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Habashiya Center

Purpose / Function

Center of the military apparatus of the Republic, this complex accommodates the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Special Forces Joint Staff, the headquarters of all the branches of the armed forces, that of the Department of Defense and all its agencies. The purpose of the Habashiya Defense Headquarters is therefore intrinsically linked to the accommodation of these. Indeed, it must accommodate all the elements related to the administration, the direction and all that touches directly or indirectly the governance of the armed forces.


The multiples buildings of this center has undergone several transformations during there history, whether inside or outside to keep them up to date with construction standards. Several expansions has also taken place whether on existing buildings or by constructing others to increase the overall capacity of the center, despite all this, the work undertaken has not really changed the general shape of the buildings, which has remained approximately the same since there construction.


The buildings has a resolutely modern style with square shapes and a large place for glass to let in natural light. A large part of the exterior surfaces which are not glazed are vegetated, terraces and balconies for employees are present everywhere. The rest of the surfaces are covered with materials based on aluminum, carbon fiber and other coatings.


In addition to the presence of military police who guard the facilities, several gates or other security devices prevent public access to the center. Also, in case of extreme emergency, a military base on the outskirts of the city allows the Army to access the site in about thirty minutes to secure it if the military police were to be overwhelmed.


Before the construction of this military complex, the headquarters of the various branches of the armed forces and the department of defense were scattered all over the city of Addis Ababa. However, with the foundation of the Federal Republic, the colonization of the surrounding space of the solar system, the encounter with other alien species, the expansion of its military apparatus had become necessary. This is why the construction of a new headquarters where everything would be centralized was decided in 2226, started in 2229, and finally completed in 2234. The gradual move from the old buildings to the new took about six years, it was at this time that the complex became fully operational.
Founding Date
Military base / complex
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