These plains stretch from the Deepfells and the Stoneheart Mountains to the shores of the Great Ocean Ûthaf In the west. Once home to the Hundei Empire that challenged the might of the Hyperboreans. The Haunted Steppes are no populated by the Shattered Folk, broken remains of the once glorious empire now divided into hundreds of nomadic horse tribes and clans. Alongside the Shattered Folk, there are a few Castrohagi colonies (Port Kinsal and Port Mandei) and the Lost Caleen Colonies settled by Reme. In the north of The Haunted Steppes lies the cursed Lake Hali whose very sight is said to drive folk mad.

Region - Haunted Steppes

Great Khan Jaganga had successfully raided deep into Hyperborea and taken much plunder, but he had made no gains of territory. Over the next five centuries, Hundaei hordes would make lightning raids deep into Hyperborea to burn and plunder, while the Hyperborean legions would in turn seek out safe passes over the mountains to create temporary beachheads on the Great Steppes beyond.
— History of the Hundaei
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