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Workshop Fortifications

The mechanically locked shutters in the home of Yerrechin Inauron.


The fortifications serve to barricade the windows and doors in Yerrechin's home. They prevent unauthorized entry more reliably than regular locks which could be picked with simple tools, or glass windows which could be broken.


While the bars locking the two doors and thirteen windows are heavy, the cranking mechanism reduces the force required for lowering or raising them. As an added benefit, up to six bars are moved by turning a single crank. This greatly speeds up the process of securing the building every night.   The cranks and bars are linked through a combination of leather straps and brass gears, depending on the direction in which each bar has to turn. Varying diameters adjust the force required for these rotations.


Yerrechin designed and installed the fortifications on his own. He already had most of the necessary expertise and tools from building the casings of his radio devices and the Obfuscator Helmet.   Only the large metal parts were commissioned from a local smith, based on Yerrechin's detailed specifications.

Social Impact

Few people are aware of these additions to the building. Passers-by can see from outside that there are wooden shutters behind the windows, but not that they are locked in place by solid wooden bars. On the very rare occasion that someone is allowed past the sales room, these security measures merely confirm what that person is already likely to believe - that Yerrechin is a paranoid weirdo.
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Yerrechin Inauron
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straightforward to produce
applied knowledge of mechanics

Cover image: by Kathrin Janowski


Author's Notes

Here's my answer to the Mapvember prompt for "a machine or mechanism important to daily life". The mechanism itself is not too spectacular, but it definitely plays a major role in Yerrechin's daily routine.

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