Great Hall of Justice

Purpose / Function

The purpose of this complex, which includes several separate buildings, is to house the judicial branch of the government of the Federal Republic with all that is related to it, whether the Supreme Court, the specialized courts thereof or the Federal Word Board. It is in this complex that the Director of Justice sits, who administers all the judicial apparatus and who is appointed by the Minister of Justice. Finally, everything related to judicial administration is located in this complex.


The main change came with the reform of the Confederacy into the Republic which saw the responsibilities and mandate of the judicial branch of the central government greatly expanded. Several buildings will then be built on the site of the complex to accommodate the new organizations linked to the Supreme Court. Other minor improvements will then be made to the buildings of the complex to keep them up to date with the latest technologies in terms of construction.


The buildings has a resolutely modern style with square shapes and a large place for glass to let in natural light. A large part of the exterior surfaces which are not glazed are vegetated, terraces and balconies for employees are present everywhere. The rest of the surfaces are covered with materials based on aluminum, carbon fiber and other coatings.


The first buildings of the complex were built in the 2070s, just after the founding of the Solar Confederation to accommodate the judicial bodies of this brand new organization. Its final form will be reached in the 2200s, after new construction to accommodate the reformation of the Confederacy into the Federal Republic. Throughout its history, this complex will be very important for the Republic since it is the Supreme Court which is the guardian of the constitution. Many legal battles are going to have a very important impact on the society, the government and the laws of the Republic.
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Government complex
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