Sol System

System that contains within it the capital of the Federal Republic, it is the center of it by hosting the main institutions of its government and its defense. It is also an important economic center with internal and external trade routes using this system as a transit or stopping point.


The Solar System is the gravitationally bound system of the Sun and the objects that orbit it either directly or indirectly. Of the objects that orbit the Sun directly, the largest are the eight planets, with the remainder being smaller objects, the dwarf planets and small Solar System bodies. Of the objects that orbit the Sun indirectly—the moons—two are larger than the smallest planet, Mercury. Schematically, the Solar System is made up, in addition to the Sun itself which is a G-type star and in order of increasing distance from it, of four internal telluric planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars), an asteroid belt composed of small rocky bodies.

Finally, four outer giant planets (two gas giants Jupiter and Saturn and two ice giants Uranus and Neptune) as well as the Kuiper belt, itself made up of icy objects. The heliopause, the magnetic limit of the Solar System, is defined by the stopping of solar winds against the galactic wind. Far beyond is the Oort Cloud, a sphere of scattered objects. The gravitational limit of the Solar System is much further away, up to 1 or 2 light years from the Sun. The system also has five wormholes, located approximately at the orbit of Neptune, to the systems of Alpha Centauri, Barnad's Star, Rasiya, Qazzan and Adumir.

Natural Resources

The system is rich in natural resources, whether by the various moons, planets and the asteroid belt which is extremely rich in minerals. Earth, Mars and Venus, as a habitable or terraformed planet, also has other natural resources attached to there habitability, such as those related to the agriculture or other of this kind.


As early as the mid to late 20th century, humans began sending probes or robots throughout the solar system and beyond to explore it and uncover its secrets. It is at the beginning of the 21st century that the first space colonies on the Moon and Mars will begin to be established and the first uninhabited mining outposts will be built in the asteroid belt. With the discovery of the Star Drive in the middle of the 22nd century, the entire solar system will gradually be under human control. The first wormhole was discovered in 2199 a little beyond the orbit of Neptune and crossed for the first time in 2200 marking the beginning of human expansion in the galaxy. Today, the system is an important trade node as it is on the passage or the beginning of several trade routes that connect the north as well as the south of the territory and the Zelvan Council with the Federal Republic.
Solar System
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26 May, 2022 03:17

Curious, I am wondering if any of the wormholes discovered led to any disastrous situations, such as not being able to get back home.

Watchman Deedly -Wizard Extrodinaire and Amateur Wordslinger
26 May, 2022 12:18

Prior to the first crossing, several probes that had been sent into the wormhole to explore it did not return since they were not equipped with Star Drives. It is thanks to these failures that scientists were able to determine that a specific engine was necessary to cross it and thus develop it.

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Through the process of elimination, they knew which way not to venture---thank goodness for that! Thanks for the response.

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I realize that I forgot to say that the wormholes were discover by a science ship sent to investigate several disappearance of ships in a sector of the solar system. Also, to correct, the probes weren't sent to find out where to go, but more to collect data and test engine prototypes. Otherwise, it was a pleasure to answer you!

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Thank you for the comment! I have now corrected the sentence so I think the paragraph will be more readable. In case you like my content, do not hesitate to subscribe and give me this same kind of comment on other articles.

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