Protected by the magical green warder monoliths green warder monoliths, Green Warden Nations are a loose alliance of elven nations and tribes that have banded together to face outside threats, most notably incursions into their forest by monsters and the expansionistic attitude of human kingdoms. They are distrustful of humans, Green Warden Nations even take great means to disguise and hide their settlements, going to the point of never making maps or other navigation aids that could fall into the wrong hands. Between the forest and the Crescent Sea lies the Free Coast and the former Castrohagi penal colonies of the Tycho Free States. Now independent nations joined in a loose confederation, these abandoned colonies are rife with corruption, especially in the use of indentured service contracts and criminal punishments.

Region - Green Warden Forest & Free Coast

Glades of Death-29

Whether a coincidence or otherwise, at almost the same time as the defeat of Arvonliet, some event in the realm of Alfheim led to a large migration of elves from their homeland to Boros. Known as the First Exodus of the Elves, the cause for the sudden influx of population is unknown, except perhaps to the grey elves of the Emerald Mountains, who do not speak of such things.
— History of the Elves
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