The origin of humans in the Lost Lands is shrouded in the mystery of ancient eons. Evidence of Neolithic groups of humans dates back at least as far as the so-called Age of Man, perhaps 100,000 years ago. A few scholars have, based on very sparse evidence, suggested that some humans may have in fact lived in far earlier times, though such views are controversial to say the least.   A vast diversity of people now populates the Lost Lands. In most regions of the world today, the local folk either view their region as an ancestral homeland or based on legends and myths can tie themselves to a group that migrated to their present location at some time in the past. Many groups show clear evidence of being the result of the intermingling of two or more earlier populations that, for a period of time, found themselves living in close proximity to one another.   While the humans of the Lost Lands vary substantially in appearance from one group to another, in many ways their differences in culture and tradition outweigh differences in physical characteristics. The summary in this chapter attempts to set forth some of the more notable distinctions, but it should be noted that any description of a group of people by definition must speak in generalities, and variations and exceptions in even the smallest populations certainly exists. In addition, this is not intended to be a comprehensive identification of all human and non-human folk in the world, omitting some that either are not numerous or have had a very limited impact on others in the Lost Lands, as well as others that are perhaps yet to be revealed.   A substantial majority of the non-human races, such as elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings, in the Lost Lands settled on Akados. The Green Realm of southwestern Akados is the homeland for the largest population of wild elves in the world, while high elves can be found principally in the central and eastern parts of the continent. Nearly all of the dwarven clans who came to the world from Niðavellir made their eventual homes in the great mountain chains of Akados, and most particularly in the Stonehearts; though hill dwarves are spread more widely around the world and even have a sizable population in Shamash Kush in eastern Libynos. But as a general rule, fewer of the non-human races will be seen in Libynos than in Akados.
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