Southeastern Akados and the Sinnar Coast are dominated by two large regions, the Borderlands Provinces and the Sundered Kingdoms. The former is a land in transition as the great tide of empire drags back, leaving the old provinces to fend for themselves. As the Foerdewaith retreat, the city-states and border lands must contend with growing threats both inside and out. This region is home to the dark and misty forests of Yolbiac Vale, as well as the bustling cities of Lowport, Mirquinoc, and Weatherell. To the east of the Borderlands Provinces lies the Sundered Kingdoms, a half wild land of scattered towns and villages and independent city-states shattered by war and threatened by foul cults. To the south lies the Helcynngae Peninsula, home to the Heldring tribes who fought off the Hyperborean Empire and recently threw off the yoke of the Foerdewaith, and the isolationist Daanites of the wind-swept island of Ynys Cymragh.

Region - Southeastern Akados

Regions / Locales

Borderland Provinces

Kingdom of Foere
The Notquite Inn
Well of Ceres
Abbot's Mercy
Caer Saliond
Scriptorium of Discord
Heorm's Lair
Knights of the Swan

Sundered Kingdoms

Kingdom of Foere
Kingdom of Oceanus

Helcynngae Peninsula
and Ynys Cymragh

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When destruction came to the city of Tsen and the Great Darkness fell over the waters north of the Suilly region, the plains would likely have remained largely unaffected except that a small trading village at the mouth of the Gaelon to the north suddenly found itself at the center of trade on the Sinnar Coast. This village grew into the city of Endhome.
— Excerpt of history regarding Endhome
SW - Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms-271.jpg
The dark influence of these buried artifacts over the areas of ancient Sull is a subtle evil seeping into the beings who live in their vicinity. As a result, numerous dark cults of varying power and influence have sprung up around the Sundered Kingdoms.
— Excerpt of history regarding the Sundered Kingdoms
SW - Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms-110.jpg
Glowflow: These mindless, harmless fungi range in size from the span of a human hand to about as large as the top of a dining table; whatever their area, most are about as thick as a human adult’s wrist. They can join and divide at random or in response to attacks. They are ambulatory, creeping very slowly toward sources of warmth and movement.
— Excerpt from "Flora of the World Below",
author unknown
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