Terraformer from 2150 to 2197, colonized in 2200 following the founding of the Federal Republic, Venus is today the most populous planet in the solar system because of its natural beauty which has attracted many people. It is also considered today as an important center of internal tourism of the Republic with millions of tourists every year.


Venus has a total population of 8.8 billion which is made up entirely of humans, the capital and main city on the planet is Temkal which also hosts the main spaceport on the planet. The rest of the population is concentrated in many cities of different size all around the planet.


The capital of the planetary government of Venus is Temkal, the city contains he planetary court, the offices of the executive and the planetary assembly and all the institutions necessary for the proper functioning of the government. The executive apparatus is made up of the representative of the planet which is called an Intendant and the various departments which deal with the competences which are allotted to the planet.


Like all republican planets, Venus has an Orbital Defense System (ODS) which is made up of several orbital cannons used to support Navy vessels in the event of an attack. The planet is also defended by the Army and the Air Force whose task is to defend it against any invasion attempt.

Industry & Trade

Venus is an important industrial center which processes a lot of raw materials coming from the solar system, the technological industry is particularly present there. The planet produces tons of electronic components for ships, trains or any other vehicle used within the Republic. On the trade side, with the exception of local traffic, most goods are sent to Earth to then be reshipped everywhere.


Venus has a dense train network that connects the various cities of the planet, it also has four spaceports, the largest being in Temkal, and the same number of orbital stations. The last are for receive ships that cannot land on the planet because of their excessive mass.


The cities of Venus are like all the republican cities, they have a lot of vegetation, use a lot of glass and carbon fiber materials on mid-rise or high-rise buildings. Transparent solar panels are also inserted in the windows which reduces the energy consumption of buildings. There are also very dense with a majority of mid-rise buildings and, in the city-centre, many high-rise buildings who are not too imposing to keep cities on a human scale.


Venus has a geography that is very similar to Earth since its terraformation, the planet is approximately 75% water with large land masses separated by oceans and seas. The land masses are covered with forests covered with lush vegetation, mountain ranges and plains.

Natural Resources

Venus is rich in minerals, the planet also has several other raw materials in large quantities, but most of the these come from space to avoid the environmental damage that the exploitation of these raw materials would cause on the planet.
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Sol II
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8.8 Billion
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