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The Pit of Yar-Mith
White Squirrel Inn
Golden Oak
The Old Oak
Wayland's Fane
Crossroads Center
Ice Palace of Perfidium
The Carnival at the End of the World
Ruins of Sheffen Palace
Shining Temple

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To the untrained eye, the plains of Reme appear to be completely featureless, but there are a number of natural and purposely-built landmarks that can be followed from one place to another, and that delineate the ancient borders within the plains. These landmarks can include streams, of course, but also include small depressions in the ground, the occasional tree (usually painted with symbols), a boulder, and in many cases patterns of rocks deliberately set into the ground. These are the highways of the Loreclans.
— Navigating the Rheman Plains
The Bonegarden-76
The Quick Knives have legendary tempers; they tend to shave the sides and back of their head, leaving only a long crop on top to grow. This is threaded with porcupine quills collected along the banks of the Eamon River to form great headdresses that further their horrific visage when they paint their bodies with rouge and greasepaint before heading into battle.
— Practices of the Quick Knives
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