The information blocks for many entries contain a line called “Technology Level.” This item indicates the level of technological achievement generally found throughout the land in question. Exceptional individuals or groups may have access to a higher technology level or live at a lower level, but for a given area this should give a general guideline of the types of weapons, armor, and equipment found there. These levels can vary even between neighboring nations as one may be more insular and cut off from outside contact and ideas while another may be open to a great deal of trade that brings in new innovations from outside.   It should be noted that the technology levels presented herein are not meant to represent real-world advancements in technology. There is, perhaps, a loose correlation in some of it, but it is instead intended to represent the developments of technology in the world of the Lost Lands.

In certain published works by Frog God Games set in the Lost Lands, such as The Blight and Razor Coast, available technology includes such things as gunpowder, cannons, and ironclad warships. Given that much of the Lost Lands are at levels where such advances do not exist (Medieval, High Middle Ages, and even Dark Ages being common), the possession of such superior technology by other realms poses issues of consistency. Would not those with access to steam power and cannons rule the waves? Wouldn’t heavy armor such as plate cease to be in use in a world where handguns are available? This problem is even noted in the introduction to the Swords & Wizardry version of Razor Coast, which suggests that the Razor Coast be separated from areas of a traditional fantasy campaign by a planar barrier, a physical barrier, enormous distances, or barriers in space or time.   For players and Gamemasters who prefer a fantasy setting without advanced technology, we have written this volume to exclude references to gunpowder, cannons, handguns, steam power, and ironclads. For those purposes, it is assumed that Castorhage does not have access to such technology. As the Razor Coast does not work well in a pre-17th century setting, that region is not covered by this volume, though some references are included in various places. A GM preferring a lower technology setting will have to modify The Blight accordingly if that text is used, as well as determine how to include the contents of Razor Coast, or whether to design such region afresh.   Those who prefer a higher level of technology, or those not concerned with having divergent technology levels, are free to include that technology and incorporate The Blight and Razor Coast as published.
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