Paris has a total population of 41 Million people which is made up entirely of humans, the city is one of the five largest cities on Earth making it a major economic center. The population is particularly dense within the borders of the ancient city of Paris before it became a megalopolis.


The city is headed by a mayor who is elected by popular vote for a four-year term and sits at City Hall wich is located on the north bank of the Seine, near the “Île de la Cité”. The city has a municipal council composed of elected officials who, like the mayor, are elected by universal suffrage and vote on resolutions, regulations or other proposals from the executive.


The city does not have a concrete defense, it relies on defense in orbit to prevent any landings of an army which would aim to invade the city. However, a military base is present near the Paris spaceport, troops are permanently stationed there. Also, in the event of an invasion, it is planned to use the very dense environment of the city to facilitate its defense by giving opportunities for ambushes, practicing guerrilla techniques or providing the troops with hiding places to hide from the enemies.

Industry & Trade

Thanks to its spaceport, the city is an essential commercial crossroads in the solar system as well as in the whole Republic. Indeed, three Space Road ends where passes through the Earth and therefore through the Paris spaceport, which means that it sees hundreds of ships pass every day. However, unlike other cities on the planets like New York or Shanghai. Paris is much more a governmental and administrative center than an industrial one, even if the city does have a few industrial zones. All of this has the consequence that the traffic of the Paris spaceport is more centered on the transport of passengers than of goods.


The city has within it the second largest spaceports on the planet, an important network of public transport composed of metro and tram lines. Highways and streets have been built to accommodate autonomous mini-buses and traffic related to the delivery of goods, public services or private vehicles in peripheral areas of the city where it is not prohibited. An important cycling network is also present to encourage active transport which is accompanied by the streets of the city, which are for the most part reserved entirely for pedestrians.

Points of interest

The most important point of interest in the city is obviously the Presidential Building which houses the head of the executive apparatus of the Republic. However, this building alone does not contain the entire executive apparatus, dozens of other buildings accommodate the headquarters of various federal departments or agencies. They are concentrated in a district called the government district which is located near the Eiffel Tower. Also, the Paris spaceport is an important point of interest, offering easy and direct access to space. Finally, dozens of recent and historical monuments are present in the city such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum or the Republic Plaza.


Paris is like all republican cities, it has a lot of vegetation which is present almost everywhere as well as uses ecologic materials for the for medium and tall buildings. Solar panels and miniature wind turbines are installed everywhere on the buildings which reduces their energy consumption. Unlike other cities in the Republic, but like many Earth cities on the European continent, the historic center of the city has very few tall buildings except in a dedicated area. As for the other buildings, they are either historic buildings renovated to make them carbon neutral or new ones that have been built respecting the general height of the city. As for Paris, we can still see the presence of Hausmanian facades, but almost all of the buildings as such have either been destroyed to make way for new constructions, or so renovated that they are no longer recognizable.
Founding Date
259 BC
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Ville Lumière
41 Million
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