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Hiding in Chatter

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Dinvoge Gozru is the Securer's method of communicating sensitive information via seemingly innocent messages on social media platforms.  



Fake Accounts

Every Securer has access to a number of fake accounts for this purpose. Those are automated to simulate natural posting activity throughout the day, with trivial information such as what the "person" had for lunch, rants about a movie they did not like, or pictures of their alleged pet. Danokon monitors these accounts with a high priority, and when a hidden message is detected, it is forwarded to the intended recipient. The actual account which is chosen is part of the message as well.  


Each Securer is accompanied by a minimal, mobile version of the Danokon system during missions, which embeds the message in a fake post by deviating from the preprogrammed content generation. In the rare case that the local Danokon system fails, the Securer uses one particular account to manually post specific content.  



Chosen Account

  There are different accounts for conveying different message types.  
  • for high-priority emergencies
  • for the individual Securer
  • for the entire deployed team
  • for cases when the local Danokon subsystem is offline

Example Message Types

Message PatternMeaning
<pet> caught a {lizard|beetle|fish|...}threat to a person/animal/vehicle/...
<pet> messed up {living room|kitchen|bathroom|...}damage to residential building/commercial building/vital infrastructure/...
<pet> found a new friendhostage situation
Message PatternMeaning
<food> is extra spicy todayexplosives detected
tried <food>, tastes funnychemical hazard
Message PatternMeaning
<movie> had too many plot twistscrowd getting out of control
stopped <movie> earlycivilians need to be evacuated

Alternative Name(s)
Dinvoge Gozru

Spoken By
Securer Force

Root Languages

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