Southern Libynos forms a great peninsula between the Reaping Sea and the Sinnar Ocean. It is a varied land of grasslands, woods, deserts, and deep jungles. Just south of the Channel Lakes lie the Yingozi Woodlands which give way at the Hollow Spire Mountains to form the jungles of the Mengamuk Forest to the west and the Kanderi Desert in the east. The eastern edge of the region is known as the Reaping Coast, a largely uninhabited region may have been colonized by the Hyperborean Empire, but today is home to small colonies founded by Foere and Castrohage. In the west are the Southern Paramountcies, formerly five now three distant provinces of the long dead Hyperborean Empire and the coastal plains of the Great House of Kaldiloora. At the extreme southern end of Libynos is the spice rich Principality of Tulyamin.

Region - Southern Libynos
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