto.
— Social Moorings of the Northlanders
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The final ‘r’ is silent unless it follows a vowel, so that ‘Thor’ is still ‘Thor’, but ‘Grimr’ would be pronounced ‘Grim’. In the case of ‘Baldr’, however, conventional use would still pronounce it ‘Balder’, so this rule is far from absolute.

For vowels, ‘Æ, æ’ is usually pronounced like ‘eye’ or ‘ay’; ‘Á, á’ is pronounced like ‘ow’; ‘Ö, ö’ and ‘Ø, ø’ are pronounced like ‘oeh’, and the other accented vowels are held longer. Unaccented vowels usually have their long sound. The letter ‘Ð, ð’ is called ‘eth’. It is pronounced as a ‘th’ sound and is sometimes used interchangeably with the letter ‘Þ, þ’ (called ‘thorn’ and also pronounced with a ‘th’ sound).
— Speaking Northern Languages
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