The history and geography of Western Akados is dominated by the Xha’en Hegemony, an ancient nation just recently opened up to outsiders. The Xha’en Hegemony began as an alliance of city-states and has grown into an empire ruled from Xha’ahan. The other peoples of Western Akados must find a way to be content with the power of the Hegemony; some retain their independence like the Gtsang Prefecture, others have forged treaties such as the efretti of Soohr-Ahmaad, while far too many have been driven out of their homelands as the Senge have. The latter have resettled east or live in the remains of their homeland now flooded by the Lujhiran Dam. Beyond Akados to the west lies the underSea Kingdom of Caerulea, a land of merfolk and other aquatic peoples.

Region - Western Akados

A Family Affair-70
The Crimson Mask is a very old organization, run primarily by the Vilgyr clan of Djir. While this identification suggests that rooting out the Crimson Mask would be an easy task — after all, with supreme authority, why can’t the emperor simply arrest every member of the Vilgyr family? — in reality, the Vilgyr themselves are quite adept at hiding in plain sight, often with a complex and sophisticated network of secret identities, legitimate business, and safehouses.
— Criminal Activities in the Hegemony
A Family Affair-58
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