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Inauron Radio Workshop

The house where Yerrechin Inauron works and lives.

Purpose / Function

The house is located in a commercial district at the northern outskirts of Ondalin. It combines a small shop on the ground floor with living space above.


It is part of a terraced housing complex in the traditional Nimýric architectural style. The rectangular building has two floors plus an attic taking up part of the roof space. Like most middle-class housings, it has a small dome sitting atop said attic.   The walls are white, except for the outside of the dome which is painted teal. A decorative brass fence runs along the outer edge of the roof terrace, separating it from those of the neighbors. Ornamental sills above each floor's windows carry the rain drain pipes and structure the facade visually.


Ground Floor

Sales room
The entrance leads into the largest room on the ground floor. Its walls are lined with shelves which carry a number of radio devices, ready to be sold. A window about twice the usual size lets passers-by look at them from the sidewalk outside. A set of bells is suspended above the door, ringing whenever somebody enters or exits. In the opposite corner is a counter with a small gate that separates it from the rest of the room. Behind the counter, a door leads into the private areas of the house.
Next to the sales room sits the workshop where Yerrechin builds and repairs the radio devices. Two workbenches stand by the windows, usually covered in various components and tools. A chimney in one corner not only provides heating in the winter months, but also lets him heat metals to make them more malleable or dry freshly applied Hénéphgýa resin. This is also where he heats water for the washroom next door.
A medium-sized brass tub sits in the corner, used for washing the body or clothes. A tap above it provides clean water and a pipe running along the wall takes the dirty water to the sewer outside. Next to the tub is a toilet bowl which is also connected to the sewage pipe. A bucket stands ready for flushing the waste out.

First Floor

Upstairs, above the sales room, is a small chamber which contains Yerrechin's bed. A wardrobe stands opposite the door and some shelves line the wall at the foot end of the bed. The interferer device is located on the top shelf.
The kitchen wraps around the chimney, ending in an alcove behind it that holds the dinner table. Two tables for preparing meals line the outer wall. A brass sink sits on another small table in the corner. Also of note is the wall between the windows and the dining alcove. Here, Yerrechin has attached three large wooden boards to the wall which he uses to sort the information he gathers on the conspiracy.


The uppermost floor primarily holds shelves for various food items and business-related supplies. Traditionally, the family shrine would be kept below the dome as well, but Yerrechin has never been particularly religious.
Roof Terrace
Part of the attic is surrounded by a roof terrace. A large barrel out there stores rain water as a cost-effective alternative to the water supplied by the town.


Yerrechin installed sturdy wooden shutters on all windows except the large one of the sales room. They are locked in place by wooden bars lowered unto brass brackets. So are the door leading out onto the roof and the one connecting the sales room to the rest of the building. Cranking mechanisms help with moving the bars whenever Yerrechin seals or opens the shutters.


Ever since he left his hometown Nalanmar, Yerrechin had been saving money in order to buy a house of his own rather than renting one. He had a flourishing workshop near the Ondalin Port for several years before he decided to move into a district close to the Observatory in 1431 PN. While he was expecting considerably fewer customers in this neighborhood, he reasoned it would help him find the answers that he had been searching for.   Once he had moved in and established his business there, he began fortifying the building and turning it into a suitable base for his investigations. This ate up most of his savings and had him struggling financially for about five years. But on the bright side, it finally gave him a comparably safe space to catch his breath and sort through his notes.
Table of Contents
Inauron Radio Workshop
Alternative Names
Inauron Ecarpaó de Radýóné
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Cover image: by Kathrin Janowski


Author's Notes

"Hey, I can do this map in Blender! I already have most of the modules there, it'll be quicker than drawing them by hand. And I'll see more clearly whether the map makes sense, too."   ...   One week later, here I am. My answer to the workshop prompt - with its co-stars, the barrels of Hénéphgýa Resin and the fortification mechanism which is next in line to get an article. Still, spending that much time on three Mapvember prompts was not exactly healthy. Then again, I have finished the first proper building in my world that actually looks like someone could live there. And it's even one that I already knew would be a location in my main story, so, uh... yay?

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